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#63 Graham Scott Injury Update

#63 Graham Scott Injury update By Billy Rainford Motocross is an extreme sport and can jump up and bite you when you least expect it. Case in point, Vancouver Island’s #63 Graham Scott is the most recent rider to be put on the injured list. After signing on to ride for the Cycle North Honda team alongside fellow Islander Ryan LalondeĀ and American Collin Jurin (for Arenacross), Graham hit the ground

Mini O’s | Canadian Injuries Update

Mini O’s | Canadian Injuries Update By Billy Rainford Going to one of these huge American Amateur Nationals is a big a deal. In fact, some would argue there’s more pressure and stiffer competition at these than at a Pro National! Just getting through the week at the Thor Winter Olympics –The Mini O’s — is a fete in itself. The schedule starts on the Supercross track and makes its

Tanner Ward Injury Update

Tanner Ward Injury Update By Billy Rainford After seeing that #27 Tanner Ward was replaced on the Team Canada Pit Bike des Nations team, we checked in with the Red Bull KTM rider to see what was up. Fortunately, this isn’t an injury that will keep Tanner out of action as the Rockstar Triple Crown SX Series heads to Quebec City in November. “Ya, I tore some muscles in my

#33 Chris Fortier Breaks Wrist

#33 Chris Fortier Breaks Wrist The #33 racer from Quebec broke his wrist at Round 9 of the Challenge Quebec Provincial Series race at X Town this past weekend. After winning the first 2 Pro motos, Chris Fortier said on his Instagram page (@chrisfortier66) that “on the first lap of the 3rd moto I got cross jumped by a slower rider and broke my arm.” Chris entered the Rockstar Triple

#17 Casey Keast Injury Update

#17 Casey Keast Injury Update By Billy Rainford While running up in 8th spot, #17 Casey Keast from Kelowna, BC disappeared from the scoreboard with just one lap to go in the first moto at McNabb Valley MX. We spoke with Casey from Minnedosa, MB today and he said he “hit false neutral on one of the little doubles out back and appeared to have knocked myself out for only

#43 Jared Petruska Injury Update

#43 Jared Petruska Injury Update By Billy Rainford After crashing in qualifying at round 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Blackwater MX in Prince George, BC, #43 Jared Petruska was pretty sure he’d sustained a boxer’s fracture in his throttle hand. It was bruised, scraped, and swollen, but he still went out and raced his motos. He’s been for X-rays now and they do not show any

#714 Ryan Gustine Injury Update

#714 Ryan Gustine Injury Update By Billy Rainford After finishing 27th in moto 1 at round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour at Popkum Motor Park in Chilliwack, BC Saturday, #714 Ryan Gustine from Maple Valley, Washington, went down hard on lap 1 of moto 2. As the pack came down the jump-filled finish line straight to complete lap 1, Ryan jumped off the big double-jump in a

Nathan Bles Injury Update

Nathan Bles Injury Update Before we go any further, Nathan Bles is going to be fine. In fact, he’s already at home recovering from his crash on Sunday at a TVR race at Walton Raceway. However, he sustained a back injury that saw him airlifted to Victoria Hospital in London, ON where he was treated. “I am able to move and walk already. I just have to take it slow