Triple Crown Round 3 Press Release

ROUND 3 – Pilot Mound, MB – Prairie Hill MX

Round 3 of the 2022 Triple Crown Series in Pilot Mound, MB, was one for the books, with the first scorcher of a race for the summer!

The THOR WMX West Series ended with a doubleheader and a clean sweep for GasGas/CMS/Callus Racing’s Eve Brodeur. She needed this race to close out her seventh WMX Championship, as she is the newly crowned Thor WMX West Series Champion! Behind Eve were a couple of hungry
Husqvarna riders battling tooth and nail for the second overall in the series. A 2-2 performance on Saturday brought Kaylie Kayer into striking distance of Lexi Pechout heading into the series’ final round on Sunday. Pechout, however, found another gear for her two-stroke on Sunday and finished
the day with 2-2 motos and second overall in the series. Young Kaylie Kayer had some issues in moto one, but her 5-3 moto scores sealed the deal for her First WMX Series overall podium, finishing third.

FXR Premix Rounds 3/4 finished with great action and a new name to emerge with the wins. Jayden Riley came into the weekend with a comfortable 31-point lead on his Blackfoot Direct Husqvarna
Supermini. Even with a significant lead, Jayden knew it wasn’t time to relax and get comfortable as the four motos at Pilot Mound served to be some of his most challenging races to date. With some lacklustre starts
and stiff competition, Jayden had to consistently make passes and climb through the pack to the front. A 3-3 moto score on Saturday drew him closer to the title, but Sunday proved even more challenging as Jayden faced a fall in moto one and bike failure in moto two. Thankfully, the points lead Jayden
accumulated in the first two rounds was big enough for him to lock in the Championship! The Pre-Mix story of the weekend was the newcomer to the series, Maguire Uruski, as he put in a perfect performance with a 1-1-1-1 moto scores, fending off the KTM bike of Lane Kretzel. Lane went
2-2-2-2 on his weekend, good enough to secure 2nd overall in the series. The final series podium spot went to Mr. Consistent, Ryden Safron, who locked in three 4th overalls.

250 Pro provided the most entertainment, with defending champion Jacob Piccolo grabbing both of the Royal Distributing Holeshot awards, making it six out of seven on the year. The KTM Canada/Red Bull/THOR rider led wire to wire in moto one and nearly the same in moto two, but as the heat and
fatigue caught up to Jacob late in moto two, so did the GasGas/CMS/Callus Racing machine of Mitchell Harrison. After coming from behind all day due to a couple of crashes, Mitchell finished with a 2-1 day for the overall – his second of the season. Behind the two leaders was another intense battle:
Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing’s Ryder McNabb, still suffering from an illness, battled with MX101/FXR/Yamaha’s Marco Cannella and Manulk/Rock River/Yamaha’s Quinn Amyotte for the third position. Marco and Quinn bested Ryder in moto one, but the Honda rider had a different plan in mind for moto two, as he gutted out a solid third to give his local Manitoba fans something to cheer about. McNabb would steal the last podium spot on the day, with Cannella and Amyotte to follow up in the top

250 Pro

  1. Mitchell Harrison
  2. Jacob Piccolo
  3. Ryder McNabb
  4. Marco Cannella
  5. Quinn Amyotte

The 450 Pro class was a copy-paste of the first two rounds of the year, with Dylan Wright stealing the show with an impressive 1-1 domination, giving himself and his Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing team a sizable 18-point lead in the series. GasGas/CMS/Callus Racing’s Tyler Medaglia again impressed,
as he put himself in a great position in both motos to go second overall on the day, ending his western run with a 2-2-2 overall series score. However, the battle behind Wright and Medaglia is where the action was, as moto one saw MX101/FXR/Yamaha’s Shawn Maffenbeier battle into a solid third
position. Moto two was a much different picture as Felix Lopez was battling hard up front with the likes of Tyler Medaglia; the overall podium seemed set in place for the PRMX/Partzilla Kawasaki rider. However, a late moto fade gave way to the young rookie Tanner Ward and his Thor/Pro
Circuit/Kawasaki. Tanner smelled blood in the water with four laps to go and was able to track down Lopez to secure his first ever 450 Pro podium. Maffenbeier’s poor moto start and injured shoulder caught up to him in the final moto as he was only able to secure fourth overall, with Felix Lopez taking fifth and Carlson Racing/Husqvarna rider Keylan Meston earning sixth overall.

450 Pro

  1. Dylan Wright
  2. Tyler Medaglia
  3. Tanner Ward
  4. Shawn Maffenbeier
  5. Felix Lopez

Without question, the Western rounds delivered the goods, and the series will be packed full of action as we head east to Walton Raceway on July 3rd. Be sure to rewatch the race day coverage on, the home for all Triple Crown Series Racing