Week #19. belongs to Partzilla PRMX rider Dylan Rempel from Aylmer, Ontario. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Frid’Eh Update #19 | Dylan Rempel | Brought to You by RP Race Performance

Frid’Eh Update #19 belongs to Dylan Rempel from Aylmer, Ontario, and is brought to you by RP Race Performance.

By Billy Rainford

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Brought to you by RP Race Performance

Welcome to Week #19 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update brought to you by RP Race Performance. This week finds me still in Kamloops, BC with my mom. I’ll be here for the weekend and then fly home Monday morning at the crack of dawn. With that said, I just want to apologize for my somewhat lax coverage of Canadian Motocross this past week.

Being that Kamloops is technically in a desert, it should be no surprise that the weather is dry here, but suny and 30C already for a couple days in a row is not a great sign for the wildfire season coming up. In fact, they’re already talking about one that has sparked up in BC. The snow pack is low as is the level of the Thompson River that rolls past my sister’s back yard.

I’d like to make the drive out to Whispering Pines on either Saturday or Sunday, but I’m not sure how that would go with my mom, so I’ll play that one by ear as the weekend passes.

While we’re at it, here’s the Future West Moto BC Championship Series (See everyone at the WCAN!):

Dylan Rempel from Aylmer, Ontario, is the first rider on our list who earned the digit. Every rider before #19 was a career number.

Dylan is an interesting case as far as progressing riders are concerned. He got picked up as an amateur in a program on the Kawasaki team when he was riding Superminis. It was a really cool program started to develop one of our up-and-coming superstar riders.

From there he got the chance to ride with support from the Canadian-owned Partzilla PRMX Supercross/ Futures team and live at SOBMX in South Carolina. Historically, only riders in the USA got these amazing offers. Dylan is a great example to younger riders that there is a future for young rippers.

He’ll race the final round of SX Futures at RIce-Eccles Stadium on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

I actually lived just down the road from the school back in 1995-96. It was a great time. I’d spend my winter days up at Alta and the summer days on the mountain trails up at Snowbird or in the valley on the road bike. I’d make the trip up to Park City, but never for the mountain slopes. Little Cottonwood Canyon always got the better snow. I would hit the trails and then soak up the night life. Good times.

Oh, I should point out that I could live there because I was on a run in Lake Louise, AB on the old highway that goes between Lake Louise and Banff and looked down the embankment and saw something that caught my eye.

I decided to scramble down the hill for a closer look. Sure enough, it was a camera bag full of equipment. I wasn’t a photographer yet but could tell I was dealing with some high-end stuff!

I packed the bad, hid it behind a tree, and finished my run back to my sister’s place. I was there for her wedding.

I grabbed their car and went back for the loot.

Before I left, I remember my dad saying, “Imagine if it’s a bag full of Hasselblad stuff!” DOn’t get ahead of me!

Yes, it was Hasselblad and a bunch of Carl Zeiss lenses and accessories.

When the word got around the village, people were offereing me their vans in exchange for the contents of the bag! I figured I’d better sit on it for a while and see what exactly I was dealing with.

I reported it to the RCMP and they did a search on it and it was mine!

My sister developed the film in it and actually has one of the photos on her wall here in Kamloops!

Long story short, I sold it for 7 or $8000 USD in Salt Lake City and lived off that for the time I was there.

Oh, someone backed up at a red light and wrote my little Dodge Colt off (insurance gave me more than I paid for it) so I joined the Utah crowd and got a 4WD Subaru Wagon to get up and down the mountain in.

If you look up “Fortuitous” in the dictionary, there’s an old picture of me.

Anyway, good luck to Dylan this weekend in SLC.

Here’s a look at Dylan’s 2023 summer in Canada:

His focus this summer will be on Loretta Lynn‘s in August, but we’ll see him from time to time at our races too. He’s in the middle of a very busy week, so didn’t have a ton of time to chit chat, but here’s what he had to say when we contacted him this week:

Here’s what Dylan had to say this week when we contacted him. | Tree Three Media A2 photo

Direct Motocross: Thanks for talking with us on what has to be another very busy week for you. As always, let’s first back up and talk a bit about last season. Your best result in the 250 class was a 6th at Sand Del Lee. How would you sum up your Canadian Triple Crown Series?

Dylan Rempel: It was pretty good. I had lots of fun riding at my place with my buddies all summer and just going racing on the weekends. 

Now that you’ve done all the tracks, what one stands out as your favourite and why?

