Statement from MX Deschambault Owner, Daniel Thibault

From: Courrier de Portneuf

Daniel Thibault (Shown here with Tim Tremblay). | Courrier de Portneuf photo

Motocross Deschambault near the small town of Deschambault, QC that sits just west of Quebec City is the host to many motocross races, including the Eastern Canadian Amateur National (ECAN).

Track owner, Daniel Thibault, made a statement about what the plans for the track are this upcoming season.

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Deschambault motocross track owner Daniel Thibault is confident to open his track this summer. But for major events, it will take a few more weeks.

It’s not that bad,” said the promoter, who plans to start the season in late May, early June on his runway in 2nd Row.

Daniel Thibault believes that motocross has all the characteristics that make it possible in times of COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s an outdoor event, an individual sport,” he said. “We have a very large parking lot where it is possible to enforce the two-meter distance. The counters take the cards and we are able to follow the rules as in shops. Because we must not forget that we are a business, like the body repairer around the corner. We want it to be recognized, ”he says.

Daniel Thibault is betting on the deconfinement plan that the Fédération québécoise des motos hors route (FQMHR), which represents 30 parks in Quebec, must file with the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports. This plan sets out the preventive measures that will be taken to comply with the sanitary measures on the sites during practice activities and competitions.

He explains that no more than a hundred riders participate in practices during the week. Competitions attract the most people, both riders and spectators. In a day of Canadian championship, it can pass up to 5000 people on the site. However, Quebec still prohibits groupings, a measure that affects sports as much as culture. Last week, Prime Minister François Legault said that for “restaurants, activities that bring together hundreds of people, shows, it will take some time“.

Daniel Thibault said decisions have already been made on the big summer events, the ECAN National Amateur Championship and the MX Tour, which were to follow between July 30 and August 2. They were moved on September 5 and 6.

We have a plan A, a plan B and a C! There could even be a national without spectators. ” Fans could watch the event on television where it usually aired.

He says he is ready for any eventuality, even not to host the event. “It is a tentative schedule. Three of the 8 races are taking place in Ontario and the province will announce its action plan on May 12. Decisions will be made in two weeks,” he explains.