Frid’Eh Update #34 | Chris DaSilva Interview | Presented by Leatt

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Leatt.
Week #34 belongs to Quebec’s Christopher DaSilva. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #34 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Leatt. We’re heading over to Gopher Dunes for Round 1 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series Supercross this morning, so we’ll keep this Update short…again.

Christopher DaSilva is #34 this season but a broken shoulder blade has kept him away from the races to represent it. I’ve known Chris and his family since he was too small to ride little bikes! Well, almost. He was definitely struggling to reach the ground when I first met him.

I used to travel around the big US Amateur Nationals with the Thompson Family, in my 1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon, or in the MX Ranking RV and I would see Chris and his older brother, Michael DaSilva, at almost every one of them. Actually, it was every one of them.

I remember at Loretta Lynn‘s back in 2010 when they’d set up a little kiddie pool in their pits. Throughout the morning it was great to cool off in and then in the evening it was nice and warm to enjoy an adult beverage in. It was a great system!

Anyway, he’ll be back on a bike pretty soon, we hope, and we caught up with him this week to talk about a few things. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Chris had to say when we spoke with him this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: OK, I’ve known you and your family since you were a tiny little kid. Let’s go back to the beginning and let me ask you how you and your older brother, Michael, first got into Motocross?  

Chris DaSilva: So, I believe the story is my dad got a PW-50 for my brother one Christmas and eventually started Ice Racing. As I grew up going to the races with my parents and brother watching him race I guess just got me going. Passion kept both my brother and me racing and we are still racing to this day.

What was your first race number and why did you choose it?

My first ever Motocross number was #118. I don’t really remember why I chose it but I do think Dylan Wright and my brother both had 17 and Mike moved to 118 and at the time my brother was my idol. 

You guys hit all the big US Amateur Nationals when you were younger. Is there a race that stands out as your best or favourite?

A couple races stand out, of course, but the GNC world championship at Oak Hill, TX! I believe one of the first times we got an interview! I had some extra motivation that weekend due to my dad saying if I got a podium I would get a Traxxas RC Car that I still have to this day with the champagne bottle and big trophy! 

His fist podium at Oak Hill in Texas was a great memory, and we have the photo! | Bigwave photo

Who was your biggest rival coming up through the amateur ranks?

Down south I have to say Jordan Bailey, but up here in Canada, I would have to say Tanner Ward and Marco Cannella! I probably could find some good pictures of wearing a Gold Bib at Walton with both of them on the podium with me. Haha! I remember some good battles with both of them. Hopefully, I’ll get back to that soon! 

It seems like it can be tough having an older brother do pretty well ahead of you. What was your experience like? Was it added pressure or was it a benefit?

I have to give a lot of credit to my brother being very successful ahead of me and paving a path for our name and being able to strive to do better than him! Of course, it’s been hard having a successful brother and sometimes falling in his shadows but I think I’ve learnt to pave my own path, and never really feeling pressured because of my personality some people might have felt more pressure than I would have, though. 

Was your goal always to get faster than Michael? Do you think you’re gotten there?

OH, HECK YEAH! Who doesn’t want to be faster than their older brother?! Ahaha! My main goals are to do really well at a National level! I’ve won my first Pro Championship in the provincial championship here in Quebec. Eventually, go down south do some AMA and do well there! 

The x-ray when Chris first broke his shoulder blade.
How it looks now.

Can you tell us about that ugly shoulder blade break that has kept you away from the races this summer, and how are you doing now?

Yeah, I sent you some pictures of the recovery recently. It has not been easy at all! A terrible crash with another rider… A situation that I couldn’t really control, unfortunately. I’m doing somewhat better. I hadn’t spoken much about it except for those who are close or ask about it, but at the time of the crash I blew out my knee, unfortunately. I saw my physiotherapist for the first time since the crash this Tuesday and as a result of the crash he seems to heavily believe I have what they call the “Unhappy Triad”! I still have some hope that it’s not true and am getting an MRI next Thursday (September 2nd)! I also saw my Personal Trainer, JM Training, and have been working on regaining strength throughout the entire body. A long Recovery ahead.. 

How old are you now, anyway? Will you be able to get back to some racing this fall?

I am currently 20, but I’m turning 21 on September 5th. WOOOOHOOOO! I really hope that everything turns out well and I end up being able to get back to some racing this fall. Just keeping my hopes up!

How crazy was that?!

What are your plans for the winter months? What do you do for work?

I still don’t know what my plans are yet. It all depends on what I get told in the upcoming weeks, but I hope I can go down south and train for some racing next year. 

As for work, I opened up my own clothing company. Right now, I’m in a small transition phase (Moving into the basement of my parents’ home for more space to work on my clothing company). I’ve got a pretty sick Fall Collection coming soon! Drt_apparel on Instagram! DRT Apparel on Facebook!