Gopher Dunes. Just my home track. I grew up on it and I’m a big sand guy. lol 

Are there any tracks that you dread going to?

Yeah, I’m definitely more of a sand rider. I don’t really love the hard pack, but you gotta ride all conditions, it’s the same for everyone. 

Dylan also raced the MiniO’s this year in Florida. | Bigwave photo

And you did all 3 rounds of our indoor series too. You kept getting better as it moved along, ending with a 4th at the final round. How do you feel about your series?

It wasn’t too bad. I wanted to get on the podium, that would’ve been cool but came 1 spot short. I’m not really a big fan of AX but I’m just happy to ride my dirt bike anywhere and whenever. 

Did you and your family take any time to relax when the season was done?

None. lol We got back from Calgary AX, packed the trailer and went to Mini O’s and then from there went to SOBMX to start training on SX all winter.

You’ve been with the Partzilla PRMX team now for a few years. How have you enjoyed your time calling SOBMX home? How has the progression been coming?

Made some good progress on SX over the winter, now I just have to make even more for next season.

Dylan was training at SOBMX all winter but is at home now. | Bigwave photo

And you’ve been doing the odd Supercross Futures races since 2022. This year, you’re doing the entire series. How has that been going for you? What’s been your best ride?

9th at Daytona. I definitely should be doing better. I had top 5 times at Foxborough, but I just keep making stupid mistakes that are holding me back. 

Watching you, it looks like you’ve turned the corner from getting the obstacles to racing the tracks. How’s the comfort/race feeling coming along from your perspective? Do you feel like you’re charging more now compared to before?

Definitely. I’m starting to push harder through the rhythms. Everything will just come with time, hopefully. 

You train in South Carolina and the races are in Utah this weekend for the finale. Can you tell us what your week looked like this week leading up to it? Much riding?

I’ve actually been at home now for 2 weeks, but I’ve just been riding at my place the odd day when it doesn’t pour, there’s been lots of rain lately. 

What is your favourite form of off-bike training? Have you got the cycling bug? Road or MTB?

I don’t really got a favourite. I guess I actually look forward to riding my road bike most day, so I guess it would be road biking. 

And the announcement that PRMX is coming north is great, but your focus isn’t on Canada this summer? What does your summer look like?

I’m going to try Loretta’s for my first time. I just wanted to do it once in my career as this will probably be my last year racing amateur stuff. 

If he can limit his mistakes, he should do very well at the final round of SX Futures this weekend in Salt Lake City. | Bigwave photo

In my upcoming article on DMX, I’m talking about who may get 2nd in the 450 class up here. You’ve got first-hand experience with Mitchell Harrison, Aaron Tanti, and Josiah Natzke. Can anyone run with Dylan Wright and who do you have in 2nd place this summer? Let’s see if you have a future as an analyst. Lol

It’s all gonna be real close this year in the 450 class, lots of fast dudes, so I really have no idea where anyone is going to end up. I’m just excited to watch it. 

OK, so not an analyst. Will you head straight home after Salt Lake City? 

I’ll fly back on Sunday.

OK, good luck this weekend in Salt Lake City. Who would you like to thank?

I want to thank Partzilla, PRMX, Arai, Maxxis, Viral brand, Pure Adrenaline, Leatt, Odi, Firepower, TCD, Bills Pipes and everyone one else, thank you.

Hunter Yoder Not Coming to Canada After All

Stark Varg

Stark Electric Racing the Canadian Triple Crown Series?

Here’s the ruling is on whether or not Stark electric bikes can race in the 2024 Canadian Triple Crown Series Motocross Nationals.

We’ve been getting asked by several riders what the ruling is on whether or not Stark electric bikes would be allowed to be raced in the 2024 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals.

Kyle Thompson from the Triple Crown sent us this statement:

From the series stand point, we would love to have Stark involved and have racers on track, it would bring some great exposure to our Canadian series. But like all manufacturers there are procedures and protocols to go through as well as writing the electric bikes into the rulebook.

We think 2025 will start to see the first electric bikes race the Triple Crown Series!!

You can join the conversation on our Facebook page HERE.

OK, we’ll get things back to normal when I get back home next week. Thanks for reading and thanks for being patient. I’ll be at the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing Media Presentation over at Gopher Dunes this coming Wednesday.

Enjoy some Supercross stats as we head into Round 17:

Have a great weekend.

Hey, Dutchy, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo
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