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By Billy Rainford

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Week #24 belongs to Tommy Dallaire. | Bigwave photo

I’m somewhere between Regina, SK and Pilot Mound, MB as this Frid’Eh Update brought to you by Yamaha Motor Canada hits the internet. James Lissimore and I decided to hit the mountains for a couple more days before venturing out in to the prairies for this week’s round of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals.

To be honest, I thought Drumheller was more north than east of Calgary and didn’t realize just how much backtracking we were actually doing. Oh well, a couple rides on the bike path between Banff and Canmore more than made up for it!

I’ll talk more about last week’s racing later, but Week #24 goes out to Tommy Dallaire from Quebec. Tommy was all set to race the entire series this summer and was excited to go coast to coast again. Unfortunately, an injury will keep him away from the races until we head east next month. We talk about that later, too.

Let’s have a look at his 2021 season:

20th 21st   12th 18th 11th 9th 18th 7th 9th 8th 7th 171 (-311)

Here’s what Tommy had to say this week when we got in touch with him:

Here’s what Tommy had to say this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Tommy. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen you here at the Nationals yet, but we’ll talk about that later. Let’s first back up to last season where you finished 11th overall in 450 Triple Crown points. Can you take us how the MX portion went for you? Your best overall finish is 9th.

Tommy Dallaire: Struggled with my starts but It was a good year for me. Top 10 was a goal. I’m happy with my results. 

And then in SX you finished 8th. How did that go for you?
Good but not where I wanted to be.

I need to work on my whoops skills…

What did you get up to when the series ended?

Free riding, mountain biking, road biking, running, basketball, having fun.

What is it you do for work when you’re not racing?

I’m working at school as a cycle/running coach. I like to follow professional sports and players. I bet money on basketball, hockey, football, and baseball everyday.

Tommy isn’t out west as he’s getting his shoulder back to 100% first. We’ll see him at Walton One. | Bigwave photo

Were you able to get south this past winter? What did you get up to?

I was not able because I have no vaccines… I was working, training and waiting till the snow left. I started riding late because of the long winter in Quebec.

But now you’re not out west because of an injury. Can you tell us what happened?

A old injury back from 2017 in my right shoulder dealing with atrophy and a lot of pain. I’m doing physiotherapy and work to get it 100% ready.

How long until you’re back on the bike and when will we see you on the line?

I’m already back on my bike and I will be at Walton One!

Where do you see yourself fitting in in the series? There have been some great battles throughout the results so far.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but last year was a good improvement. I feel so good on my new bike and I can’t wait to battle again.

He’ll race the eastern portion of the MX series and then plans to race AX/SX. | Bigwave photo

Will you race the AX/SX portion too this year?

Yes, that’s the plan. I love AX/SX.

Do you have any plans to race AMA Supercross?

Not for now but maybe in the future.

Well, good luck getting back up to speed and fitness. See you soon. Who would you like to thank?

My family first, Fox Racing, ShiftMX, Oakley, CTI, Sosa Original, Esticky Graphics, Mecanique ADG, Ultraviolet Sports, Dirt Care, Guts, Mazda Groupe L’Ami Junior.

Round 2 at DORVA MX in Drumheller, Alberta

As we head into Round 3 this week at Prairie Hill MX in Pilot Mound, MB, here’s a look back on last week in Drumheller, AB:

Drumheller MX National Results and Points


William Crete Races First 3 AMA MX Nationals

Quebec rider #430 William Crete has always wanted to race south of the border at a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships round, so this year he decided to travel west and race the first 3. We gave him a call on Thursday to talk about how they went for him:

He’s back home now and will decide which race he’ll do next.

Unfortunately, the first 2 rounds of racing have taken a few top riders out of action. The latest to say he’s taking a round off is #11 Davey Fraser. Let’s have a look at who we’re missing this week:

Daniel Elmore Injury Update

Daniel Elmore injured at Round 2 in Drumheller.

#13 Daniel Elmore was coming off a very strong showing at Round 1 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC where he finished 9-5 for 5th overall in the 450 class.

Coming into Round 2 at DORVA MX in Drumheller, AB, the Telkwa, BC rider was looking to build on that solid performance. Unfortunately, just past the 10-minute mark of the first moto – they were running a 3 X 15:00 moto format – Daniel failed to come around again while he was running up in around 7th place.

Daniel said he got thrown off the bike and to the ground in the left-hand sweeper before the finish line and hit hard on his left shoulder. After going to the local hospital it was determined that he had separated his shoulder, once again; he did that shoulder twice last season.

He’ll miss this upcoming round in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, but says he’ll be back on the line when the series heads east to Walton Raceway #1 on July 3rd.

Heal up, Daniel, the 450 class needs you.

