#84 Tanner Ward to Race 250 Class in 2023

By Billy Rainford

Tanner Ward WLTN Kawasaki Seven motocross
Tanner Ward to the 250 class for 2023. | Bigwave photo

At the team shoot for the WLTN Kawasaki Seven MX racing team on Tuesday at Walton Raceway, it was learned that #84 Tanner Ward will drop back down to the 250 class for the 2023 Canadian Triple Crown Series.

Tanner moved up to the 450 class for the 2022 season and was going to stay there with teammate #20 Jeremy McKie while #891 Justin Bogle would race the 250 class for the team.

Unfortunately, Bogle’s injury will have his struggling to get back into race condition in time for the start of the season at RAD Torque Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta, on June 3rd.

With the team needing to field a rider in each class, they decided to move Tanner to the 250 class for the season.

The plan is to have Justin come to Canada when he is fully ready and then decide which class to have him race depending on what the team may need at that time.

Tanner Ward WLTN Kawasaki Seven motocross
Tanner was 3rd in Triple Crown points in the 250 class in 2021. | Bigwave photo

Tanner finished 4th in the 2021 MX season on a 250 and took wins at the first two rounds. He was 5th in the SX/AX portion of the series with one win, placing him 3rd in Triple Crown points.