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#119 Jared Petruska Injury Update

119 Jared Petruska Injury Update By Billy Rainford After injuring his thumb at Round 1 at Gopher Dunes, Calgary racer #119 Jared Petruska has done what we’ve all tried to do – race while injured. He tried again at the final round here at Sand Del Lee and went down pretty hard during practice. He hit his head again and has decided it is finally time to call it a

Sam Gaynor Injury Update

Sam Gaynor Injury Update By Billy Rainford #28 Sam Gaynor was injured Saturday at Round 5 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour Canadian MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee. As he came around to put a rider down a lap, the rider moved over to let Sam have the line, but as Sam drifted wide their lines came together and contact was made. Sam knew he’d done some damage

Phil Nicoletti Injury Update

Phil Nicoletti Injury Update By Billy Rainford #54 Phil Nicoletti and #9 Dylan Wright colided in mid-air Saturday at Sand Del Lee in moto 1 of Round 5 of the 2020 Rockstar Triple Crown Tour Canadian MX Nationals. Here’s the video clip: Phil was unable to finish the moto while Dylan went on to a dominant win. Here’s an update from Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha Team Manager, Steve Simms: “Overall, good

Wyatt Waddell Injury Update

Wyatt Waddell Injury Update By Billy Rainford A rather forgettable season came to an unfortunate end Saturday at Round 5 of the 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals for #157 Wyatt Waddell. It seems like it’s been one thing after another for the rider from British Columbia, but this one was different. After Wyatt crossed the finish line to complete the first moto of the fifth round at

Casey Keast Injury Update

Casey Keast Injury Update After a weekend that saw young #77 Casey Keast from Kelowna, British Columbia, get his first-ever moto podium (3rd in moto 2) in the 250 class at Sand Del Lee, Casey crashed while practicing at the track early this week and was taken to the hospital by Keylan Meston to get checked out. We spoke very briefly with Casey Wednesday evening and he said that he’s

#619 Jarek Inancsi Injury Update

619 Jarek Inancsi Injury Update By Billy Rainford When I saw a new BC license plate on Friday before Round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour MX National at Gopher Dunes, I wandered over to introduce myself to #619 Jarek Inancsi from Hope, British Columbia. He agreed to do a video interview and I think everyone who watched it had a new rider to keep tabs on for his

Kaven Benoit Injury Update

Kaven Benoit Injury Update By Billy Rainford Canadian MX1 #3, Kaven Benoit, headed over to Germany last week to compete in the Dortmund SX. At the start of the SX final on the second night, Kaven landed hard on his right leg just after the start and immediately knew he’d done damage to it as he franticly waved the medics over. We gave him a call to see how he’s

Brock Leitner Injury Update

Brock Leitner Injury Update By Billy Rainford After coming extremely close to making the night show in San Diego (he was 2nd alternate and the 1st alternate got in) #497 Brock Leitner crashed hard during Supercross practice at Lake Elsinore Monday. Brock described his crash like this: “I was heading into the rhythm section by the entry road and was trying an inside line to go roll, double, triple when

Nathan Bles ‘Injury’ Update | The Baja Brawl Crash

Nathan Bles ‘Injury’ Update | The Baja Brawl Crash By Billy Rainford You’ve probably all seen it already – Nathan Bles launching himself into the stratosphere as you wonder whether he over-jumped a triple or under-jumped a quad at last week’s Baja Brawl at Baja Acres in Millington, Michigan. Truth is, it was a tabletop to single jump gone wrong. We gave Nathan a call today to get his thoughts