Week #43 belongs to Dario Zecca from Parry Sound, Ontario. | Bigwave photo

Frid’Eh Update #43 | Dario Zecca | Brought to You by Husqvarna Canada

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada

Welcome to Week #43 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week brought to you by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada. We’re coming to you this week from Ottawa where we’re gathered to pay our respects after the loss of our good friend Reece Rendall earlier in the week.

We’re heading into the final weekend of racing in the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series in Calgary, Alberta, for the Arenacross Friday and Saturday nights. Interestingly, Cole Thompson is in Australia racing, so we’ll likely see someone take over his points lead with these 2 rounds remaining. More on that later…

Dario Zecca is the rider who runs the #43 for the 2022 season. Dario is the friendly and fun-loving rider who moonlights as a teacher in his “spare time.”

Dario is in danger of having “real life’ get in the way of his racing, as he’s now a full-time teacher and a future husband, so we’ll have to see what it all means for his racing career.

Here’s a look at his points for the 2022 season:

We grabbed him for a chat this week to talk about his season and ask him what his plans are for the future. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Dario had to say this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Dario. I’ve always felt like I’ve known you because I used to race against your dad, Lino Zecca, back on 80’s. We obviously know how you got your start in the sport, but was there ever a time when you were thinking of chasing a different sport?

Dario Zecca: Hey Billy! In High School I pretty much played every sport. The only ones I actually considered continuing on with were volleyball and rowing. For a bit at the end of High School I considered going to University to pursue rowing but ultimately decided to stay home and go to school locally so I could continue riding and racing. 

What year did you turn Pro and who were your main rivals coming up through the amateur ranks?

I turned Pro in 2018. My main “rivals” were Tanner Ward when we were younger, then later on in Jr/ Int the top guys were Marco Cannella and Austin Watling. I wouldn’t really call it a rivalry though because I never beat those guys! Haha 

Dario just got hired to teach Grade 8 at the elementary school he attended. | Bigwave photo

And you’re also a teacher. How was it going to Teacher’s College and racing Pro MX? And I guess summers off was a big draw to the profession?

It was actually super fun doing school and teachers college to racing. It always felt like I was behind the other guys because I couldn’t really go south in the winter. It just gave me motivation to go to the gym and make the most of the minimal time I had when the snow melted before race season. Summers off was definitely a nice perk as it would allow me to continue working at Motocamp with my dad. 

What level do you teach? What’s school like these days with cell phones and a seemingly lower level of respect for authority? Are there problems in school today that an old fart like me wouldn’t be familiar with?

I actually recently got hired permanently by my local board to teach Grade 8 at my old elementary school. School these days is interesting. We have a ‘No Cell Phone’ policy at my school but there is still a lot of technology being integrated into the kids’ learning. The only problems in school right now are the students catching up from 2 years of COVID that set them back a ways.

Although he doesn’t remember me, I remember him. That’s me, #145, with Dario’s dad, #221 Lino Zecca, at Big Bend back in 1983. | Bigwave Sr. photo

This year, you rode on a team with Ryan Derry and a young up-and-coming support rider named Greg Poisson. How was the team this year?

The team was great this year. It was nice having a few guys that we always parked with and all stuck together. That always makes the races a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Having Greg join Ryan and me was awesome. He really took a manager-type role and helped keep us in line.  

You nabbed yourself a point in the MX Nationals this summer. How did your racing go in the outdoor portion?

I kind of feel like my results don’t really reflect how well I was riding this year. Getting that single point outdoors was kind of like a gift (it was on my birthday lol). Results aside, I feel like my riding was pretty good this summer, but there is always room to improve and progress. 

Dario and Lindsey are engaged to be married next August. | Bigwave photo

Then you lined up in the SX/AX portion as well. You finished 9th at Gopher Dunes. How was the indoor series?

Indoors went pretty well. The track at Gopher was really fun to ride and I think my results reflected that a bit. At Sarnia I was actually waiting to hear back about getting the job I am currently in and it had me stressed right out all weekend. Overall, it is always fun racing the indoor style stuff regardless of where I finish.  

