Rockstar Triple Crown Kicks Off SX

The Rockstar Triple Crown heads back to Gopher Dunes to kick off the Supercross Championship Friday, September 18.  So grab a cold one for happy hour at 4:30 PM EST, live on Two Wheels TV.  Supercross action continues on Saturday, September 19 at 4:30 PM EST.

Plenty of plot lines as the championship transitions from MX to SX.  With 2020 MX champion Jess Pettis out for SX, the 250 class field is wide open.  And in the 450 class Dylan Wright dominated the 450 class and won the championship after Phil Nicoletti‘s injury, but now he’ll be battling 2018 Triple Crown champion Cole Thompson.  We’re excited for some great competition!

And remember if you miss any of the live action, all races are available on-demand.

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