Youthstream is set and ready to race, MXGP 2015!
FUNCHAL (Portugal), 27 January 2015 – In preparation for what is expected to be a groundbreaking year in motocross, Youthstream hosted their annual organizers meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, where all the new and exciting aspects of MXGP 2015 were introduced and explained.

Mr. Giuseppe Luongo opened the presentation with a reminder of MXGP’s remarkable progress, “For a long time we have believed in our project to expand the FIM Motocross World Championship, increase the skill level of the riders and also increase the worldwide awareness. We, Youthstream, are very thankful to the organizers because without them we wouldn’t have such a fantastic stage for our riders, from the facilities we deliver, the infrastructure, the areas for the fans and the level of racing. We also have to say thanks for their assistance in the evolution of the European Championship.”

Mr. Luongo continued, “Evolving the European Championship was not an easy task, in the beginning it was very difficult. It made a lot of work for us, as well as for the organizers, because to go from two races, MXGP and MX2, to four or a possible six, it is not easy. Everybody’s workload increased, but today we see the results. If we look at the entry list in Qatar, we have twenty-eight riders. Don’t focus on the number, because in Europe we expect to see a lot more, but focus on the quality of riders. We have at least twenty-six big names. This has never happened before in the FIM Motocross World Championship, so you will see the biggest fight for the championship you’ve ever seen. This stems from our success with the European Championship and we are confident in the years to come the racing in MXGP and MX2 will get better and better because of this structure.”

After touching on the excitement that the level of our great sport is the best it has ever been, the newly elected FIM/CMS Director Tony Skillington said a few words, “I have been more than thirty-five years with the FIM, not in this role, but I have been here. I have to say I am so grateful and happy to be apart of the growth of our sport. It is amazing how far we have come and I am ready for the excitement of this year. We, the FIM, have confidence in MXGP’s squad and I am so excited for the challenge, we are ready for the challenge, and I would like to wish everyone involved all the best for the up coming season.”

MXGP’s Director of Communications and Marketing Services Marionna Leiva kicked off the actual presentation in front of a room full of guests which included Youthstream representatives, President Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, Vice President Luigi Zompetti, Directors Nikos Gounaris and David Luongo and CEO’s Daniele Rizzi and Didier Henroid, as well as FIM representatives, FIM/CMS Director Tony Skillington, FIM Coordinator Dirk de Neve and Race Director Ingo Partsch along with the MXGP round organizers of Spain, The Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mexico and the all new organizers for the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship at the circuit of El Molar in Spain, and not to mention the organizers of the most spectacular event of the year, the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, Motoclub Ernee. There were also approximately twenty-five Youthstream staff members present along with special guests from Platinum group, the team who run MXGP’s online ticket sales, HB Werbung, the printing company behind the official event programs, and Marcella Tubelli from SEL, Youthstream’s freight company.

During the presentation, all the factors that go into making MXGP the best motocross championship in the world were explained. Youthstream’s gratefulness to have so many fantastic partners and sponsors on board for season 2015 was made clear, as was the enthusiasm of introducing three great new locations, Neuquén, Argentina, Assen, The Netherlands and Villars sous Écot, France.

Another topic elaborated on was the MXGP Academy, which is essentially a training program created and designed by some of the industries biggest names to train, guide and develop young riders into future champions. As of this year the MXGP Academy will be training trainers in selected countries so the young riders will have certified trainers who they can train with locally on a regular basis. While the MXGP Academy is no longer run by Youthstream and as of 2014 comes under the umbrella of FIM Europe, Youthstream still play a significant role in supporting the program.

Other hot topics included the continuation of MXGP’s extensive television coverage and the huge rise in MXGP’s fan base via social media. Last year MXGP had a lot of positive feedback and a huge increase in popularity, which was reflected by the ever-increasing number of viewers. While this number continues to rise, MXGP is proud to announce that all of last year’s television broadcasters are back on board and new agreements will be announced shortly.

With a warm and positive atmosphere in a room that was decorated with some amazing memorabilia in the form of old bikes such as a near new 1973 Husqvarna 250 and a 1960 Monark 500 just to name a couple, the organizers meeting was a great success. In conclusion, all departments of Youthstream are confident in their teams and are re-energized and ready for what will be an amazing year, as are all the organizers and partners involved. So, let’s go racing!

Check the Video of the Event by clicking HERE.