Unsung: 2015 New Jersey SX

Photos and captions by Billy Rainford

I thought I’d take a slightly different approach to this race and give the riders who made the mains but didn’t make the top 10 some coverage in a new column we’re going to call, ‘Unsung.’ Actually, in the future this column might feature those riders who showed up and gave it a shot but didn’t either make the main event or even the night program. We’ll see where it goes.

Anyway, here is a look at riders 11-22 in both the 250 and 450 mains from last Saturday afternoon at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

250 Main Event (22nd-11th)


22nd – #812 Luke Vonlinger from Stanford, Kentucky. Sponsors: Buddy Brooks, TiLube, Storm Lake Honda, Oak Hill Marina, Factory Connection


21st – #88 Dakota Alix from Jay, Vermont. That’s him getting involved with #25 Marvin Musquin in a heat race. Sponsors: Orange Brigade/RedBull/KTM


20th – #393 Daniel Herrlein from Bethesda, Ohio. Sponsors: none listed.


19th – #337 Nick Desiderio from New Vernon, New Jersey. Sponsors: CycleTrader.com Rock River YAMAHA


18th – #49 Jimmy Decotis from Peabody, MA. Sponsors: Riverside Harley Davidson/Trail Jesters/South of the Border/Ryno Power/Dedicated


#471 Logan Karnow from Vermillion, Ohio was 17th and was on a Canadian PR-MX-backed ride. Sponsors: On the Edge Honda/Risk Racing/ProCircuit/The Kruza Family/JGR Suspension/TLR


16th – #83 Levi Kilbarger from Logan, Ohio. Sponsors: none listed.


15th – #78 Preston Mull from Livingston, California. Sponsors: ALLIANCE RACING BRAAP SHOP YAMAHA


14th – #73 Gannon Audette from Tallahassee, Florida. Sponsors: none listed


13th – AJ Catanzaro from Portland, Connecticut. Sponsors: JMR Racing/Factory Suzuki-Yoshimura/Pickett Weaponry/Phoenix Tube/Arai Helmets


12th – Justin Starling from Deland, Florida. Sponsors: Dream Ride Florida/Riva Motorsports/Meyer Family/JGR/One Industries/Sidi/Ti Lube


11th – Jace Owen from Matoon, Illinois. Sponsors: Owen Motorsports/Seven/Club 57/FMF/Cycra/Ryno Power/Factory Metal Works

450 Main Event (22nd-11th)


22nd – OK, #10 Justin Brayton is hardly ‘unsung’ but he had a bad night and took 22nd. Sponsors: BTO Sports – KTM – WPS


21st – #314 Alex Ray from Milan, Tennessee. He avoided the big triple section throughout most of practice. Sponsors: Ki Speed, BWR Engines, SSI Decals, Freeport Honda-Kawasaki, ReKluse, Motorsports


20th – #51 Justin Barcia from Greenville, Florida, had a rough NJSX. Sponsors: Autotrader/Toyota/Yamaha


19th – #447 Deven Raper from Mesa, Arizona. Sponsors: RJC Racing, Thousand Oaks,Tire Empire, O’neal, Racetech, Rekluse, ActionRideco


18th – #211 Tevin Tapia from Menifee, California. Sponsors: 3Tperformance DTMX BRT


17th – #181 Dustin Pipes from Madera, California. Sponsors: Tpj.com/Fly racing/Suzuki/Race tech/Carl Nelson insurance/Yoshimura/Dunlop/X brand


16th – #69 Ronnie Stewart from Easton, Pennsylvania. Sponsors: DirtCandy Graphics, PRBC.com, Hellbound Racing, ISC Racers Tape, Fugoo


15th – #199 Kyle Partridge from Lake Elsinore, California. Sponsors: none listed but I see Rocky Mountain ATV and MC, One, Dunlop, and Spy


14th – #70 Nick Schmidt from Riverside, California. Sponsors: Team3br DSC construction


13th – Ben Lamay from Austin, Texas. Sponsors: Munn racing/Husqvarna/LBeardsleycpa.com/Fly racing/xbrand/bell


12th – #27 Nick Wey from Dewitt, Michigan. Sponsors: Mafia MotoCrew/PasionMX


11th – #40 Shane McElrath from Canton, North Carolina. Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM