2015 Mini O’s Photo Report – Thursday

By Billy Rainford

All eyes have shifted over to the motocross track for the rest of the week here at the 2015 Thor Winter Olympics. Many new riders have come through the gates and there were actually 4 divisions of 250 C riders trying to make the final moto. We had a bunch of Canadians on the track again today so let’s get to the action.

It was American Thanksgiving and we got invited to the MTF dinner. Thanks for a delicious meal, MTF.



These big week-long amateur national events get pretty tiring as the week rolls on. I can’t wait for the massive ‘Faces at the Races’ we’ll be able to post when we get home from this one.


Double decker golf cart. What a great idea!


#46 Marco Cannella was in the very first moto today. In typical Canadian fashion, he let everyone else take their gate first. He drew 41st pick and had to start from way out in the rhubarb. That’s him wayyyy over there on the right.


He actually managed to make it up to 4th spot but then got t-boned and fell way back. He was able to make it back to 18th in the first 250 B Ltd. heat.


#553 Nick Denniston was happy to be on the mx track. He got off to a bad start in the first 250C Ltd. heat and fought hard to keep moving forward. He made it up to 19th.


I missed #14X Kai Saarela from Utopia, Ontario, during the SX portion of the week. He was out in the 85 (9-11) Ltd. 3rd heat today and placed 23rd.


#494 Thomas Rendall was in the same heat and placed 13th.


#424 Austin Watling was up to his winning ways again today. Here’s a look at his inside pass to take 2nd place in the 250 C Ltd. heat 4.


He went on to take a convincing win and got his face time with Motoplayground.


#110 Emma Saarela staying pretty relaxed before her Girls (12-16) first moto.


Considering she was lined up elbow to elbow with Hannah Hodges!


Emma blasting off beside some heavy hitters in the Girls class.



She did well and took 15th place.


“Whatcha doin’, Spanky?” “Bug huntin’!”


#161 Ben Mistelbacher hit the track in the 51 (7-8) Ltd. class today. He finished 11th in heat 1.


It’s almost as if #667 Ty Kirby and #21 Carter Stuart got together to make things easier on me in this 51 (4-6) Ltd. moto.


Ty finished in 26th spot.


And Carter dropped back to 32nd.


#101 Matthew Cemovic put in a good run in the first 85 (12-13) heat and finished 13th, right on a nice group of riders.


Young Ty Masterpool was at it again today and slammed his Yamaha all over the place for a win in the class.


Marco grabbed a 14th in the first Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C heat.


450 A first moto blasts into the first corner.


#214 Austin Forkner and #83 Lorenzo Locurcio put on a great show in the 450 A first moto. Forkner held on for the win.


I wish I could describe just how perfectly crisp and relatively quiet this KX500 sounded. It was music to the ears.


#29 Henry Miller had an off race in his FXR gear and finished back in 26th.


The Women’s (14+) first moto was dominated by #33 Kylie Fasnacht.


#16 Krista Casselman finished in 29th spot in some very tough company.


Since Mitch Goheen didn’t get to hit the track today, here’s a nice shot of him to close this photo report. Only two more days of competition left.