$2 Tuesday: 2012 Toronto SX Canadian Content

Photos and captions by Billy Rainford

Since this week was usually the Toronto SX weekend, I thought we’d go back and have a look at the 2012 edition with a little Canadian Content spin. Of course, I’m sure you all remember this was TO SX week because of my birthday, but…

With rumours circulating that the site will be back on the schedule as early as next year, we may not have to wait that much longer before we’re all back in the Rogers Centre for the races and then off to the Direct Motocross After-Party. Cross your fingers!

Anyway, here’s a quick look back for this week’s $2 Tuesday:


Unfortunately, this fall is what greeted Cole Thompson in Toronto in 2012.


This is ‘almost-Canadian’ Bobby Kiniry.


#87 was soon-to-be Canadian MX1 champ, Matt Goerke.


#655 was Canadian John John Pauk who is currently residing int the ‘Where are they now’ category.


#24 Brett Metcalfe didn’t know it then, but he would be the 2013 Canadian MX1 champ.


#11 Kyle Chisholm was already familiar with how we do things up here, but didn’t know he would return in 2014.


That’s Redemption Racing’s Josh Snider helping out #757 Kevin Johnson…or was it Keith?


Sonny Pacheco is a Canadian and was one of the Monster Girls in 2012.


Donk was in the house in 2012.


He gets two photos because he may be looking for a new house as we speak. Good luck with your search, Donk.


Yep, I went there…


No, Dianna Dahlgren isn’t Canadian, but she traveled the CMRC Nationals in 2012. Besides, who cares?!


The only thing left to do after the races was head over to the Loose Moose for the DMX After-Party, but that’s another story…