Frid’Eh Update #38 | Seth Hughes | Brought to You by Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Race Tech
Week #38 belongs to Seth Hughes. | Bigwave photo

As I type this introduction, I’m currently sitting in Benton Harbor, Michigan, about 22 minutes from Red Bud MX for the 2022 Motocross of Nations.

Benton Harbor, Michigan, sunset.

I just popped into a Walmart to grad some fruit, water, and a few Cokes for those mid-day pick-me-ups. As I was leaving the store, the dude who compares your receipt with what you actually have in the cart asks me, “Do you drink Coke?” Now, it took me everything in my power not to go all “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions” from Mad Magazine (I’m old), but I held off and simply replied, “Not often but sometimes it’s just the perfect drink.” He then went on to tell me how bad it is for you and suggested I Googled it. Yep, a real life, “Google it, Bigwave!

As I was putting the stuff in the van, I wondered if he said that to every person who purchased Coke at that Walmart. That has got to be a huge daily number! As if he looked over my cart and told me what’s unhealthy in it.

Anyway, I’ll think of him when I’m quenching my thirst this weekend at the races after NOT Googling it. Of course it’s shitty for you, it strips rust off of nails!

Seth Hughes from Kitchener, Ontario, is #38 and this week belongs to him. We’ve known Seth for a long time around here and have watched him, like so many others, work his way up through the amateur ranks to become the Pro rider he is today.

In his rookie Pro season this summer, he drove all the way out to Manitoba from Ontario for Round 3 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Pilot Mound and I have to think he left there full of regret. It was so crazy hot! Don’t worry, I asked him about it.

Here’s a look at his 2022 MX Nationals season:

We got in touch with him this week to chat about the season and ask him what the future holds for him. Here’s what he had to say:

#132 Seth Hughes grabbing a juicy holeshot at the 2021 TransCan in his Intermediate year. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Seth. I haven’t seen you since last weekend… LOL Let’s talk about your 2022 MX season, first. You showed up in Manitoba to catch the final western round. I’m thinking you may have regretted that decision with that crazy heat! How did you like Pilot Mound?

Seth Hughes: Hey, Billy. Ya, I decided to make a last-minute decision to head out to do the final west round. There was definitely some negatives but also some positives. I’ve never travelled west to race, I’ve always been south of the border when I was younger, so I definitely wanted to experience the west coast a little. But yes, some crazy heat and wind that weekend that made track conditions interesting. The track overall I felt was pretty cool for how flat everything is there. The layout was sweet with some floater jumps.

Was that the hottest condition you’ve ever raced in? How did it affect you?

Yes, that was definitely the hottest condition I’ve ever raced in. It didn’t fully affect me until after the first moto when I came off the track. I was fully drained. Second moto definitely affected me. I made it to just after the halfway point and made the decision to pull off just for safety.

Seth drove all the way out to Pilot Mound in Manitoba to race Round 3 in that crazy heat. | Bigwave photo

I almost did the same thing, and I wasn’t even riding! On the drive back to Ontario, were you regretting your decision to go to that one?

Looking back, I think the smarter decision would’ve been to skip that round and head to River Glade, but you live and learn!

Then you hit Walton and Gopher Dunes. How were those ones for you?

Walton went okay. The Saturday I woke up and was a little under the weather and Sunday I woke up even worse. I powered through Sunday and was happy to score some points there. Gopher was Gopher… still had a little flu coming into the weekend. So, Gopher was survival as always but again happy to score a couple points there.

I don’t see you name in the next couple results but can’t remember what happened.

Ottawa (Sand Del Lee) was a rough round for me. Got caught up in the first-turn pile up in moto one and only made it back to 21st. Moto 2, I crashed all by myself in the first turn, made my way into 18th, I believe, and had a good get-off. I ended up hitting my head good enough to make the decision to pull off. Then, leading up to the Glade, I still wasn’t feeling myself so decided to skip that round.

But then you finished the last 2 with your best finishes. Were you happy with your results?

Deschambault was amazing; best two motos I put together all year, going 13th (best moto finish) – 16th for 15th overall. Walton I was super-pumped with the way I rode. I crashed first lap of the first moto in the corner after the finish line. I was down about 30 seconds from the next guy and climbed back to 19th. Second moto I had a terrible start and worked my way to 14th, almost tying my best moto finish. I ended up 16th overall.

Seth raced the inaugural FIM North American Championship race at Motopark. | Bigwave photo

Then, I just saw you at the FIM race at Motopark. How did that event go?

Ya the Motopark race went well for me. I got second in both the 250 Pro Sport and 250 A/B All Star classes. Bummer the turnout wasn’t great but the Motopark crew always kills it with the track prep! 

Will you chase the series down to High Point? With no American riders able to make it to Motopark, you stand a good chance to snag a great overall!

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending High Point. Just with travel expenses and accommodations it’s just too far out of reach for me at this point in the year.

Will you head to Red Bud for the MXON? 

Sadly, no. I’ll be watching and supporting Canada from the couch this year. GO, CANADA!

You work with/for True North Motorsports, right? You guys are very involved in the sport. How did that all come about and what will you guys do for the future?

Ya, they are home of the 6-month truck flip program. It started out with me working with them in the fall of 2019. They are mainly Snocross in the winter so I was helping them out with that stuff. In 2020 they stepped into the moto world a little more, supporting the AMO series, Motopark, and then in 2021 with Walton.

Then, in winter of 2021 with COVID hitting hard and not being able to go south, I ended up racing a snowbike for them which was a great experience.

2022 it was Cale Callan and myself taking care of everything. His dad helped out huge with getting us bikes and an amazing trailer to use all summer. I’m unsure of future plans with them on the racing side of things.

Work-wise, I’ve been delivering vehicles (trucks, vans, SUV’s) to customers for them. Next week I actually go for my OMVIC test so then I can move full-time into sales!

Seth has some plans for 2023. | Bigwave photo

Nice. How did your final AMO races go last weekend at Gopher Dunes?

Unfortunately, I missed the final AMO race. 

Oh. What do you have left for the season?

As of right now, I plan on racing Sarnia Arenacross and honestly just having fun on my dirt bike. The summer goes by so quick. I personally don’t get a lot of time to ride during the week between nationals so I’m pumped to ride some private tracks and enjoy the fall weather riding conditions.

Will you chase the series in 2023?

Things are up in the air right now, but I’ve got some things in the works. I definitely plan to be on the gate in 2023. If any team is looking for a 250 guy, I’d be more than willing to fill the role. If nothing comes up I will most likely be running the 450 class on a 350!

Well, good luck and thanks for taking some time with us this week. Who would you like to thank?

Thanks for having me on, Bill. I would like to thank: True North Motorsports, Fox Racing Canada, Shift, Steve Simms racing, GasGas, Matrix concepts, Renthal, Work Connection, Mobius, Team LTD, TwentySix Suspension, Tear off Gaskets, Tracks and Training , Motopark, SL Photo, Pirelli Tires, Tom Smith Chevrolet, 139 Designs!

OK, I’m now in the Media Center here at Red Bud MX in Buchanan, Michigan. There is a lot going on today. I’ve been posting up to our Instagram and Facebook pages (choose your poison), so please head there for up-to-the-minute MXON information.

Have a great weekend. You’ll need to sign up for MXGPTV to watch it all live this weekend. It will also be up on CBS Sports if you get that.

Barry and Jamie say, “See you at the races…EH!”
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