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2019 Ontario Enduro Championship | Round 5 – Parry Sound

2019  Ontario Enduro Championship ROUND #5 – PARRY SOUND, ONThis SATURDAY, August 24, at the Bob Rumball Camp for the Deaf just south of Parry Sound will be Round #5 of the Ontario Enduro Championship. Although this is a well known motorcycle facility, it is an exciting new location for this series. We are thankful


Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford OK, so how about this? You’re getting ready for the Walton TransCan — the biggest and best week in Canadian Amateur Motocross — you’re going to follow that up with what is likely Colton Facciotti‘s final National, you drive up to the track for the Opening Ceremonies on Monday, park the van, open the door, and a headache hits you in the face! And guess what? The headache will not go away…all damn week! In fact, I