What are your plans for the 2022 season, assuming things get back to normal?

I’d really enjoy doing the National Series and provincial series. We will see with how much the National Series pays though because it’s quite expensive and for barely any payout! Privateer life isn’t as easy. It’s really all calculated but I would need to make enough money to pay for the next one . Hahaha! 

Hopefully, Chris gets good news about his knee and we see him back on the bike soon. | Bigwave photo

I remember at Ste Julie one year, your dad held out a pit board that said, “23rd.” I looked at him and said, “I’m pretty sure Michael is in 13th.” He turned and simply said, “Motivation.” What’s the best/worst pit board he ever flashed you?

One of the worst pit board signs I’ve probably gotten is something like not getting a pit board sign because the moto is going just that bad! For the best one, the year I won my championship, just coming around that last lap and seeing “2019 Pro Champion” on that pit board while leading the last moto of the year and seeing everyone clapping with all other mechanics on the side of the track felt amazing!

But gotta give it up to him, he’s the reason my brother and I are within the top 5% of motocross in Canada!” – Chris on his dad, Jay DaSilva. | Bigwave 2010 photo

Is Michael racing Triple Crown Supercross and if he does will you be there to help out?

Unfortunately not. I wish he was and I would help him out but he hasn’t practiced Supercross for a while now and wouldn’t want to risk no practicing and going out and doing the Supercross!

OK, thanks for talking with us and good luck with your broken wing. Who would you like to thank?

Honestly, the people I want to thank the most would have to be my family and girlfriend. Without them none of this would be possible! Especially my girlfriend for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel! Motosport St-Césaire, Kimpex, Leatt, Oakley, Axxel Suspensions, Smx Motocross, Kutvek, Amerika, DRT Apparel ( Yes, I sponsor myself ), Seco Seat Covers, and everybody that has helped me throughout the years, thanks a lot! 

Triple Crown Series Supercross Rounds 1-2 Schedule/Need to Know

 The track and trails will be open from 11am to 4pm Friday August 27th, Saturday August 28th,
Friday September 3, Saturday September 4th.
$30/Rider, $20/Spectator pass.
If you come to ride on the above dates – you will have to pay for your spectator gate pass on top of riding – get your tickets and more information here. Make sure you use the Promo code GDR15 for 15% off!   
Camping: *Pay at the gate

$25/Night for camping vehicles
$10/Night for extra vehicles on-site
*You will be parked separately from the camping area – plan accordingly.


* NO Pitbikes, cars used as pit vehicles
* NO Ground fires, they must be in a raised fire pits
* ALL Golf cart drivers must be signed in – $20/Wristband, must be 16 years of age or older, as many people as there are seats and parked at dark.
* Anyone riding the bicycle track, on a motorized vehicle, etc. MUST wear a helmet at all times.

All other general riding rules are posted on our website, please read through them thoroughly before you arrive.

Gate times:

Thursday – 4pm to 10pm
Friday – 7am to 10pm
Saturday – 7am to 6pm


* Our staff will park you after you check-in/get your wristbands.  
* Please do not block the fire hydrant/laneway, pull up as close as you can to avoid others having to park on the side of the road. 
* Anybody arguing with our staff over parking/rules will be removed immediately. No exceptions.

Raceday Schedule: 

Amateur Practice 9:00 am 
Amateur Heats 10:30 am
Pro Practice 12:30 pm
Pro Qualifying 1:30 pm  
Amateur Mains 2:30 pm  
NIGHT SHOW  4:30 pm 

A Few Videos from this Week

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Team Canada ISDE

Team Canada ISDE is over in Italy ready to represent the Maple Leaf with pride. It looks like we’ll be getting daily updates from the team through morning debrief podcast phone calls.

When they are done for the day, it will be morning in Canada, so we’ll be able to get caught up with how the previous day’s racing went. Stay tuned for that…

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Like I said in the beginning, we’re headed over to Gopher Dunes this morning for the first round of Supercross.

Will the 250 class belong to the veterans of the class, like #46 Marco Cannella and #84 Tanner Ward, or will the youngsters, like #30 Jake Piccolo, #18 Ryder McNabb or maybe #22 Tyler Gibbs, have their way with the field?

I haven’t seen the entry list, but we do know that #15 Jess Pettis will not be racing the series. He’ll take some time to let his injuries heal. Can #2 Marshal Weltin or #9 Dylan Wright, or anyone run with #1 Cole Thompson this season? We’re about to find out!

Here’s the LIVE TIMING link:

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We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on what’s happening from trackside and in the pits on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Be sure to check us out.

Have a great weekend.

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