$2 Tuesday: Canadians at the 2010 Oak Hill GNC

By Billy Rainford

It’s hard to believe that this was almost 5 years ago! With the 43rd Annual Oak Hill GNC getting set to take place again this March, I figured this was a good video to re-post. Making the trek out to Decatur, Texas, in 2010 were Canadian riders #118 Christopher and #117 Michael DaSilva, #26 Cole Varty, #16 Cole Thompson, #120 PO Lavigne, and #28 Ryan Millar.

I made the drive out to Texas for MX Forum with help from Orange Motorsports and MX101 in the big 1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon named ‘Carmen.’ In the video there is some riding footage and then an interview with each rider. If you’ve only got time to watch a couple minutes, you need to fast-forward to the last rider, Ryan Millar (8:25), just to watch his interview with Ryan Lockhart standing behind him.