Frid’Eh Update #35 | Taylor Ciampichini | Brought to You by Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Race Tech
Week #35 belongs to Taylor Ciampichini. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #35 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week brought to you by Race Tech. After a busy weekend last week in Alberta for the 2022 Red Bull Outliers event, we’re going racing at Gopher Dunes on Saturday for Round 1 of the Supercross/Arenacross portion of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series.

I’ll be meeting Greg Poisson over at the track later this afternoon to do a Preview Show. We’ve got a couple ideas to make it a little more fun than usual, so let’s see it this all works out…

We were concerned that the number of top riders doing the “indoor” part of the series was going to be lacking, but it’s looking like there will be a good number in Courtland, ON this weekend, so that’s great news.

With riders like #16 Cole Thompson and GasGas Cobequid Callus rider #229 Mitchell Harrison riding, it’s pretty safe to say that there will be some skill up at the front.

I’ll just throw these results in here to get you going from 2022 A2 to show you that we should be in for a good battle at the front with both of these guys likely riding 250’s in both classes.

I was at these races and when I knew Mitchell would be riding up in Canada, I paid close attention to these two. It should be good.

Taylor Ciampichini back in 2016. | Bigwave photo

Taylor Ciampichini from Barrie, Ontario, is the stylish rider who came up through the ranks and made it to Pro. He was always one of my favourite riders to snap photos of. His role at the races changed over the past few years and we haven’t seen him run the #35 yet this year, but there’s still time, Taylor!

We got in touch with him this week, so let’s let him tell us what’s going on in his life that has kept him from being on the gate repping the #35.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Taylor. You earned #35 last season but we haven’t seen you with the digits all summer? Why not?

Taylor Ciampichini: Hi, Billy. Yes, last summer was the first time I was able to do all the MX Tour rounds because it was only an east coast series. 

Honestly, I have been working around our new house as often as I could this summer and before I knew it summer was over… 

Let’s back it up to 2021 for a second. Take us through how your season went. Highs and lows?

2021 was all around a great season for me. I honestly don’t have many lows. I was just stoked to be at the races every weekend and stay healthy. Maybe a couple crashes I could’ve done without.

But getting a Top 10 at Deschambault and backing it up again at Walton Raceway was the highlight of my season. 

After a successful 2021 season, Taylor earned the #35 for 2022. No, wait, wrong folder… | Bigwave photo

What is it you do for work, exactly?

I work for Mike Jackson GM in Collingwood selling new and used vehicles to any of my friends, family, or referrals that choose to do business with us. 

Your dealership is pretty involved with the series, too, right? Are you the only MX connection over there? How did all this come about?

Oh, some days I wish it was my dealership, but Mike Jackson GM is the Official Truck of the TripleCrown series.

When I started at MJ it seemed like my main focus was to tie TripleCrown and MJ together because whenever I wasn’t in my office I was at the races. After a few weekends doing this, we were pretty shocked to realize the business we were generating from the races. 

Next, I set my mind to trying to figure out the best way to support the Triple Crown Series and after a few phone calls with Justin (Thompson) and Kyle Thompson, as well as conversations with the Jackson Family, we figured out a way to make it work for both sides since 2020. 

Taylor brought Mike Jackson GM into the Triple Crown family. | Bigwave photo

What are your thoughts on the 2022 Canadian MX season? Dylan Wright didn’t lose a moto and the 250 action was tight at the front.

I watched every moto on the Ryde TV app. I did have the honour to do some announcing as well. 

Dylan was dominant, but man I was so stoked on Tanner Ward‘s progress on the 450. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. 

250 class was very entertaining, lots of young talent. This year I feel like Quinn Amyotte had a killer season I’m super stoked for him.

And now we’re heading into the SX/AX portion of the series. What will your involvement be with that?

TBD, I am trying to be there….

2021 was the first time Taylor was able to compete in the full Triple Crown Series. | Bigwave photo

What about the Pit Bike races in Brigden next month? Is that something we could see the #35 racing?

This is something I should be racing…. TBD. 

I guess you’ll be back to the #259 for 2023. Do you have any plans on lining up again in the future?

You will see the 259 at the track in the future, for sure. 

What does the future hold for you?

My own wedding, my friends’ weddings, starting a family, and working lots. Haha. 

It’s never been about anything but fun and positivity for Taylor. | Bigwave photo

Looking back over your career, is there anything that stands out for you?

Thinking back now, while I’m writing this after my first full season off since I started riding in 2007, I can’t remember any bad things, only the good memories. 

OK, well I’m sure I’ll see you at the races very soon. Thanks for taking some time with us today. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Thanks for thinking of me, Billy. I’ve had a huge amount of support from friends and family over the years and I couldn’t have done it without them, 

And of course, 

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Final Round of AMA Pro Motocross Championship

If you’re not glued to a TV or computer somewhere on Saturday, you’ve got some explaining to do! Eli Tomac leads Chase Sexton by 1 point heading into this final round at Fox Raceway in Pala, California. Clearly, Chase is the next great American hope and Eli is finished racing the outdoor series after this season – there are reasons to cheer for both.

