Frid’Eh Update #32 Presented by Parts Canada TransCan

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford


Week #32 belongs to Jared Petruska. – Bigwave photo

Welcome to the Parts Canada TransCan edition of the DMX Frid’Eh Update. Like always, this is the toughest week to dig for new information for the Update. We’ve pretty much been hunkered down here in Walton and have been going full tilt from 6am to around midnight every night. What I’m trying to say is this will be short and sweet this week.

#32 for 2015 goes to the friendly rider out of Alberta, Jared Petruska. Jared’s Pro season started out rough when he and his girlfriend, Dominique Daffé, had their bikes stolen just before the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals started out in Kamloops, BC.

Petruska only competed in the first 4 rounds in the west but we haven’t seen him since that ugly first turn crash in Regina. We caught up with him yesterday to see what he’s been up to and find out what his plans are. Here’s what he had to say:

© Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)

Here’s what Jared Petruska had to say about what his plans are. © Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)

Direct Motocross: Hey, Jared. How has your racing been going this summer?

Jared Petruska: I actually haven’t raced since Regina. I got involved in a first turn pile-up off the start of the first moto in Regina which resulted in a concussion, so that was the end of my national season. I was sitting 10th in points so that was a bummer.

What have you been up to since then?

I started riding again a few weeks ago and I have just been working and enjoying the summer. My girlfriend and I took possession of our house at the end of July so it’s been busy.

What’s next for you?

I am actually on my way to Utah right now to try and qualify for an AMA national for the first time and after this weekend I’m not sure what is next for me as far as racing goes. I have been cycling quite a bit and I am doing a Gran Fondo race in September. I would like to get into cycling more. Besides that I plan on just working and saving some money. Now that I have a mortgage to pay my priorities are changing.

What are your winter and 2016 plans?

I do not currently have any plans for racing in 2016. I definitely want to keep riding but we will see how the winter goes.

Who would you like to thank?

Big thanks to everyone that supported me this year: Bow Cycle North, Yamaha, Alias, Pro Circuit, Oakley, M7 Designs, Enzo Suspension, Mission Snow & Skate, Parts Canada, Matrix Concepts, Serve Pro, True Game Apparel, my girlfriend, and my Mom and Dad. Thanks, Billy, for the update as well.

Wow. Good luck in Utah Saturday, Jared. You’ll give us another reason check in with the live timing out in Utah to see if you make the motos.


This week’s Update is brought to you by the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway.

This week’s update is brought to you by all the Parts Canada TransCan and all the great people who get this amazing event going every year. The DMX van has been parked in the best spot in the entire pits all week, so a big thank you to Brett Lee and Mark Perrin for OK-ing that stealthy move on my part. You really couldn’t be in a more prime location. We can actually watch the racing action from a lawn chair under the EZ-Up!

Jeff McConkey

Hey, guys. It’s Friday again! It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the days till the start of the season and now Walton is already here.  We’ve had 9 great rounds from west to east, and now we are set for number 10.  In MX2, Kaven Benoit has been the best all season long.  There have been a lot of people bitching about him riding a 250 2-stroke, but honestly, I think he would still be winning on a 250 4-stroke. The rules made are not his fault, they just benefited him more than others. Everybody else had the choice of what they wanted to ride coming into the season, and they chose what they chose. I, myself, don’t think the bike should be in the class, but that is not why he is winning. It’s plain and simple, Benoit was just straight-up better this year. He is just so hot right now.

The big question now is who will replace Benoit on the KTM in MX2 next season? I’ve heard the names Shawn Maffenbeier and Dylan Wright. Maffenbeier would be my choice.  I think he is super-consistence and you know what you are getting every week.  The only downfall is that people think he is older than he actually is. Poor Maff started riding 450s when he was 16.  He is still a young guy.  I don’t know if he can win a championship, but he can definitely challenge for one. Dylan Wright has that ‘wow’ factor, but what comes with that is crashes and uncertainty. Dylan may be a champion one year, but that is still a few years away.

So, KTM has some really big decisions to make this off season. Either way, congrats to Kaven Benoit, his mechanic Jerome, JSR, Steph, Claudie, and Jay from Fox, as they had an amazing season.  This weekend will be Benoit’s last two motos on an MX2 bike.  I am sure he wants to go out winning.  Shawn Maffenbeier, Jeremy Medaglia, Jimmy Decotis and Blake Savage have other ideas. Here are my predictions for Walton in the MX2 class:


Jeff is picking Shawn Maffenbeier for the MX2 win this week in Walton. – Bigwave photo

Walton MX2

1st Shawn Maffenbeier
2nd Kaven Benoit
3rd Jeremy Medaglia
4th Blake Savage
5th Jimmy Decotis

In MX1, Matt Goerke has been Mr. Consistent all season long, but that hasn’t stopped Colton Facciotti from cutting into his points lead.  It’s really sad that Brett Metcalfe has had a few DNFs as he would be right there in the title fight as well. I don’t think I can remember our series, or any series, having 4 guys this far ahead of the pack. Let’s hope everyone can stay healthy during the off season and everybody comes back so we can do it all over again. Cole Thompson seemed a little bummed after last weekend, but with a little more fitness I honestly feel he will be swapping wins with these guys every weekend next season.