And I guess we have to talk about ‘Flashlightgate.’ It seems to have upset some and made others laugh. What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

* Facepalm * Yeah, like I mentioned in the interview I did with you, looking back I wouldn’t do that again. In the moment it was funny having my dad strap the flashlight to my fender after I mentioned how much I was struggling to see (due to my bad eyes). I’d also like to apologize to the guys at Triple Crown. I know that having a flashlight on my front fender probably looked like I was making a joke of the lighting but I did not mean for that or for the series to be reflected badly. 

What have you been doing since the last Sarnia round?

Teaching has been taking up the majority of my time lately. I haven’t rode my 450 since Sarnia but I have taken my old 98 CR125 out a few times. Other than that, Lindsey and I work at weddings as bartenders/servers on weekends so that has kept us busy as well. 

Although I knew he would have preferred I didn’t, I had to ask him about ‘Flashlightgate’ from the Gopher Dunes SX. | Bigwave photo

I guess you’re busy with school now but what are your winter plans?

The only real “plans” I have for the winter are taking a trip to Costa Rica with Tanner Ward and Dylan Wright. I’m looking forward to playing some beach volleyball and actually being able to be competitive with those guys at something. Haha!

Will you chase the series again in 2023?

I don’t think I will be chasing the series again next year. Between Lindsey and I getting married next summer and having hopes of buying a house soon, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to chase the series for me. I do plan on racing the Gopher national though.  

Oh, right, congratulations on your recent engagement. Have you guys set a date yet? Where’s the honeymoon going to be?

Thank you, sir! It was nice having dinner with you the night it happened! We did actually set a date. It is August 5, 2023. No plans on a honeymoon yet, although we did talk about going to BC to make up for missing out on going to the races in 2020. 

I guess they won’t be putting the band back together in 2023, but it was fun in 2022. | Bigwave photo

OK, Dario, Thanks for taking a few minutes with us this week. Good luck and who would you like to thank?

No worries, Billy! Thanks for taking the time to do this with us. I’d like to thank:

  • Barrie Honda Powerhouse
  • Motocamp Canada 
  • Fox Racing Canada 
  • PDR
  • TorLon Realty 
  • T1 Designs 
  • SSS by Facciotti 
  • Scott Canada 
  • Mica Sport Canada 
  • Seco Seat Covers 
  • M7 Designs 
  • Holeshot Designs 
  • Matrix Concepts Canada 
  • Ryno Power Canada 
  • Maxima
  • Cycra Plastics 
  • Works Connection
  • Chantler Transport 
  • TLC Group 
  • My Mom, Dad, Brother, Nych Burnside, Cameron Wachtler, The Derry’s, Greg Poisson, Stuart Todd and the guys at BH. 
  • My Fiancé Lindsey

I’d also like to give a shout out to a few of the dirt bike loving kids in my class! Cheers, guys.

Here’s a look at the schedule for the final weekend of racing in Calgary:

250 PRO Points 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#16 – BRIGDEN, 
2nd 1st 1st 72
1st 2nd 4th 65 (-7)
4th 4th 5th 52 (-20)
3rd 8th 6th 48 (-24)
7th 5th 8th 43 (-29)
  3rd 2nd 42 (-30)
5th 11th 7th 35 (-37)
#170 – , 
  7th 3rd 34 (-38)
  6th 10th 26 (-46)
  10th 9th 23 (-49)
450 PRO Points
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#16 – BRIGDEN, 
1st 3rd 2nd 67
2nd 4th 1st 65 (-2)
3rd 6th 6th 50 (-17)
DNF 2nd 5th 44 (-23)
  1st 4th 43 (-24)
5th 10th 7th 41 (-26)
11th 8th 9th 35 (-32)
#170 – , 
  7th 3rd 34 (-33)
#13 – CANADA, BC
8th 12th 10th 28 (-39)
4th 13th   21 (-46)

With the absence of Cole Thompson and the fact that #229 Mitchell Harrison is only 7 and 2 points behind means the smart money is on Mitchell to bring home the Indoor title for the GasGas Cobequid Callus team when the final checkered flag waves on Saturday.

