Catching Up with…Dave Blanchet

By Billy Rainford

If you were looking for a Canadian rider to cheer for in the Eastern rounds of Supercross this past season, your eyes would have been focused on Quebec rider, #418 Dave Blanchet. Dave has been a Pro rider for a few years now and has always wanted to give Supercross a try. He got his dream this winter with the PR-MX team. It didn’t start off very smoothly, but he got more and more comfortable as the season moved along. We grabbed Dave for a conversation now that he’s had a little time to reflect on the season.

Dave Blanchet

We talk with Dave Blanchet about his 2016 Supercross series. – Bigwave photo

Hello, Dave. First, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Dave Blanchet: My name is Dave Blanchet, I’m 22 years old. I’m from St-Apollinaire. It’s a small town near Quebec City. Have been a professional Motocross pilot for the past 5 years. Throughout the years, I have been competing in many championships in Canada and the United States in outdoor as well as indoor circuits. This is the 4th year in a row that I won the outdoor series Challenge Quebec. Last year, I also won the first place in the Arenacross Quebec series. As for races in the US, last year I raced the AMA Arenacross and I have finished 6th place.
My objectives for 2016:
–    Participate in the biggest American series: AMA Supercross
–    Defend my champion title for Challenge Quebec
–    Reconquer my championship title for Arenacross Quebec

We’ve known you for a few years now. I really noticed you back at Walton when you scrubbed the step down. Have you always enjoyed jumping? Is that your favourite part about riding?

Yes, I always enjoy jumping. ‘Whip Boy’ is my nickname.

 - Bigwave photo

Dave’s nickname is ‘Whip Boy.’- Bigwave photo

You’ve been racing the Quebec Arenacross series. Was your goal always to try Supercross in the USA?

My goal was to go to Supercross. It was a dream.

How did this opportunity to race in the USA come about?

The Team PRMX is very present in USA race. Julien (Perrier) asked me if I wanted to go race in the USA, and I said yesssss!!!!

You originally wanted to race 450 but were told you had to race 250. Can you explain this process? What happened?

Because it’s was my first year in Supercross, you have to start in 250f and if you are good you can go in 450f. So I did Atlanta in 250f and the next week in Daytona I switched to 450f.

Dave Blanchet Atlanta

He raced the 250 class in Atlanta before moving up to his preferred 450 class for Daytona. – Bigwave photo

You raced 1 250 SX and then were allowed to race 450. Did people call the CMA and vouch for you or why were you allowed to race 450 the next time?

I did good time in Atlanta, so Julien called the CMA after the first Supercross and asked if I can go in 450f and they said yes.

What is the most difficult part about racing SX?

The most difficult part about racing SX, it’s finding a place for practice. In Quebec we don’t have SX tracks.

What did you learn?

I learned how to do whoops.

What would you do different if you could do it over again?

Try more.

What is the toughest part on a Supercross track for you?

It’s the big triple.

Dave Blanchet Toronto 2016 Crash

Advice to anyone who is thinking about racing Supercross? “Don’t be scared to do BIG BIG jumps, BIG BIG whoops and BIG BIG walls.” – Bigwave photo

Were you surprised at how fast everyone was?

Yes, it’s the big class and everybody is good and fast.

If others are thinking of trying SX, what advice would you give them?

Don’t be scared to do BIG BIG jumps, BIG BIG whoops and BIG BIG walls.

Now you’ll race the Quebec Arenacross series, right?

Yes, I’ll do SXQC. It’s the Quebec Arenacross Series. I’ll do the outdoor Quebec series, Challenge Quebec and National.

What is that series like?

The arenacross series in Quebec are small but they are fun and good practice.

I see Tim Tremblay is racing that series this year. Who will be the toughest competition for you? Tim? Karl Normand?

I don’t know…they are fast but I’m faster.

Is your plan to go back to race Supercross next winter?


It was fun to watch you try SX this year. Good luck in Arenacross. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you. I’d like to thank:
My dad, my girlfriend and my friends.