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By Billy Rainford What a weekend that was! Although it meant not being at Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown SX Series in Quebec City, I got to see the Red Bull Straight Rhythm live after checking out the launch of the 2020 KTM SX-E5 bike…er, bikes. Emily was able to come with me and we did the full tourist thing for a couple days before heading inland to

Montreal Supercross Results (Unofficial)

Montreal Supercross Results (Unofficial) Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec Saturday, Sept 14, 2019 250 PRO – Overall Finish Positions   View LaptimesMoto 1Moto 2    Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2  1st   #19   DYLAN WRIGHT ,   5th 2nd  2nd   #94   LUKE RENZLAND ,   9th 1st  3rd   #221   MATHIAS JORGENSON ,   3rd 7th  4th   #48   WESTEN WROZYNA NEWTONVILLE,   6th 4th  5th   #471   LOGAN KARNW ,   2nd 11th  6th   #11   DAVEY FRASER LANGLEY,   10th 5th  7th   #14   TANNER WARD ,   7th 9th  8th   #1   JESS PETTIS ,   1st DNF

#22 Jared Petruska Injury Update

By Billy Rainford Another rider whose day at Round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals did not go the way he wanted was #22 Jared Petruska. The Calgary local had troubles in the first moto but still managed to finish well. Unfortunately, a first turn pile- up in moto 2 took Jared out for the day. He was visibly angry at the early end to his season as

Video Interview with Cameron Wrozyna and Quinn Amyotte

By Billy Rainford While I was back at the track today for the Amateur Open in Calgary, I found #179 Cameron Wrozyna and #60 Quinn Amyotte doing bike work in the pits. It’s both of their first times in the west so I thought it would be good to throw a camera in their faces and ask them to tell us what they think of it.

Rockstar Triple Crown | Calgary Results

Wild Rose Mx Park Calgary, AB Saturday, June 1, 2019 WMX 36 Avrie Berry KTM 2-1 50 Shelby Turner KTM 1-3 1E Eve Brodeur KTM 3-2 108 Liz Burke KAW 4-4 15 Eden Netelkos YAM 5-5 6 Dominique Daffe HSK 8-7 498 Madi Watt YAM 7-8 3 Danika White KTM 6-9 419 Lexi Dyekman KTM 12-6 381 Kelcey Jones YAM 9-10 7 Kate Lees KAW 11-12 12 Kaylie Kayer HSK

Podcasts | Calgary MX National

We spoke with a few riders at the end of the day at round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals at Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, Alberta. Eve Brodeur KTM Avrie Berry KTM Jess Pettis KTM Josh Osby YAM Casey Keast YAM Shawn Maffenbeier YAM Sam Gaynor YAM Cole Thompson KTM

Hawaiian Supercross Results

Hawaiian Supercross Results 1 Ryan Sipes 1-1-1 2 Justin Brayton 3-2-2 3 Tyler Bowers 4-5-4 4 Mike Alessi 7-4-3 5 Austin Politelli 2-3-12 6 Ben LaMay 6-9-6 7 Josh Hill 8-8-7 8 Alex Ray 11-6-8 9 Jimmy Decotis 5-13-11 10 Kyle Chisholm 13-7-5 11 Adam Enticknap 10-10-9 12 Chris Howell 9-11-10 13 Josh Greco 12-14-14 14 Patrick Evans 14-15-16 15 Joan Cros 18-12-13

Faces at the Races | Moncton National | Toys for Big Boys

Faces at the Races | Moncton National | Toys for Big Boys By Billy Rainford We’ve made it home from the Atlantic Coast safely, so it’s time to have a look at some of the people who make this annual trip to the right coast as memorable as it always is. I was talking with an American rider who commented on how nice Canadians are, in general. I said to