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X Games Snow BikeCross Results

X Games Snow BikeCross Results Rank Name Time 1 Cody Matechuk 8:42.768 2 Yanick Boucher 15.641 3 Jesse Kirchmeyer 18.250 4 Josh Hill 19.598 5 Brock Hoyer 21.489 6 Darrin Mees 30.106 7 Harris Huizenga 31.934 8 Parker Earl 37.664 9 Justin Thomas 51.485 10 Mick Olson 1 Lap 11


Monday Morning Coffee | Renegade Fuel

By Billy Rainford I’m going to come clean with you right away…I’m not sure what State I’m in. After leaving the I-77 North to Ravenswood, SC, I made a left and headed west on Highway 33 toward Columbus, OH. I’m in a town called Athens and there’s a nice college campus and stadium down the road from this McDonalds I’m currently sitting in. Hold up, I’ll hit the Google machine and get to the bottom of this… Well, as soon