Podcast | Kade Walker in Holland

Podcast | Kade Walker in Holland By Billy Rainford We speak with Canadian Kade Walker — who now calls Holland home — after winning both the Prince and King titles so far in the Dutch SX Series this season.

Podcasts | Hamilton Supercross

Podcasts | Hamilton Supercross We talk with a few riders after the Hamilton Supercross. #9 Cade Clason YAM #39 Eric Jeffery KTM https://soundcloud.com/user-482692938/39-eric-jeffry-hamilton-supercross #10 Keylan Meston HSK Kourtney Lloyd https://soundcloud.com/user-482692938/kourtney-lloyd-hamilton-supercross #66 Marco Cannella YAM https://soundcloud.com/user-482692938/66-marco-cannella-hamilton-supercross #27 Tanner Ward KTM                                

Podcasts | Quebec City Supercross

Podcasts | Quebec City Supercross #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW #53 Bjorn Viney KAW #3 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW #645 Cheyenne Harmon YAM #39 Eric Jeffery KTM #725 Richard Jackson KAW #393 Daniel Herrlein KAW #471 Logan Karnow KAW #66 Marco Cannella YAM #228 Sam Gaynor YAM                                          

Podcast | Tyler Medaglia from Florida

Podcast | Tyler Medaglia from Florida By Billy Rainford #5 Tyler Medaglia is currently down in Florida training and racing with his brother-in-law, Mitch Cooke, and staying with Jim Edgar and his family in Jacksonville. They all just raced the ‘Scary Fastest in Florida’ State Championships so we grabbed Tyler as he was driving to another practice track today to get his thoughts on the race and more. Jim Edgar