Faces at the Races | Deschambault MX National

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford (blame him)

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It’s time for some ‘Faces at the Races‘ fun from Round 8 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals and ECAN at Motocross Deschambault just outside Quebec City.

This week, I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Cornwall, Ontario, waiting for the #DMXVan to be fixed. As Emily and I were taking some time to travel around the Gaspé peninsula between River Glade and Deschambault, we could tell something was going bad in the rear left. I assumed it was a wheel bearing and figured I could make it home to London before getting it fixed. I didn’t want Emily to waste a day or two of her holidays looking for a mechanic who could do the work in a pretty remote area. What’s that rule about hindsight again?

Anyway, after leaving Deschambault and starting our journey home, I set the cruise control at a pace that seemed to be the best as far as vibration was concerned and started clicking off the kilometres.

It got dark and we were sitting at around 115kph when “BANG” the tire blew and the sound of metal on metal overcame everything. I maneuvered the van to the right, almost non-existent shoulder just as the semi we’d just passed wizzed past. It was actually a little crazier than I let on to Emily.

After about a 4-hour wait as trucks buzzed the side-view mirror, the CAA tow truck guy showed up. We got update texts about every 5 minutes as different drivers agreed to come and then cancelled. Not many people wanted to work on a holiday weekend at 3am.

When the guy showed up he said he was from Casselman. Of course, I asked him if he knew the Racines. He said the area was full of Racines. I explained the motocross connection and Stephan’s mechanical contraptions and he knew them right away. Small world. But no, the name drop didn’t help with the price of the tow.

Anyway, we found a place ironically called Direct Auto and dropped the car off there. Emily rode her bike around at 4am and tried to get us a room. Safety 3rd! When she came back defeated, we simply laid back in the van and waited for the sun to come up. It did.

Long story short (way too late for that!), Emily took a train home and I’ve been in this classic little motel called the Century Motel just down the street from the shop. I know this isn’t TripAdvisor but I’m just going to commend them on running a very clean and reasonably-priced little motel. If you’re ever in a pinch, this place will do the trick nicely.

Anyway, they’ve told me it was actually the brake calliper locking up and heating everything to the point the tire exploded. It actually ripped the fuel tank filler tube and cap right out and damaged the tank itself. An electrical connection was also torn apart as was some of the lining under the fender.

My biggest fear is that I’m going to drive away and still hear the sound of a crapped-out wheel bearing in that same wheel. I just had the brakes done last year! Oh, and there’s a bad CV joint in the front right that I’ll still have to deal with. I think the 330K is wearing on the old van to the point where it will have to be replaced for the 2023 season. Good times…

If you’ve made it this far, I’m curious how old you are. I can’t imagine anyone under 30 reading all that. Let’s get to the photos, shall we?

