Al Dyck Going Racing with Benek and Davies in 2024

By Billy Rainford

Al Dyck is going Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals racing with #17 Julien Benek and #29 Blake Davies in 2024.

Al Dyck with 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 Champion, Jake Piccolo. | Bigwave photo

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” ~ Godfather III

I reference that corny Godfather III line here because, like most, I thought his MVP Sky Racing Team was going to be another casualty in a long list of casualties heading into the 2024 Canadian Triple Crown Series Motocross Nationals. And to be honest, it very nearly was! Here’s the story:

In case you didn’t already know, Al Dyck is one of Canada’s all-time MX greats. He’s a former National Champion and it can be said that he had more natural talent than the Canadian GOAT, Ross ‘Rollerball’ Pederson, who he had to go up against his entire career. And like all of us, once this sport gets in your blood there’s no cure for you – you’ve pretty much had it. You’re in.

Al still enjoys being in and around the sport and his teams have been great additions to our series, culminating in that 250 MX Championship with Jake Piccolo back in 2021. And here’s where it gets interesting because Jake was the catalyst for Al’s return in 2024.

After Julien Benek‘s announcement on Instagram on Wednesday (see below) we wanted to get in touch with Al to get the full story, so that’s what we did this morning.

I mentioned Jake because he was in Al’s shop getting suspension done on a 2021 Yamaha. Al enjoyed his time working with the Piccolo family in 2021 and so a lightbulb went off. He mentioned to Jake that he had a 2023 race bike still from last season.

Jake was interested and so Al contacted his Kawasaki dealer in Manitoba first.

It just so happened that Al also had the suspension of one of the guys from International Motorsports in Langley, BC in his shop to work on and mentioned Jake. His response was, “Ooh, let me know!

Unfortunately, Jake’s shoulder is still an issue and he will likely need surgery to get himself back to 100%. They decided it wouldn’t make sense to try to race the Nationals on a team in this condition and so they were forced to leave the talks at that point.

#29 Blake Davies returns in 2024. | Bigwave photo

Al was back in the game and came up with a plan to have BC riders #29 Blake Davies on the 250 and #17 Julien Benek on the 450, both on Husqvarnas from International.

Blake will run Fox gear and Julien will be in his OG’s.

Blake (now 6’4″ 190 lbs) will be helped out by his dad, Brandon Davies, and Julien will have his dad, Oliver Benek, working with him. Al plans on being at half the rounds himself and will try to get someone (hint, hint) for the eastern rounds he can’t attend. They will be in Al’s trailer and Brandon’s truck to get to the races.

Right now, Blake has been training down in California and Julien is getting ready for the last 2 rounds of Monster Energy AMA Supercross in Denver and Salt Lake City on his current ride in the 250 West class.

Julien will also be at the opening round of the Future West Moto BC Championships at Whispering Pines in Kamloops on his new Husqvarna April 20-21.

Blake will be racing at Horn Rapids MX this weekend racing their Loretta Lynn’s qualifier.

Al ended our conversation stating that he would love the chance to get to go racing again with Jake Piccolo in the future.

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