Goerke is already signed to come back for 2016.  Let’s hope Metcalfe has had enough fun to want to come back also. I may be a dreamer, but I keep hoping Mike Alessi and his MotoConcepts team comes back for a full season.  There are only 13 points separating Goerke and Facciotti with 2 motos remaining.  I don’t know who to pick because my predictions have been wrong all season wrong – Goerke and Jocelyn Facciotti have told me so.  Anyways, here are my Walton MX1 predictions:

Walton MX1


And he expects to see more of this in the MX1 class. – Bigwave photo

1st Colton Facciotti
2nd Brett Metcalfe
3rd Cole Thompson
4th Cade Clason
5th Matt Goerke

Women’s East Nationals

The Woman’s East Nationals concluded last week and Eve Brodeur is once again our champion.  Eve dominated the first 2 rounds and was the only person at round 3 that had a chance at matching JP Money’s pace.  Jessica Patterson showed up for Ulverton and showed all the young girls just how fast a woman can go on a dirt bike.  It was a pleasure to watch her ride and get a chance to chat with her afterwards.  I really hope she is not hanging them up for good, but if she is, congratulations to the GOAT of woman’s motocross.  This week at Walton, we have the woman’s east champ Eve Brodeur against the woman’s west champ Sara King going head to head.  The future looks bright for woman’s racing in Canada.  A big thanks to Sylvain Brodeur, Leah Clarke, Denaye Arnett, and Camille Bunko for doing an amazing job in keeping these girls racing.

MMRS Madoc National

MMRS National

Just a reminder, the weekend after Walton, MMRS is holding their annual Madoc National. Like I have said a hundred times, this is a can’t miss event.  John and Jean Maguire, along with their staff and crew, will give you an amazing weekend that you won’t forget. It is not often an entire town opens up their arms to racers, but the tiny town of Madoc continues to do this each and every year. I really hope to see as many of you there as possible.

I have to admit, that I am a little jealous of Billy heading down south to Indiana for the last round of the AMA Nationals.  I believe there are 8 Canadians and counting lining up on Saturday. That has got to be some sort of record.

That’s it for me this week. I’d like to send a get well soon out to Robin Hutchinson, and Brittany Gagne, as they both had nasty crashes at Ulverton and are on the mend.  Good luck to Jared Petruska who is racing the 2nd last AMA National in Utah this weekend.  A big Happy Birthday to Kyle Swanson. Kyle has been looking great on his new Devil’s Lake Yamaha and I would love to see him back next season. I’m off to Walton. Have a great weekend, and always remember to #smileforBC!


Get well soon to Brittany Gagne and Robin Hitchinson. – Bigwave photo

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. I’m sitting here trackside at the Parts Canada TransCan as I type this. I’m sure I’m probably missing a great race! Nah, I have such a plum parking spot here (Thanks, Bret Lee and Mark Perrin!) that I could probably just sit in this chair and not miss much of the action. I know that would be a lot easier on my sore knee!


Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway  (How corporate was that?!)


The racing so far at Walton Raceway has been as advertised. With a record number of entries – 784 – the atmosphere around this place is electric and the racing on the track has been amazing.

So far, it looks like #35 Joey Crown from Michigan is the odds on favourite to collect the Alpinestars Bronze Boot award as top scoring rider, but there are a few other riders who are right there as well.


#184 Tanner Ward could possibly take the boot if the next couple days go his way. Unfortunately, Saskatchewan standout, #56 Kyle Biro has not had the week he was hoping for. After starting the week with troubles in the first MX2 Intermediate mot, taking 27th, his second moto in that most-competitive class didn’t go any better. In fact, he tipped over, stalled his bike and couldn’t get it re-started.


After pushing it into the infield, he continued kicking it for several minutes before his parents arrived and they called it a day for that class. Rough start for the Intermediate rider who qualified near the top at the Regina Pro National earlier this summer.


Video Highlights


We’ve been picking a class per day to show video highlights of. So far, we’ve highlighted the MX2 Intermediate first moto and then the Supermini second moto. Today we will be showcasing the second Ladies moto.


The first race was a dogfight between the two #1s. 1E Eve Brodeur led from wire to wire, but 1W Sara King was right there on her rear wheel ready to capitalize on a mistake that never came. It seemed like Brodeur was able to get through the lapped traffic a little smoother and that kept King from pushing harder.


I think it falls within my job description to editorialize the little things I see during the day, and I saw some tension between the two ladies on the stage post-race. I don’t even think eye contact was made between the two, let alone a high five or a congratulatory nodder. Let’s keep an eye on this next moto to see if the two can make it exciting for the fans who are now pouring into this place.


Live Streaming Saturday


Don’t forget, you can watch all the action from Finals Saturday here at the TransCan on the internet. The Walton Raceway gang went through a lot of trouble getting the track hard-wired to the town’s internet to make this possible.


I know that whenever I tried streaming races live in the past, I spent most of my time apologizing and saying, “Annnd we’re back…sorry about that.” Hopefully, it goes smoothly and people around the globe can check out this amazing action I’ve been witnessing all week long!



If you go to the Walton TransCan website Saturday, you’ll find the link to the live streaming.



Arenacross Tour Canada


Rumours and speculation have been swirling the industry the past few months about an arenacross series that would span the country. Well, it won’t hit every province but it will hit London, Sarnia, Penticton, and Calgary this fall.


Check out this press release on the series:


[pdf-embedder url=””]


Brett Kissell Concert Tonight at the TransCan

Every year for the past few, Walton has been hosting a big concert on the Friday night of the TransCan. I seem to be in the minority that doesn’t ‘appreciate’ country music but it seems to be the genre that draws the big crowds. This year it will be Brett Kissel. Be sure to head over and check it out…just bring ear plugs or your MP3 player LOL

I’m going to have to cut it very short this week as I just missed a very close race between Tanner Ward and Jake Tricco in the Supermini class, and I hate missing even a single moto!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and be sure to stop by and say hello at the DMX van when you get here tomorrow.


Zeb Dennis says, “What’s that smell?!” and “See you at the races…”