Bot riders have had success at “Pala” so I’m not sure who I give the advantage to. They have just shortened the races to 25 minutes plus 2 laps because of the projected heat. They’ve already shortened Pro Motocross races down from 45 plus 2! Yes, I’m old.Longer motos would probably favour Eli, so I guess if I were a betting man my money would now be on Chase to make up that 1 point. We’ll see!

The Moto Combine returns this week, too. We have #943 Noah Viney lining up to cheer for.

Fox Raceway Combine Rider List:
Eric Acevedo / Exeter, California / Kawasaki
Jace Allred / Riverton, Utah / KTM
Julien Beaumer / Lake Havasu City, Arizona / Yamaha
CJ Benard / Gilbert, Arizona / KTM
Dakota Bender / Winchester, California / Yamaha
Preston Boespflug / Battle Ground, Washington / Kawasaki
Dayton Briggs / Riverside, California / KTM
Jayden Clough / Elko, Minnesota / Yamaha
Trevor Colip / Bowling Green, Indiana / GASGAS
Ben Garib / Chile / Yamaha
Jackson Glathar / St. George, Utah / Husqvarna
Alvin Hillan / Visalia, California / Kawasaki
Aden Keefer / Hesperia, California / Kawasaki
Jaxon Pascal / Hudson, Colorado / KTM
Evan Stice / Carmen, Idaho / Honda
Enzo Temmerman / Visalia, California / Kawasaki
Lux Turner / Gardnerville, Nevada / KTM
Slade Varola / Simi Valley, California / Yamaha
Brock Walker / Joshua, Texas / Kawasaki
Kyle Wise / Modesto, California / Kawasaki
Noah Viney / Murrieta, California (by way of Ottawa, Canada) / Honda

There’s a reason to hang around in Ontario after this week’s Supercross racing:

FIM North American Continental MX Championship at Motopark | Registration OPEN

September 10 & 11, 2022

The FIM North American Continental Motocross Championship is next weekend at Motopark. Online registration is now open.   

Introducing the first ever FIM North American Continental Championship. This is a collaboration between the AMA, the CMA, Motopark and High Point Raceway. FIM North America is one of 6 Continental Unions accountable to the World Governing body of Motorcycling, the FIM based in Geneva Switzerland.

Championship Classes

  • Supermini
  • 250 Pro Sport
  • 450 Pro Sport
  • 250 B
  • 450 B
  • 250 A/B All Star
  • Open A/B All Star
  • Vet 30+
  • Vet 40+
  • Women

Entries for the Championship classes are done thru the AMA. You require an AMA or CMA competition licence. Your licence can be arranged separately or purchased at Round 1

Championship class entry fees are in U.S. dollars.

Register for championship classes:

Championship Round 1 – Motopark – September 10 & 11, 2022

Championship Round 2 – High Point Raceway – October 1 & 2, 2022

Support Classes

  • 50cc GP
  • 65cc GP
  • 85cc 7-11
  • 85cc 12-16
  • Open D (Beginner)
  • Open C (Junior)
  • Ladies C
  • Collegeboy 14-24
  • 2 Stroke
  • +30 C
  • +40 C
  • +50 C

*C – Junior
*D – Beginner

Entries for the support classes are handled by Motopark. No license required to register. 

Support class entry fees are in Canadian dollars.

Register for support classes:

Support Round 1 – Motopark – September 10 & 11, 2022

Transponder Rental

  • Transponder rentals available for $30 for the weekend.
  • Register online when you sign up for a support class.


  • An AMA or CMA competition licence is required for round 2 at High Point raceway in Mount Morris PA. should you wish to enter that event October 1 & 2.
  • Online preregistration only for both events. No post entry.
  • You can enter a support class as well as a Championship class.
  • Only the main track will be used this weekend. The Family and Mini Track are closed. Motopark is closed to practice riding from Tuesday September 6. There is no practice riding the week of the event. The track re-opens for practice riding Thursday September 15.
  • Information on entering a support class at High Point.

Motopark Rates

Entry Fees

  • Championship Classes – $35 to $40 USD
  • Support Classes – $45 CAD

Camping Fees

  • Primitive Camping – $30 per night
  • Serviced Camping – Not available

Gate Admission


  • Adult Weekend – $30
  • Adult Day – $20

KIDS (Children 6 to 12)

  • Kids Weekend – $20
  • Kids Day – $15
  • Under 6 – Free

Video | 2022 Red Bull Outliers

Here’s a RAW look at the 2022 Red Bull Outliers in the Badlands of Alberta, Canada – part of the 2022 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

2022 MXON Entry List

Team Canada ISDE

If you’re looking for updates on Team Canada ISDE, the best place is to keep checking their Facebook page HERE.

OK, I’m off to check out some Supercross practice at Gopher Dunes. We’ll have a preview up later for you to check out. Thanks for reading.

I’m working on a “Newb’s Visit to a Hard Enduro” article, so watch for that. See you at the races…