Faces at the Races | Sand Del Lee National

By Billy Rainford

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It’s time for ‘Faces at the Races‘ from Round 6 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals from Sand Del Lee near Ottawa, Ontario. Long drive to New Brunswick this week.

I’ll sum up how this column works. I do something stupid like put a big rock in #141 Sylvain Brodeur’s manicured start gate, take a photo of it, and walk away. You get it.
Sylvain loves it.
There are a lot of ex-Pro riders being Moto Dads these days. That’s Guy Giroux and his son Maddox Giroux. You can tell Guy is an off-road guy, he’s got a kickstand and look at his goggles.
The future of Canadian Moto will definitely have the name Guadagno attached to it.
Matt Deroy making sure #445 Marc Dionne holds his stretch for the appropriate time.
Greg Poisson joins the long list of riders I’ve taken photos of sitting on this iconic SDL rock. I think a coffee table book may be called for.
Eve Brodeur holding the bike while Sylvain moves that rock.
Brandon Gourlay and Jeff Gaynor will be in the book. Brandon held off #26 Kaven Benoit in the +25 class on Saturday. Sure, Brandon was on a 350 and Kaven a 125, but it was fun to watch.
When Kaven packs his gate people stop and watch. It was great to see him back on the track. He had a blast on his 125 and took the FXR PreMix win on Sunday with 3-1 motos over Jack Wright (1-4) and Brandon Gourlay (2-3).
Doing it for the Gram.
Mitchell Harrison’s points lead is now down to 1 over Ryder McNabb. The 250 class is living up to the hype.
Scott Tokley grabbed the hose and got the start straight ready for the afternoon.
Someone remind me of this photo in 10 years, please.
#174 Zane Mellafont knows the importance of a rock shot.
OK, now we’re getting carried away, but that’s a nice one of #403 Rylan Foster.
It sounds like Charles Charlton is making some really good and positive progress after his big crash on Saturday. Keep improving, Charles!
Tough break for one of the maritimes’ fastest Intermediate riders. #474 Hunter Vaughan had a motor go on him Sunday morning after winning the Open Int. class on Saturday. Hopefully, he’s got it ready for this week at his “home” race.
A little reflex/focus drill before the gate drops for #9 Chandler Powell. It worked.
The 6-time champ Colton Facciotti getting his flip flops dirty for Keagan Facciotti.
When big strap meets small helmet.
I don’t have a “Leaning on this Tree” book planned, but if I did…
James Lissimore snuck onto our closed set and helped himself to some Pringles and a Coke. That comes directly out of our Craft Services budget.
It was great to have Mathieu Gervais do the announcing. We’ll see him again next week at the ECAN and the Deschambault National.
#577 Felix Lopez paying close attention at the riders meeting. That, or he’s perfected the open-eyed, crouched nap.
Brandon Gourlay and Jack Wright ready for some PreMix fun.
Both of these guys would have their ups and downs on Sunday. That’s Ayrton Pomeroy and Sebastien Racine.
Dan Goheen in attendance could mean only one thing: #964 Mitch Goheen was home for a visit and doing a National. He was 32nd in the 250 class.
Something was definitely up with #533 Josiah Natzke last week. You could see in his riding that he wasn’t feeling it. Hopefully, he’s feeling better this week.
Westen Wrozyna is still all bandaged up, but that doesn’t seem to matter to him.
“Hmmpf, you don’t say?!”
He had to be proud of #92 Isabella Morgan’s 5th place finish last week.
Marc-Antoine Genereux really liked this tree! I’m kidding, Kaven must have been coming on his 125.
Wade Young’s Sherco ready for Outliers in Alberta.
Dylan Wright meeting a pet raccoon.
I think it’s only 6, but that’s OK.
Craig Randell had his game face ready for Sand Del Lee.
This was a veteran move by #46 Marco Cannella. Everyone was set to go out for 250 Qualifying and he just rolled up and took the inside…er spot from #33 Jeremy McKie.
We grabbed #281 Tanner Merrick at the end of the day for an interview. He’s from about as far away from here as you can get. Go find Dawson Creek, BC on a map!
#80 Mikael Savard and his dad are having a blast travelling the circuit this summer.
#146 Tanner Scott is the top-finishing Intermediate rider so far this summer.
Are you guys sponsored?
Quinn Amyotte is well on his way to another Most Improved Rider award at this rate!
Derek Medaglia knows his way around Sand Del Lee. We went out for dinner on Saturday night and his stories are always some of the best.
I told you his day was a rollercoaster ride. That’s a borrowed bike letting go.
I’ll take “What is something I would have seen in 2016” for $800.
Tanner Ward is obviously not going to get this reference but, “Let’s get physical…physical…I wanna get physicaaal...”
Oh man, best caption wins on this one!
I knew I’d start a firestorm when I said I didn’t know who #886 Alexandre Gougeon was. It worked. Lol He was impressive out there! And that’s what he looks like.
Joe Kremkow is one of the good guys over there at Partzilla PRMX.
Donk is supplying us with more than his share of “Caption This” opportunities this week.
After getting together with #991 Brendan McKee and flying into the woods, Derek Hamm saw the blood all over his shirt a bit later and hit the ground. He was found and got all stitched up. I’ve hear Breanna Rose took too many photos of it but I haven’t seen them.
Mitch Amyotte always in the running for “Most Stylish” at the track. He was helping out his buddy #591 Billy Turner.
I got into an argument with someone who thought it was as hot Sunday at SDL as it was in Manitoba. I told him he was crazy.
Scott in the doghouse. Remember when this thing was pink for MX Forum?
Don’t leave him hanging, Kaven!
Trevor Doiron waiting to see if he gets in as first alternate. He didn’t.
Mathieu got the crowd to wave to then see if they could find themselves in this shot. Thanks, Mathieu.
Sebastien was pretty upset with how that second moto ended in the last corner. Mitchell Harrison knew he had that moto won and tried to make him feel a little better on the stage.
Did you know that all 4 holeshots came from the exact same gate? William Crete did it in 250 and Tyler Medaglia in 450.
Kevin Tyler giving Dylan the Dale Argue trophy as top local rider.
You don’t see people running around shirtless with a carburetor in their hand as often as you used to. That’s Nick May.
Hey Logan Leitzel, see you at the races? Yep, see you at the races…