Shift Concussion Management and Canadian Motosport Racing Corp. announce new partnership!

Shift Concussion

Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation (CMRC) is taking the next big step in protecting their athletes by partnering with Shift Concussion Management. This partnership will help with the development of CMRC’s overall concussion management protocols as well as bring awareness about concussions to motosport racing. CMRC wants to ensure they are doing everything in their power to ensure all motosport athletes across Canada have access to the most comprehensive concussion care in the country.


CMRC will introduce neurocognitive baseline testing to all riders from casual to amateur and professional racers. Shift and CMRC both agree that the most important aspect of an effective concussion protocol is a clear guideline on what to do and where to go if an injury does occur. This being said, CMRC will be working with Shift to develop a protocol specific to our sport. It will be available and distributed to all CMRC members.


About Shift Concussion Management:


Shift Concussion Management is a rehabilitation and educational concussion management company offering the best available concussion education, training and management strategies in Canada. They employ a multifaceted approach, with several important pillars for the complete management of concussions: education, awareness, baseline testing, physical testing, therapeutic strategies and return-to-play preparation. They continue to develop and refine concussion management protocols that can be made accessible to youth and adult athletes across the country.  Shift Concussion Management is also a proud supporter of, a globally recognized concussion awareness organization.


Remote baseline testing will be made available to all members of the CMRC across the country for $30 per racer. Shift concussion management has put a lot of work into developing a short educational video that properly explains the importance of baseline testing and provides tips to successfully taking the test from home. Upon completion, each test is validated by a shift concussion management representative and is available to be sent to any certified location across Canada should an athlete sustain a concussion. The price for post-injury treatments is clinic dependent, however Initial Assessments range from $75.00-$150.00.


With over 120 certified practitioners and locations across Canada, Shift Concussion is leading the charge in creating consistent and proper concussion rehabilitation management strategies. If you suspect you have sustained a concussion please call 1-855-223-1002 and press 1. You will be directed to our Director of Office Administration who will find a clinic closest to you and provide you will the necessary next steps in dealing with this injury. For more information, or to use our “Clinic Locator”, please visit

Shift Concussion