Seth Rarick and Redemption Racing Part Ways

DMX Staff

Unfortunately, he crashed in the first, bent his sub-frame, sucked sand into the motor and DNF'd. He came back to a strong 9th in the second for 16th. He's due for some luck...soon.

New York State rider, #17 Seth Rarick, and Redemption Racing part ways. – Bigwave photo


DMX has learned today that #17 MX2 rider for the Redemption Racing Fly Dragon KTM team will not be racing for the squad for the remaining 3 rounds of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals.

When we heard the news, we gave the likeable American rider a call to get the story.

Seth Rarick confirmed that after a few mechanical set-backs with his bike, he no longer has the confidence to race it at the level necessary to compete at the Professional level and so they have parted ways. After a successful season in 2014, 2015 has not gone the way he or the team would have liked. Mid-week problems and mechanical failures during the races have dropped Rarick from contention in the MX2 class.

With his DNF-DNS in Deschambault this past Sunday, Rarick has dropped from the top 10 and now sits 12th in points, a full 250 points behind series leader Kaven Benoit.

Being the consummate professional, Seth would like to be clear that he has “nothing but great things to say about the Redemption Racing team and everyone involved in the effort. The team gave me a chance when I had no other options and for that he will always be grateful.”

What does this mean for the future of the Clarksville, NY rider? Well, he couldn’t say for sure but did allude to the fact that we will likely see him again…and maybe this season.

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We contacted team manager, Josh Snider, to see what he had to say about this situation.

Snider agreed that it was a difficult situation, for sure. As a past Pro racer himself, he understands what it takes to make it and knows confidence in your machine is key. Having said that, Pro Racing is a business and he has commitments to his many sponsors that need to be fulfilled.

Speaking for the team, Snider was quick to point out that they, as friends, will always support Seth in whatever he decides to do but they will need to set out to find a replacement rider for the now-vacant KTM 250 2-stroke seat. Said Snider, “We are proud to have had Seth be a part of the team as he is one of the cleanest-cut, hardest-working guys out there and has always been very grateful and easy to get along with.”

Having seen in a post from the team’s injured #10 rider, Nathan Bles, that he was riding yesterday, does this mean the early return of Nathan in the MX2 class? I guess we’ll find out when we get to Moncton this weekend.

Stay tuned for more on this as we get information.