#TBT 2011 DMX Canadian MX Weekly

By Billy Rainford

Wow, what can I say? This is funny to look back on! Back in 2011, Kyle Carruthers, James Lissimore, and I did weekly live video shows with pre-recorded interviews thrown in and many live guest appearances all across the country during the Pro Nationals. Our biggest battle was solid and reliable internet and I remember we spent a lot of our time apologizing for lost connection. I think I said, “Annnd we’re back” a thousand times.

I had forgotten about these things until someone mentioned UStream the other day. I went looking through the list of shows and found this one from just after the 2011 Calgary National. We had headed east to Swift Current where the riders traveling the series called the Maffenbeier’s house and shop home for a few days before continuing on their journey east.

These are long shows (1 1/2 hours in some cases) but you can scroll through to interviews that may interest you like the one-and-only Ross ‘Rollerball’ Pederson! Yes, I spoke on camera with the legend himself at Wild Rose. Kyle also speaks with none other than Blair Morgan here, too. Other guests include: Nathan Bles, Topher Ingalls, Bill Law, Brock Hoyer, Jeff Northrup, Shawn Maffenbeier, Kory Snelgrove, Kevin Lepp, and Randy Maffenbeier. Oh, and don’t laugh at our little, mono microphone!

It’s a fun trip down memory lane. Check it out when you get a few minutes…