Frid’Eh Update #2 | Marshal Weltin Interview | Brought to You by Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Race Tech
Week #2 belongs to Marshal Weltin. | Bigwave photo

This week’s DMX Frid’Eh Update Brought to You by Race Tech is going to consist of an interview with our old friend Marshal Weltin, who still held down the career #2 for the 2022 season, although we didn’t get to see him run it.

Marshal is recovering from recent knee surgery and is now a full-time member of the HEP Suzuki team. Let’s see what he had to say this week:

Here’s what Marshal had to say this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Marshal. Unfortunately, we didn’t see you in action last summer to run your now familiar #2. Did you miss your time in Canada and would you have enjoyed trying to put an end to Dylan Wright’s perfect season?

Marshal Weltin: I do of course miss my time up there. I had a great time. But I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to ride with HEP Suzuki in the states and that’s where my path led me! Dylan had a great season. 

You raced the AMA Pro Motocross series and finished 15th in the 450 class. Can you take us through how your season went? What was your best race?

Yeah, this summer was tough. Was different to go from contending for wins to racing for a 10th. I feel like with the amount of prep I had I did well for the season. My best finish was 10th at RedBud and I was really happy with that to do it at my home track!

Marshal finished 15th in the 450 MX class down south in 2022. | Bigwave photo

You had ACL surgery only 3 months ago. When and how did you injure it and how is/was the recovery?

I injured my ACL at the end of September and had surgery on Oct 4. It was pretty severe, I needed a full ACL reconstruction along with both meniscus. I’m back on the bike now trying to make it for east coast SX.. but the timing is tight. 

You signed on with the HEP Suzuki team this year. Did you know last summer, as a fill-in rider, that if you put in the work and got good results that a full-time ride was possible?

That was in our discussion when we started the deal.. so I’m glad we were able to reach an agreement together!

So, now I assume you’re racing 250 East SX and then 450 MX? Is that the plan?

For sure 250 east, but not sure for the summer yet!

Where are you based out of right now and how has the training been going? 3 months is incredibly short to be on the bike after ACL work. How did you do that?

I recently moved up to Fresno (California) where the team is based.  I was fortunate to get in with a really good surgeon quick and recovery has been great. 

Marshal is now teammates with Ken Roczen on HEP Suzuki. | Bigwave photo

Can you comment on what it’s like to have a rider like Ken Roczen on your team? What does he offer younger riders like yourself?

Ken is an incredible rider and teammate. It’s been cool to learn from him and absorb his energy a bit. He has been really easy to be around and very humble.

There is always talk about Suzuki not having the most up-to-date MX bikes. Can you comment on how the bikes are and what the support is like from the manufacturer?

I’m happy with my bike, I think it works really well!

Looking back at your time in Canada, is there a race or moment that stands out in your mind that you could describe for us?

Gopher Dunes win in the 450 class, for sure the highlight. Also, winning the 250 Triple Crown and SX championship was pretty special.

Well, thanks for taking some time with us this week, Marshal. The series in Canada definitely misses you. Good luck with your season. 

Good luck this season, Marshal, and thanks for the short chat. | Bigwave photo

That’s all we have for this week. Things have been pretty full out down here in California. I’m actually in Prescott Valley, AZ for some AMA Arenacross today. Canadians #500 Julien Benek and #518 Parker Eales are both racing.

Julien put in a late heater and qualified 11th and Parker was on the bubble but made it in with 32nd (they take 32!). Watch for some coverage of this race which is pretty hyped up due to a bunch of Supercross regulars showing up since Oakland was postponed.