Faces at the Races | MX Deschambault

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech

Straight from the “Better Late than Never” file, it’s Faces at the Races from the ECAN and the two rounds of Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Motocross Deschambault.

Let’s get right to it before the TransCan starts and we’re even further behind!

The Burge family from the east. #161 Justin Burge was in a tough crash over the step down but should be fine for the TransCan.
I hope #474 Hunter Vaughan has also decided to stay west for this week’s racing. He really needs a solid week!
Nobody can mix French and English as seamlessly as Mathieu Gervais.
Melanie Harvey gives some encouragement after her moto.
Karel Benoit raced a 2-stroke all week and didn’t touch Vince Friese once!
Mine is iambic pentameter…
Yep, he’s doing The Leap again!
And so is he. He may even do another no-footer!
Christian Huber going old school.
JC Seitz going even older school.
Going over the data with #13 Brenner Lammens.
Speaking of Brenner, he and #27 Alek Guadagno are a couple youngsters to keep an eye on this week.
Chad is used to 100+.
It was great to see Jason Benny on the track again, even if we did almost get killed by a 50cc start…
Wondering if The Leap is doable on an 85…
Getting some delicate adjustments made.
Eve Brodeur cheering on her biggest fan.
Gilles Braun.
Buddy Ford may be the one who stole my Factory Pilots back in the 1980’s!
No, really, it’s a cat and it’s swimming! I’ll find it…
Someone needed to go up, apparently.
A classic.
Heal up, Keylan.
Apparently, I shot video AND photos of Jacob McKie pushing his bike across the line.
I hope you’re getting thiiiiiissssssssss!
Watch out for #164 Wyatt Kerr this week, too.
This guy may be a factor in how big Wyatt’s trophies are, though.
You have to take me…I’m a legacy!
Come on, mom, he’s taking photos!
Did everyone see how close Paul Kingsley was coming to getting run over, every start!
Winning makes you happy.
I dragged out the fast 50mm lens for a spell.
Burgers coming at the GDR pit.
Yanick Boucher.
It’s risk doing this at crucial moments. Bolts have been forgotten because of it…
Parker Eales making adjustments.
Tyler Medaglia.
Nico getting Jess’s bike ready.
Malia Garant has some of the best style on the ladies gate.
Can Sarah-Kim Villeneuve break Eve’s streak this week?
It’s a long shot, but she’s got the best chance of anyone.
It was great to see Kaven Benoit back at the races and having fun.
Darien Sanayei lands on top of the box.
Les ruts.
Andy Kerr.
Places to go, people to see…
Can someone talk to Julien about a new pit board?
“You mean this rock?”
Stone cold chillin!
My spider senses are tingling. Something tells me I should head over to the finish line...” Too soon?
Sam thinks about it.
Don’t worry, Jamie, the roller skates are in the truck and the doors are locked.”
Davey Fraser working on his Blue Steel.
No Blue Steel for Wyatt.
Marco and Seth Hughes over checking out The Leap.
I’ll just walk over here and cheer my son on…..ahhh, come on, Parker?!?!
Marco Dube.
OK, time to go pick up James at the airport. See you at the races…