Final Supercross at Gopher Dunes | Rules and Changes

Last weekend was the busiest I think I’ve ever seen at Gopher Dunes. People are obviously excited to get on their bikes and on a track. With the main track, pee wee track, beginner track, trails, the Supercross racing going on, and families arriving for Sunday’s final AMO race of the season, the place was an absolute beehive of activity on Saturday.

Well, things will be different this weekend. Read below form the MRC post on their Instagram page:

The final 2 rounds of the Rockstar Triple Crown Supercross series take place this Friday and Saturday at Gopher Dunes. Please make sure to read these important details below about the weekend:

– The track and trails are CLOSED on Friday and Saturday while the Supercross is running and will reopen for recreational riding on Sunday.

– This is a NO SPECTATOR event. If you show up to the event and are not a pre-authorized crew member you will be turned around at the gate. No exceptions!

– To watch the event, tune in on Fox Sports, RevTV or the Two Wheels TV app from your mobile device. This is the only way to watch the event.