$2 Tuesday: 2011 Most Memorable

By Billy Rainford

I always enjoy rooting through my stash of old moto photos. This week, I bumped into a file called, “2011 Most Memorable.” That sounded pretty appropriate so in I went. It’s amazing the memories that are instantly return to the front of your mind that you hadn’t even thought of since the day they happened. Looking back at these reminded me that we haven’t done our ‘Most Memorable’ from 2014 yet! Watch for that. It also reminded me that I can’t wait to get back to the races and create and capture more memories that will last a lifetime!

Here’s a look back at a few of my faves from 2012:


This was the weekend at Riverglade where #45 Nicky Beatty won the new wheels for his truck by grabbing both holeshots, I think? Check out his dad, Dave Beatty, loving it with the towel on the right.


#727 became an internet sensation because of this scrub photo at Walton Raceway. That’s a legit scrub, folks!

Colton Steel City

Colton Facciotti got his chance to ride for the Lucas Oil TLD team for the last few AMA Nationals. Here he is at Steel City.


Miss Supercross, Diana Dahlgren, was a Monster Girl in Canada that summer.


This is a younger Brad Dool getting on the podium at the Parts Canada TransCan and feeling it.


Check out everything in this one: Dylan Wright with Junior plates on a red Husqvarna 2-stroke machine with Billy Laninovich standing beside him.


Future fast Pro riders, #39 Jess Pettis and #78 Westen Wrozyna, wheel to wheel in a Supermini moto at the TransCan.


And who can forget ‘Red Julie,’ Julie Lessard?

Julien Bill

Julien Bill came over from Switzerland to school everyone in the amateur classes during the TransCan. His corner speed had everyone talking. Too bad the Pro day got rained out.


Ken Thiessen was wrenching for Redemption Racing. Hold the phone…I do believe he’ll be back this summer with the team.


This shot of Kevin Lepp’s collarbone surgery mark still, to me, ranks as one of my top 5 shots of all-time.


How about Tyler Medaglia letting HAF Skate and Tattoo owner, Mitch Cooke, do his first-ever tattoo on his leg? Good times!


Kyle Patton was still around the track preaching his “lighter is better” philosophy and drilling holes in everything he could get his hands on.


We’ll let a rather disappointed-looking Zack Deiana say, “See you at the races…”