I have to start with this shot or Percé Rock in Percé. I was here on a family road trip back in the 70’s. I can’t see much difference in the shape, but I don’t think that hole was there!
It was fun playing full-on tourist for a few days. Unfortunately, it was the construction holiday so this little town was crawling with people so we headed out quickly.
We had planned on staying in Quebec City for the night, but then found out there was a STACYC ride planned for the kids at the track on Thursday at the ECAN so we changed our plans and headed to the track. How do you think Em felt about that decision? You’re close.
The expression on this young kid’s face was almost worth it.
Sam Gaynor and Jeff Gaynor were there, of course, to cheer on the kids.
I think this is Sam from a few years back, no?
As the late Teefus used to say, “People and signage…people and signage.”
I felt a little under-dressed but pressed on, regardless.
Checking out their signed posters.
The riders from the KTM Group were all there cheering on the kids.
Sign-up was busy. The kids loved it.
The Husqvarna steeds lined and charged up.
It was great to see Tyler Gibbs up and about after fracturing some vertebra in that River Glade crash with Devyn Smith.
Shutter dragging to show the awesome speed!
Michael Jordanesque.
And it’s Michael with the holeshot!
I like this guy’s casual style. It’s like he’s on his way to grab a sixer. King of Long Island? It’s one of those.
Try to lose the tongue style if/when you ever make it to the big track.
Getting “Giggy” with it.
Waiting less and less patiently.
That’s Head of Marketing Allison Thompson cheering the kids on.
Craig Rendall found himself with some spare time when Jeremy McKie got the call up to the Factory KTM team for the remainder of the season.
Jeremy made good use of the opportunity and led the second moto for 20 minutes, ending up 4th overall.
I already told the story of how #12 Julien Benek did this to himself on a 450. He’s confident he can run near the front when he gets the chance.
Can we assume this is not a board for the +50 class?
Chris DaSilva catching me catching him. Let’s see what his caption is. This isn’t as easy as it looks, ya know! LOL
There are a lot of upcoming pro riders’ kids who will be keeping legacies alive, and Talon Medaglia is one of them. He’s also good at hockey, so we’ll have to see where this all goes.
Hey Ryan Lockhart, we’re supposed to laugh at the XC guys’ (Guy Giroux here) goggle placement not the MX guys!
Don’t forget about #96 Crayden Dillon! He was impressive this week at the ECAN.
And that’s what #312 Isaak Guadagno looks like. These brothers (younger brother Alek is #27) have a future in this sport if they keep it up.
Guy cheering on his son while proving my goggle point.
I can’t help it, my mind goes to the SNL skits of Will Ferrell playing Robert Goulet. If you haven’t seen them, you definitely have to Google it and laugh along with me.
The gates on the outside of the doghouse basically point toward the road, so you have to angle yourself a little…
Dammit! If that branch wasn’t there, we’d have one of those Pablo Escobar sad memes, but with Logan Leitzel. So close. Can we still use it?
I always snag a few shots of Gilles Braun working the finish line flag stand.
Logan had a bike malfunction (header pipe problem that they fixed) so he took it to the streets looking for a ride.
#147 Hayden Jamieson waiting for his chat with Mathieu Gervais after a top 3 performance.
I didn’t know who the fast #454 was in the Intermediate classes until I read his back. Ben Leclair has really upped his MX speed and style on the bike. Watch out for this guy!
Sam getting the bossman, Steve Simms, up on The Gram ASAP.
#13 Daniel Elmore had some fun racing the ECAN and the Pro National. Well, the National was a rollercoaster ride, actually, but we’ll get to that.
We caught a little heat for this shot, but what do you expect when you put 62 riders on the gate at once?! Steve and I thought we were pretty funny.
That’s what #7 Bobby Gravel looks like. He’s another one to keep your eye on.
Yes Ben, that was a compliment!
It was great to see Jason Benny at the races again. He took the time to head out and cheer on the kids after a moto of his own. He was 2nd in the first PreMix moto but then his throttle crapped out on him and he took a DNF in moto 2.
Scott Lockhart was racing and took a pretty scary crash. He flew off into a gully and took the handlebars in the gut, leaving him pretty bruised. He spent the night in the hospital before coming back to the track.
Were it not for a slight mishap with another rider, #46 Tanner Scott likely would have gone 9-for-9 at yet another big amateur national. 8-for-9 wasn’t bad…
That’s #26 Ayrton Pomeroy with his dad, Chris Pomeroy, standing around chewing gum. “That’s a lot of gum!” (Seinfeld)
#58 Blake Davies is back in action after hurting his shoulder at Drumheller. He was sick early in the week but be sure to watch the front of the pack in the Junior classes at the TransCan next week. That’s where you’ll find him. *Cough* Bronze Boot *Cough*
#613 Cole Pranger is another young rider to watch, as is #111 Gavin Forsbrey to his right.
That’s Daniel Thibault thanking everyone for making this the biggest ECAN yet.
Nice crowd, and they got through it all pretty quickly.
There was an announcement of sorts that stated Ryan Gauld and his AMO Racing group will be taking over the technical aspects of the event for 2023 and beyond. The timing and scoring had problems and that one class had far too many riders in it.
I recorded Ryan’s slightly-lubricated speech, but I’m not sure I should post it. I’ll let him decide…
That’s Jacob Thibault addressing the crowd and hinting at all the changes coming for 2023. As long as I can keep my VIP parking…
Would it have killed me to hop the fence and turn the bars first? I need a bike with a banana seat, sissy bar, and ape-hanger bars in my life!
Kaven Benoit and Marc-Antoine Generoux after a 2-stroke moto.
