FIM North American Championship | Round 1 at Motopark | Photo Report

Photos and Story. by Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Yamaha Motor Canada

We were at Motopark in Chatsworth, Ontario, for the first round of the FIM North American Continental Championship this past weekend. I could only make it up there on the second day of racing on Sunday so my coverage is from the 2nd motos of each class, of which there were 22.

This event was an attempt to get some friendly competition going between Canadian and American racers and give riders another chance to get themselves in front of the industry and fans. Unfortunately, the strictness at the border kept American riders from venturing north for Round 1 and so rider numbers were low.

In fact, several classes were down in the single digits, but the racing was still good up at the front in most of them.

The fact that numbers were what they were had an affect on the payout structure for the cash classes. Promised to the Pro Sport and All Star classes was a purse of $5000.

We’re told the AMA and CMA rules require at least 5 riders to constitute a class and there weren’t 5 riders in the Pro Sport classes. The original allocation was $3,000 for Pro Sport and $2,000 for the All Star classes. 

We have been told that they paid out $3,000 which, again, we’re told, was more than they were officially required to.

Either way, it wasn’t the way anyone was hoping the first try at this event would go.

And now we’re told that the AMA with MX Sports and the CMA with Motopark have collaborated and have decided to not only payout the original amounts as if there were at least 5 riders per class, but they will honour results of round 1 should riders decide to head to High Point for Round 2. Good stuff.

Let’s have a look at the winners and some of the racing action.

Bill Petro was on hand with his Legends of Canadian Motocross booth.
I liked how they went through half of the awards during the lunch/track maintenance break. It made for an earlier end to the day.
Eric Schildt and Zeb Dennis were in charge of getting the races off the gate.
#828 Zander McLean from Amhurstburg, ON was the big winner (1-1) in the 50GP class that actually got to ride the entire track this weekend.
And #8 Wesley McLean took the 65GP class after getting around early leader #109 Cody Meatherall with 1-1 motos
And then Wesley went out and won 85 (7-11) on his 65!
#42 Dylan Graham from Stony Creek, ON took both 85 (12-16) motos for the win.
#164 Matthew Cole from Reeds Spring, Missouri, took the win in the Supermini class with 1-1 motos.
#713 Alyssa Cassidy from Baden, ON took the win in Ladies C 1-1 after making a late-moto pass on #966 Farrah Harding.
After #92 Isabella Morgan crashed hard over a big tabletop and taking a trip to the hospital, #12 Chelsey Hennig and #were looking 574 Hailey Belanger put on a great show in a battle for the win. Chelsey would finish 2-1 for the overall.
#716 Noah Larkin grabbed the holeshot and took the Collegboy class 1-1.
#828 Jadon Lehtonen from Tiny, ON won the Open C class 2-1 ahead of #716 Larkin.
#477 Tyler Hulley won the 250 B class (1-1) after a great battle with #338 Orrin Elmore all the way from Telkwa, BC who ended up 2nd with 3-2 motos. They finished 1-2 in Open B, too.
Here they are acknowledging a great race after the checkered flag as older brother, Daniel Elmore, watches from the sidelines.
#818 Davin Grose styled his way to the win in the 2-Stroke class (1-1) ahead of Jadon Lehtonen (2-2).
@209 Cole Angevine won +30C 1-1.
#713 Zeb Dennis put his YZ250 in the top spot in the +30 class (1-1).
#829 Chad Adams put a yellow bike on the top step of the podium in +40C.
#820 Ryan Bailey is still out there looking for my photo of the +40 class winner, #316 Michael Disimino. I’m sure he’ll let us know when he finds it…
#395 Jason Baird took the overall in the +50 class after moto 1 winner #26 Dan Tricco didn’t race the second moto.
Nobody was going to touch #1E Tanner Scott in the 250 A/B All Star class. He went 1-1 for the win ahead of #38 Seth Hughes and #221 Spencer Ough.
It was the same order in 250 Pro Sport.
Tanner Scott had a very sore ankle and so his dad, Jim Scott, went up for him and gave a memorable interview pretending to be Tanner.
#84 Tanner Ward showed up to lay a beating on the Open A/B All Star class.
He did the same in the Open Pro Sport class.
#200 Steven Azarkiewicz was stylish in 3rd behind Tanner Scott.
#991 Cruz Dougay ended the weekend with a nice burnout on the brand new stage. After his first-ever podium and burnout, Cruz would like to say, “See you at the races…

Full race results HERE.