Dave Blanchet Update

By Billy Rainford

Team Pr-MX Strikt Racing Kawasaki rider, #418 Dave Blanchet. - Bigwave photo

Team Pr-MX Strikt Racing Kawasaki rider, #418 Dave Blanchet. – Bigwave photo

He was all set to perform in front of his home country this past weekend at the Rogers Centre in Toronto when he got out of shape in the tricky whoops section. As he tried to get up on top of them in free practice, his front end dropped and he got out of shape and tossed over the bars.

The result was his left shoulder being popped out of joint (an issue he is quite familiar with). The Astersk Medical team was able to get it back into place at the side of the track and Dave rode his slightly bent bike back to the pits.

Dave Blanchet Toronto 2016 Crash

Dave Blanchet’s free practice crash that popped his left shoulder out of place. – Bigwave photo

When we visited him in the pits, he was sore but determined to get out in front of his countrymen and put the #418 into his first night show. As he was circulating the track in first timed qualifying, he slowed down in a tricky section and was hit from behind and shot off the track out of control. The impact was enough to send him back to the pits and out for the night.

He was in too much pain to even consider trying to get a fast lap in during second timed qualifying and the gang packed his things up and returned to the trailer.

We spoke with him this afternoon to see how he’s feeling two days out:

“Not too bad. My body is all right but my shoulder sucks. I’m working on it.  I will be back in Indianapolis. I’ll stay focused and come back better. See you in Indy!”

Dave Blanchet Climax MX

Dave Blanchet (2nd from right) will miss Detroit this weekend and come back for Indy on April 9th. – Bigwave photo

Take care of yourself and we’ll see you back for Indy.

Dave’s sponsors: PR-MX.ca, Strikt, Ohlins, Novik, Bill’s Pipes, Goldentyre, DnD, Rekluse, Guts, Cycra, Elusive, True MX, Just1, Torc1, Pelletier Kawasaki