TLD Thursday Wallpapers – Lake Elsinore

By Billy Rainford

TLD Shield Light BG

While out in California checking out some Supercross action, we stopped by the SX practice track at Lake Elsinore MX to catch a few Pro riders getting ready for A2. Decorate your desktop with a few shots from just another Tuesday in California.


#47 Tommy Hahn.


#55 Vince Friese.

#58 Jimmy Decotis and #

#58 Jimmy Decotis and Illinois rider #282 Theodore Pauli.

#486 Chase Sexton. That could be one of the coolest names out there.

#486 Chase Sexton. Definitely, one of the coolest names of the incoming Pro riders.


#58 Jimmy Decotis.

#58 Jimmy Decotis.