Weston Peick Issues an Apology


After Weston Peick‘s actions with Vince Friese at A1, Peick has issued the following apology:

To My Friends, Fans and Sponsors,

While I have had some time to absorb my actions of this past Saturday night I felt it was important to apologize for the way I handled myself in the heat of battle. I must admit, I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received, but we know the race track is meant for just that, a place to race our motorcycles. 

I can’t ever remember a year where the depth of the racing field has been so strong. I’m looking forward to getting back to round three and racing the way I know how and representing my Sponsors and Fans to the very best of my ability.

See you in Anaheim.

Weston Peick

Peick was fined $5000 and will be forced to miss round 2 in San Diego this weekend.