Daniel Elmore Club MX 2023
Catching Up with #25 Daniel Elmore. | Steve Simms photo

Catching Up with Daniel Elmore | TLD Moto

By Billy Rainford

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#25 Daniel Elmore is from Telkwa, BC and raced the Canadian Triple Crown Series the past year as a full-on privateer. He travelled to the races with his younger brother, Orrin Elmore. Orrin was an Intermediate and Daniel would help him with his races and Orrin would reciprocate for Daniel with his. Daniel just signed with Steve Simms and his TLD SSR GasGas team to race the 450 class for 2023, so things are changing fast for the hard-working BC rider. We caught up with him at Club MX to get his thoughts on what it all means to him and his racing.

Daniel Elmore Drumheller 2022
Here’s what Daniel had to say from Club MX in South Carolina. | Bigwave 2022 photo

Direct Motocross: Congratulations on signing with the TLD GasGas SSR team for 2023! Before this all came together, can you remind us what your racing plan was? Who were you with and how were you doing the Canadian Triple Crown Series?

Daniel Elmore: Thanks, Billy! Yah, before this my plan was pretty much the same as last year. I was getting support from Cycle North as well as some corporate sponsors. The complicated part was that my brother (Orrin Elmore) wanted to race pro day this year so he couldn’t mechanic. The plan was for one of my older brothers to fly out for a few eastern rounds and then just manage the rest myself, which probably would’ve been brutal. Haha. Glad that’s not the case anymore.

So, what does this mean for your brother? In the past, you guys travel together and help each other out. Will that still be the case?

Not sure as of yet. We’re going to see how he does in the western swing and go from there I think.

Daniel Elmore Orrin River Glade 2022
Daniel and his brother, Orrin Elmore, at River Glade in 2022. | Bigwave photo

I know Steve or his father-in-law Yuri do a lot on the team, but do you know who your mechanic is for the year yet?

Not sure yet on this one.

What did you do with the bike and stuff you had?

Well, I currently have 2 2022 450’s for sale. Haha.

When did you start talking with Steve Simms? Did he contact you or were you putting feelers out?

Last fall I was going around trying to contact teams but by the time January rolled around I kind of figured it wasn’t going to happen. It was probably about 2 weeks ago now, Steve texted me and asked if he could give me a call. He said he was looking for a 450 rider and could have the bike down here in just over a week. It didn’t take me very long to decide. Haha.

Last year, and the year before, actually, you put in some solid rides with good finishes. Were you surprised you hadn’t been approached before this?

Yes and no. I did some solid racing but wasn’t that well known, and lots of the teams already had good riders lined up.

You showed you had the speed last year, especially when you went from being down in the first turn at Walton 2 up to 4th place. Were you surprised by that result or is that where you think you belong?

Yes, I’d say I was surprised, but for me it was a pretty rough year with injuries and such, and that was when I was feeling my best for sure.

You were already down at Club MX when we got this news. How are you getting used to the GasGas MC450? Have you got it feeling like home yet?

I’ve only got 3 days on it but it’s already feeling pretty good! Obviously, a few tweaks here and there but for the most part I’m really impressed with it.

Tyler Gibbs Daniel Elmore Club MX
#22 Tyler Gibbs will race the 250 class with Daniel on the 450. | Steve Simms photo

How has the training been going with your teammate, Tyler Gibbs?

Only half way through the first week but so far really good. He’s been pretty helpful with the bike and stuff as he’s been on it for a while.

Mike Bonacci and the gang down there at Club really speak highly of you, your speed, and your work ethic. We were all really going to bat for you this season. Where do you feel you’ll slot in in the 450 class this upcoming season?

I don’t want to set too high of expectations right now. I think if I can consistently place in or around the top 5 I’d be pretty stoked with that.

And what are your thoughts on racing Supercross? Are we going to see that happen any time soon? Do you hit the SX track there?

I’m not focused on that right now, but if the opportunity comes up in the future I would definitely give it a try.

Daniel Elmore Club MX
Daniel will continue his preparation at Club MX until mid-May.

How long will you stay there before heading home? Is that where the team is meeting for all your testing etc.?

I will be here until mid-May, I believe. Yes it is, Steve is here now helping us get the bike dialled in.

OK, well, I really wanted to reach out and have a quick chat with you and congratulate you. Your hard work has paid off and you’ve got a great opportunity this season. Good luck, and who would you like to thank? And I’ll see you in a couple weeks after Daytona.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. Obviously, TLD GasGas and Steve Simms for the opportunity and giving me a chance like this. And everyone whose helped me out in the past, from Ryan at Ken’s Marine in my Yamaha days to recently Kourtney Lloyd and Cycle North, as well as my dedicated fan base from back home. I can’t thank them all enough! Thanks again, Billy, see you in a few weeks.

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