It doesn’t matter how many times it happens or how old you are, doing well still makes a parent proud.
I remember when that smile was a weekly thing.
“Yarrrr, I be ready to pillage.”
Then Sunday morning came and Jeremy McKie got ready to show the team what he had.
Just one left, guys. Hard to believe, but I think our streak is going to make it!
It sounds like #533 Josiah Natzke and the PRMX team are considering having him run a 450 in at least the TransCan next week to help get him ready for Team New Zealand at the MXON. I’d like to see what he has against our 450 guys.
#26 Westen Wrozyna dropped down to the 250 class for the MX101 team so they had a bike in each class. He said he got punted off the track early as a welcome.
#44 Zach Ufimzeff had an off first moto but came back to run near the front in the second.
If I Photoshopped away the pit board, I’d use another Seinfeld reference where Raquel Welch didn’t move her arms when she walked. Anyone?
Tanner ran 9th and was the top Intermediate rider on Sunday. We’re hearing rumours for the 2023 season making the rounds…
#14 Quinn Amyotte had to be in a ton of pain after badly straining his hamstring in that weird crash last week in Moncton. He put the pain aside and pushed hard for 5th overall. Pretty damn good!
So, like always happens, you’re standing watching the top riders huck the big double at Deschambault when someone well down in the pack hits it too. This time it was Intermediate rider #315 Jordan Melanson from Nova Scotia back in 35th place hitting it!
Because Sam was at the podium after his PreMix race, he was late to the gate for the 250 Pro class and was way outside. Perfect for a 125 to sweep it and keep momentum, no?
The team decided to regroup with #138 Dylan Rempel and wait until he’s ready at the final round.
Fox product placement with Tee Perrot and Quinn.
It was good to see #27 Guillaume St Cyr racing his 350. He was solid in 9th overall.
Jeremy getting some advice from Justin Roney. Do you guys have batteries in those headsets or something?!
That’s always what you like to see on a pit board, or so I’m told…
He did.
I saw this on a few boards early on Sunday.
Business as usual for Justin Petker and Dylan Wright.
Does Donk think #3 Shawn Maffenbeier has the powers of a prism or a gaffer? Hmm, I like “The Gaffer” as a nickname for Shawn.
#17 Yanick Boucher was 9th at this point in qualifying but when the gate dropped he turned some heads and finished a career best 7th. Looking good, Yanick!
Ask Robert or Max Filipek how their week between River Glade and Deschambault went. I double dog dare ya! They had vehicle problems that make mine look pretty minor by comparison.
Great job as always by Mathieu going seamlessly between French and English on the microphone.
#1 Eve Brodeur did what she had to do going 1-1 and now has a 12-point cushion heading into the final round next week. “8-Time” has a nice ring to it.
Still getting around.
This doesn’t really show it but there were over 5000 people at the Pro races on Sunday. It was so great to see. 10 rounds in Quebec in 2023?
We’ll give Julien Perrier a break this week.
Their parents must have told them who he was… LOL
#211 Jack Wright heading up on stage. 3-2 for 2nd place in FXR PreMix.
I didn’t even do an interview with Kaven! Maybe he’ll show up in Walton.
Mitch “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” Cooke.
Got any more rumours for me, Julien?
That’s #198 Antoine Poirier nursing a bum wheel.
She did her job well, trying to control the mob trying to get good parking on the weekend. Wink, wink.
Speaking of rumours, wouldn’t #64 Ryder McNabb look good racing south of the border next year?
Tanner Scott getting the JSR Award from…JSR.
Like a bald man at a barber, “Can you just take some off the back and sides, please?” #123 Pier Luc Imbeault took a little off-track excursion and it took some time to dig him out of the bushes.
What a great story this was. Daniel blew up a wheel and just couldn’t push his bike to the line by himself so Logan Leitzel dumped his bike after he crossed the line and ran to help.
#991 Brendan McKee did the same and they got him across the line. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count as finishing, but it was still one of the best moments of the event.
Jess Pettis was there to support the team. He’s also finally back on the bike and has expressed an interest in being at Red Bud in the fall…
I don’t want to say the wrong cause, so I wont. All I know is that water was leaking onto the track in the afternoon and it almost bit a few riders. Oh, and how impressive was #34 Wyatt Kerr going 8-5 for a career best 6th?! Nice.
After leading the majority of the second moto, Jeremy found himself on the moto podium in 3rd with some pretty serious crowd support.
I never did find out Alex Parker was trying to write on Mitchell Harrison’s chest for the podium. The marker crapped out so it never happened.
It was also cool to see #686 Alexandre Morin on the line again. I think he said it’s been since 2017! He finished 12th.
Mitch Amyotte with his buddy Billy Turner at the line.
Getting #573 Chris Blackmer to his feet after that weird crash.
They actually carried him back to the pits. He said it was his ankle and he’ll likely get it checked out. Unless something turns out to be broken, I’m betting we still see him at Walton next week.
And with that 2nd moto win, Dylan Wright became the 3-time Canadian 450 MX champion.
The only things left to decide are the perfect season and where he ends up in 2023.
They presented the Schoolboy podium trophies during Pro Day but #111 Gavin Forsbrey was the only one who showed up, so he got all the hardware. LOL.
450 champ and likely 250 champ who should end up moving on to stiffer competition for 2023. This should be interesting. By the way, Marco Dubé was coming over to congratulate them in this photo. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you at the TransCan next week!