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By Billy Rainford


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We always know we’re in for a huge crowd when we make our annual trip out to Moncton, New Brunswick, for the River Glade National, however, this year exceeded even our usual high expectations. I’m not exactly sure what they did differently, but the track held up beautifully this year. They ripped and tilled it early and had lots of moisture in the dirt before first practice. It wasn’t even really all that muddy and yet the usual late-afternoon issues with dust were a non-issue. The track crew did a great job!

Here’s a closer look at some of the racing action.

20160731 Riverglade

As usual, spectator parking overflowed the lot and down the road at the track that has been here since 1977. It’s a great sign for Atlantic Canada Motocross.


20160731Justin Leach

The top full-on local rider in MX2 Sunday was Intermediate #525 Justin Leach from down the road in Moncton, NB. He finished 36th (30-35).

20160731 Brett Young

I was impressed with the riding style of #150 Brett Young from Nova Scotia. I don’t know how old he is, but if he’s still young, he may have a pretty bright moto future. He finished with 25-27 motos for 28th.

20160731 Maxime Pepin

#228 is Maxime Pepin from Montreal. I remember hearing the Quebec announcers yelling his name as an amateur a few years ago. 23-23 gave him 26th.

20160731- Jason Abernethy

#98 Jason Abernethy is here all the way from Port McNeill, BC. He’s slowly gaining confidence and moving up the results sheet. 24-22 for 25th.

20160731 Samuel Lavoie

Without #127 Connor Arsenault in action, #100 Samuel Lavoie will likely be the Intermediate rider to watch the rest of the summer. He was top yellow-plated rider and finished a solid 23rd (21-24).

20160731- Guillaume St Cyr

#76 Guillaume St Cyr finished just ahead of him in 22nd (20-25).

20160731 Ryan Lalonde

Victoria, BC rider #171 Ryan Lalonde has been having a very solid summer. He finished up in 16th in the first moto, but after a terrible start in moto 2 his day was done after lap 6.

20160731-Kyle Springman

#87 Kyle Springman is having the summer of his life traveling with his buddy #47 Dylan Delaplace. He was 20th (22-18) but if he doesn’t stop writing on my van window, our Privateer Spotlight article may be shelved!

20160731-Jason Benny

#199 Jason Benny had great speed in Moncton but his moto 1 was done after running up in 4th spot early. He came back to a solid 11th in the second for 19th.

20160731 Dylan Delaplace

It was great to see #47 Dylan Delaplace get a good start in the first moto. He finished 18th overall (19-17).

20160731- Davey Fraser

There was no fist-pumping holeshot this year for #36 Davey Fraser, but there was this classic Dusty Klatt-inspired one-legger! Davey was solid up in 9th in the first moto but after a hard fall, Davey struggled at the back of the pack and took an early departure in 34th for 17th on the day.

20160731John John Pauk

#655 John John Pauk missed the Pleasant Valley round but was back in action in Moncton. He may not be getting the results he wants but he says he’s improving. 17-16 gave him 16th.

20160731 Joey Paul

I was unfamiliar with #312 Joey Paul from Quebec, but he was one of the riders in the exciting 2nd moto, 7-rider battle. 18-14 for 15th.

20160731 JC Bujold

#42 JC Bujold pretty much held his position all day Sunday. He finished a very solid 11th with 14-12 motos and had to fight for it.

20160731- Hayden Halstead

#35 Hayden Halstead was having some fun over the new marquee double during practice. He finished 8-9 for 9th.

20160731Ryeley Gallup

#69 Ryeley Gallup worked hard to get his suspension working and also had fun on this jump in practice. He dropped back in moto 1 but made it back to 10th. He ran up near the front in 6th in moto 2 and took 7. 10-7 gave him 8th.

20160731 Jess Pettis

#20 Jess Pettis had a solid first moto and took 7th. He was up in 5th in the second before taking an adventure off the track while setting up a pass. He was 7th with 7-6 motos.

20160731- Brad Nauditt

#18 Brad Nauditt was the sole rider under the big GDR awning with Facciotti and Medaglia out with injuries. 5-5 gave him 6th overall. He was under fire the entire first moto and then rode the second mostly by himself.

20160731- Shawn Maffenbeier

#15 Shawn Maffenbeier scrapped hard with #101 Mark Worth in the first and took 2nd. Some sort of motor gremlins bogged his bike early in the second and put him out of the top 30 early on. He fought his was up to 8th and took 5th overall.

20160731 Mark Worth

#101 Mark Worth said he’s feeling better with the bike and himself and had a solid day in Moncton with 4-3 motos for 4th.

20160731 Cole Thompson

#4 Cole Thompson was out in 5th spot when he troubles in the first moto. He almost had another pond named after him and had to come back from 13th to 6th. He got into the lead on the first lap of the second and didn’t look back. 6-1 for 3rd.

