Catching Up with Tommy Dallaire

By Billy Rainford

It was Week #40 for the Frid’Eh Update a few weeks ago, but we were unable to get in our interview done with #40 Tommy Dallaire that week, so we tracked him down and spoke with him after his official week.

#40 Tommy Dallaire.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Tommy. Thank you for taking some time with us this week. For starters, can you tell everyone how old you are, where you’re from, and how you got started racing motocross?

Tommy Dallaire: Hey, Billy, thanks for having me. I am 26 years old and I’m from Saguenay, Quebec.

First, my dad was racing in his young time and still today for fun, big fan of motocross. I got the chance that he shares the passion with me, so I started at a very early age to ride for fun at home and in the trails. I was doing a lot of mountain biking at that age and one of my best friend, Marc-Olivier was racing motocross. One time he brings me to the track and his dad told me I should come race a regional race at the weekend, I was 10 years old, racing 65cc. Since that day, me and my dad never miss a weekend of racing and I turned Pro in 2016.

You didn’t chase the entire series out west this summer. What is it that’s keeping you busy these days?

Some personal reasons and It cost a lot of money for me to go West from Quebec. I decided to stay on the East Coast and put practice time on those sand tracks.

Tommy has always been a styish rider and was a definite favourite of Jeff McConkey.

You raced the last few in the east though. How did those all go for you?

Not very well, bad starts and I was not my riding like myself.. It was a season of learning for me. I’ll be back better next year.

Will you ever head out west again or are those days behind you now?

I missed two years in a row, but yes, I wish.

After our series ended, you headed to held Dylan Wright at Budds Creek. How did that come up and how did it go?

Dylan is one of my very good friends for a couple years, and his wife, Jade. I got the chance to meet his beautiful Wright family, and now I feel like I am part of it.

It sounds like we’ll have Tommy for the entire MX series in 2024.

It was an amazing opportunity to come with him to help and support. Dylan is like my brother and he was super cool to see him race with the top guys in the world. He put some very good laps but had some mechanic problems… Part of the sport.

How did your Quebec racing go this summer?

I only did some regional races and it went really good. It’s always so fun to race where I started and to have my friends and family with me.

And you raced the first SX round at Gopher Dunes. Can you tell us how that went? 

Yes, but It was a bad weekend. I struggled with no time on a SX track and no SX suspension. 

What will you do over the winter months?

I’ll be working, gaming, running, cycling, snowboarding, playing and watching hockey and basketball.

How about next season? Any plans there yet?

My plan in 2024 is to chase the entire series in 450 class. But I don’t know yet about SX/AX.

OK, Tommy, thanks for chatting with us. Who would you like to thank?

I want to thank Fox Racing Canada and JC Seitz for all the support and got me looking super fresh all year! Oakley and Jake Trottier got me the best vision on and off the track. My family and friends for everything!

Thanks for your time, Tommy. See you in 2024!