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Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford I’m sitting here in -8C drinking my first cup of Monday Morning Coffee of 2022. It’s a pretty big Monday because it means I’m supposed to be loading up the DMX Van for another trip south and west for some Monster Energy AMA Supercross! And I will be, but it’s been a really strange lead up to this departure. It seems I managed to pick up a

Team Canada MXON Stories – The 2004 Re-Boot

Here’s another installment in our ‘Team Canada MXON Stories’ series. Team Canada MXON Stories – The 2004 Re-Boot By Carl Bastedo Legends of Canadian Motocross, in conjunction with directmotocross.com, is in the process of documenting a History of Canada at the Motocross of Nations. We will release various stories, pictures, video etc. in a random fashion before combing all the information on the Legends website under it’s own section. You

2015 MX1 – Report Card

2015 MX1 – Report Card 10. #5 Teddy Maier KAW: 11-6-6-16-6-7-DNF… (209) Jeff: D Teddy had a very rough season and was unable to show his speed or talent. It’s a shame his season, and possibly his career, ended. Billy: D- Wow, I hate to kick a guy when he’s down, but you can’t really justify a higher grade for Teddy’s 2015 season. It looks like it’s ‘winter school’ for

Canadian National Top 10 – MX2 Report Card

Canadian National Top 10 – MX2 Report Card By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford It’s that time of year again when reflection is the name of the game. The 2015 season could be argued as the best we’ve ever seen in Canada. In fact, if this were a debate, it would be difficult to argue the counterpoint. We sat down and summed up the top 10 from from the MX2