TLD Thursday Wallpapers – Daytona SX

By Billy Rainford

This week, we head back to the 2015 Daytona SX Presented by Honda for the Troy Lee Designs Thursday Wallpapers. Huge thanks to Brendan from Loudmouth Intakes for the hospitality that week. Decorate your desktop with these shots from two weekends ago.

Tomac WIDE

The ruts and steepness of the face of this jump made things interesting for the riders. Of course, top guys like Eli Tomac made it look pretty basic every lap.

Smith WIDE

It’s always cool to see riders you’ve watched since the little bikes finally make a splash in the Pro ranks. Jordan Smith is one of those riders.

Short WIDE

Is Andrew Short the new Kyle Lewis? Great start skills keep Andrew fighting for upper-level finishes week after week.

Seely WIDE

#14 Cole Seely is proving he is a consistent contender in the 450 class.


Chad Reed continues to impress this season. He took a heat win in Daytona.

Dungey WIDE

Ryan Dungey is now on a 3-race win streak. He will be difficult to catch at this point.

Bogle Musquin WIDE

We expect to see #25 Marvin Musquin and #1 Justin Bogle this close every week. Unfortunately, for everyone but Musquin, it’s not happening.

Alessi WIDE

#800 Mike Alessi with a sarcastic one-footer over the finish line. I remember when this was cutting-edge stuff! It looks like Dusty Klatt at Riverglade.


#722 Adam Enticknap put his Cycle North-backed Honda into the main event last week in Indy. Notice the 3 tear offs gently floating through the air.