*UPDATE UPDATE: The doctors missed a fracture in Daniel’s collarbone so he will definitely not be racing this weekend. He hopes to be in Walton.

Brock Hoyer Injury Update

#121 Brock Hoyer injured in moto 2 in Kamloops.

#121 Brock Hoyer, the 35-year-old multi-disciplined rider from Williams Lake, BC, crashed hard in the second moto at Round 1 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC Sunday, June 5th.

Not many of us at the track knew the extend of what he was going through but it turns out that he suffered a lower back injury and went to the hospital in Kamloops.

We spoke with Brock this afternoon (Wednesday) as he was finally able to get up and leave his house. He said that there were 3 breaks in the 4 bones of the lower “cradle” portion of his spine but that it will be treated like a broken rib, meaning it will heal on its own without any surgery.

He said that when he crashed the bike “chased” him down and landed on him hard. He’s also feeling residual pain in his neck and jaw. He’s able to walk around but is not to bend or twist.

At the end of our conversation, he added that we may have just seen him race the last Pro National of his career. He added that he may have been more tired than he would have liked heading into that 2nd moto which may or may not have played into the crash. Either way, we’re happy the injuries weren’t any worse.

Brock will stick to being a moto dad and doing local races in the dirt and on his sled and snowbike.

Heal up, Brock.

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Jess Pettis Injury Update

Jess Pettis injured at Round 2 in Drumheller. | Bigwave photo

Just 5 weeks off wrist surgery that left Red Bull Thor KTM Canada rider #15 Jess Pettis from Prince George, BC working to get himself into race shape at Round 1 in Kamloops, fate was against him once again and he crashed at Round 2 at DORVA MX in Drumheller, AB.

When we saw the yellow flag waving early on the first lap of the first moto, it became apparent who the downed rider was as he was seen riding back to the pits.

Official word from the team has yet to come, but we have it from people close to Jess that he has indeed suffered a “broken elbow” and will be out for some time.

We wish Jess and the team all the best and will be sure to post a more detailed Press Release from the team as soon as we see it.

Brock Leitner in Drumheller.

The track in Drumheller also took our old friend Brock Leitner down in qualifying. He came through the fast little rhythm section and was kicked up and over the bars and down onto the hard ground. He was out for what people have estimated at around 45 seconds.

As we all gathered around to show Brock our support, it became apparent that the result may have been what we all fear – he couldn’t tell what his legs were doing.

As I stood just trying to be there for him and block the bright sun from his face, it was difficult to keep my emotions in check. Showing Brock I was there was important but it wouldn’t convey the right message if I were fighting tears. I stepped away and let a young medic take my place shading him.

Brock was taken to Drumheller Hospital where he was then flown to Foothills Hospital in Calgary. He’s been there in the ICU since then and has had surgery on his back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any feeling from a bit below his nipples down.

However, in true Brock Leitner fashion, he’s upbeat and working hard already. His parents family are with him and he’s been sitting up in his bed and working to regain his strength.

Now, the next issue is getting him back to BC where his medical insurance is based. Brock mentioned there may be a GoFundMe account starting to help get him home. They are threatening him with a $50 000 charge to be flown home. Maybe we need to involve the normal media to try and pressure the system to get him home. We’ve seen that done before with success.

We’ll post a link to the fundraiser if and when we see it.

I’ve spoken to him on the phone a few times and it amazes me every time just how positive he is. In fact, he even wanted to do a podcast to talk about it all. We decided it may be a little too early, but we’ll be keeping in touch with him and will let everyone know how he’s doing.

He’s happy to read messages and talk to everyone who reaches out to him, so don’t be afraid to.

There will be more riders on this list that I’ve missed, of course, so we’ll be sure to walk around the pits and update everyone on who’s in and who’s out.

With so many riders out, we’ve got another rider who’s almost ready to make his comeback. Check out this update on Sam Gaynor:

James and I are now on our way to the track in Pilot Mound. I’ll stop along the way to do a podcast interview with another Canadian who raced his first AMA MX National last week in Colorado.

Connor Stevenson has called Colorado home for several years, but you won’t find a more proud Canadian.

Watch and listen for this interview later this afternoon.

Noah Viney Training with Eli Tomac

How lucky is Noah Viney, getting the opportunity to ride and train with Eli Tomac in Cortez, Colorado?! Check out this short video of him dicing and trying inside lines on the champ:

OK, we’re going to hit the road now. We’re in for something we haven’t seen out west yet this weekend…heat and humidity. It’s been weirdly cool and wet in the west but we’re about to get a taste of the eastern weather on Saturday and Sunday. Gone are the days of sweatshirts, we’ll be trying to keep cool in Manitoba this week. With the forecast calling for mid-30C, it’s about to get real!

See everyone there!

Julien Perrier says, “See you at the races…I’m talking to you!