20160731- Dylan Wright

#17 Dylan Wright worked his way forward in both motos. With a holeshot, this could be good! 3-2 gave him 2nd.

20160731-Dakota Alix

#164 Dakota Alix impressed everyone as he withstood constant pressure for the lead in the first moto. He grabbed both Royal Distributing Holeshot Awards and his 1-4 gave him the overall.

MX2 Podium: Dakota Alix, Dylan Wright, Cole Thompson.

MX2 Podium: Dakota Alix 1-4), Dylan Wright (3-2), Cole Thompson (6-1).



20160731- Eric Jeffery

#33 Eric Jeffery finished 19th in the first moto but then had a rock catch him above the left eye in the 2nd. He said he felt a lot of warm liquid running down his face and managed to ruin some new 2017 Fly gear. He was done after 5 laps. 19-32 gave him 22nd.

20160731 Derek Ouimet

I’m guessing #85 Derek Ouimet is looking over to see if the 2 lap board is out. He had a great 1st moto up in 17th but is shown as a DNS in the 2nd (after a strange fall with #68 took him out on lap 1) for 21st overall.

20160731- Jay Burke

#38 Jay Burke was way up in 9th early in the first before trouble on lap 5 dropped him way back. He worked his forward in the second for 16 and 20th overall (33-16).

20160731-Taylor Ciampichini

After a solid 18th in the first moto, #68 Taylor Ciampichini had a really strange fall with #85 and they literally rolled off the track in a ball together. Taylor got up and charged to 22nd for 19th overall.

20160731- Broc Loftus

Our new buddy, #529 Broc Loftus, looked like he was having a lot of fun on the track Sunday. He was in some great battles and finished 18th (20-17). Oh, and he said that is LAST week’s mud on his bike!

20160731- Max Tannenbaum

#185 is Georgia rider Max Tannenbaum. He was way up in 9th in the first but fell and it took a long time to get his bike re-fired. He rebounded with a 9th in the second for 17th (29-9). He said he and his dad will be at the last 2 rounds.

20160731 Alex Harvill

#352 is starting to put his motos together and getting better results. He also won the very unofficial ‘Ski Jump Scrub Contest,’ easily. 15-18 gave him 16th.

20160731- Brock Leitner

#45 Brock Leitner probably won’t appreciate this photo but it was my clearest shot of him! He dropped the MX2 class and finished a solid 13th in moto 1 and 19th in moto 2 for 15th.

20160731 Riley Brough

#26 Riley Brough in a good battle with Humphries, Jeffery, and Oumet. He moved his way forward in both motos and took 13th (14-14).

20160731- Michael Fowler

#78 Michael Fowler had his best finish with a very solid 12th (12-13).

20160731-Shawn Robinson

#27 Shawn Robinson had another solid weekend and rounded out the top 10 with 10-11 motos.

20160731 Morgan Burger

#19 Morgan Burger came from way back in the 1st for 9th. He messed up early in the 2nd and had to fight his way up for 10th and 9th overall.

20160731 Keylan Meston

#28 Keylan Meston had to wonder where everyone else was again in Moncton. He’s just off the pace of the top few but much faster than the rest. 8-7 gave him 8th.

20160731- Cade Clason

#6 Cade Clason had to fight through a 2nd moto without a rear brake and slid out early. He was solid again with 6-8 motos for 7th.

20160731-Brett Metcalfe

You know #3 Brett Metcalfe isn’t happy with 4-6 for 6th but he does love a good battle, and he got another one with #5 Tyler Medaglia. These guys are fun to watch race.

20160731- Tyler Medaglia

#5 Tyler Medaglia withstood the pressure from Metcalfe…again, and was 5-4 for 5th.

20160731-Tyler Medaglia

He also won the Brian House Memorial for being the top Maritimes rider.

20160731-Mike Alessi

#800 Mike Alessi held 3rd for the entire first moto. He got out to the same again in the 2nd but had brake issues of his own and battled hard to stay in 5th for 4th overall.

20160731 Matt Goerke

Defending champ, Matt Goerke, had troubles on the line before moto 1 started and then went down to force him him to charge from outside the top 25. He came back in the 2nd and took 3rd overall (7-2).

20160731- Kaven Benoit

#11 Kaven Benoit has established himself as our top 450 rider this season. He got out to the holeshot in the first moto and held on for an impressive 2nd. He was in 2nd again until the final lap of the 2nd before Goerke got by him. 2-3 for 2nd overall.

20160731-Davi Millsaps

#118 Davi Millsaps did it again and somehow made it look easy. He consistently puts in the fastest laps and heads into the next round with the red plates. 1-1 for 1st. He also said River Glade was the best track they’ve raced so far this year.

20160731 MX1 Podium

MX1 Podium: Davi Millsaps (1-1), Kaven Benoit (2-3), Matt Goerke (7-2).

20160731 Earl Doucette

We now head back into Quebec for the Deschambault round, just outside of Quebec City. See you at the races…