Several other of our top riders are making the trip to Calgary, so it definitely isn’t a foregone conclusion, but it will be difficult for anyone else to take this championship away from the experience of the American rider.

Also, #15 Jess Pettis will make his return to action this weekend, so you have to put him in as a favourite to win or at least on the podium.

Noah Viney Signs with SLR Honda for 2023

Noah and Parker have been buddies since they were on 65’s in northern California. Parker called Viney Ranch home for a few months last winter. These guys are both smoking fast and the two will be competitive with each other and hopefully take each other to their fullest potential together.

Jeremy McGrath at Viney Ranch

Speaking of Viney Ranch, Ulf Viney sent this shot over of Jeremy McGrath spinning some laps on their Supercross track out there in Murrieta, California. Ulf is just tripping over icons of the sport out there!

Cole Thompson in Australia

Cole Thompson is heading into Round 2 of the 2022 Australian Supercross Championship.

He finished 2nd in the first round in the 250 class.

Pos Name Total
1 Max ANSTIE 25
2 Cole THOMPSON 22
3 Nathan CRAWFORD 20
4 Kaleb BARHAM 18
6 Rhys BUDD 15
7 Noah FERGUSON 14
9 Geran STAPLETON 12
10 Tomas RAVENHORST 11
11 Jaxon HADLOW 10
12 Chandler BURNS 9
13 Caleb GOULLET 8
14 Jayce COSFORD 7
15 Gage LINVILLE 6
16 Isaac FERGUSON 5
17 Sam LARSEN 4
19 Bailey MALKIEWICZ 0
20 Haruki YOKOYAMA 0
21 Jack KITCHEN 0
22 Wilson TODD 0
Pos Name Total
1 Justin BRAYTON 25
2 Aaron TANTI 22
3 Dean Wilson 20
4 Hayden MELLROSS 18
5 Matt MOSS 16
6 Dylan WILLS 15
7 Kyle WEBSTER 14
8 Jackson RICHARDSON 13
9 Dylan WOOD 12
10 Joel CIGLIANO 11
11 Elijah WIESE 10
12 Mitchell NORRIS 9
13 Joel WIGHTMAN 8
14 Luke CLOUT 7
15 Brandon STEEL 6
16 Tristan DUNCAN 0
17 Jesse BISHOP 0
18 Cory WATTS 0

Round 2: Adelaide – October 29th

Round 3: Newcastle – November 26th

Round 4: Wagga Wagga – December 3rd

Geico Endurocross

Canadians lead the points in Geico Endurocross. Shelby Turner leads the Women and Trystan Hart leads the Pro Men!

Pos No. Name Total Diff Gap Ex Total Ex Total Ex Total Ex Total
1 1 Shelby Turner 111 0 0 21 21 30 30 30 30 30 30
2 77 Louise Forsley 105 6 6 30 30 25 25 25 25 25 25
3 417 Rachel Gutish 88 23 17 25 25 21 21 21 21 21 21
4 676 Hallie Marks 72 39 16 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18
5 31 Allie Stambaugh 16 95 56 x x x x 16 16 x x
Pos No. Name Total Diff Gap Total Total Total Total
1 84 Trystan Hart 97 0 0 25 30 30 12
2 22 Jonny Walker 82 15 15 13 18 21 30
3 111 Taddy Blazusiak 82 15 0 30 21 15 16
4 2 Cody Webb 80 17 2 5 25 25 25
5 1 Colton Haaker 65 32 15 15 14 18 18

Round 5: Boise, Idaho – November 5th

Round 6: Reno, Nevada – November 19th

Eve Brodeur at the Vurb Classic in South Carolina

Eve Brodeur took time out of her very busy Occupational Therapy schooling and placement schedule to head to NXT LVL 101 in South Carolina for the 2022 Vurb Classic.

There were some top-level riders in attendance to take a run at the high prize purse and Eve finished 2-5 to tie non-other than her old friend and rival, Jamie Astudillo.

We did a podcast interview with her the other day, so you can check that out wherever you get your podcasts. Just be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Direct Motocross when you’re there.

Team Canada at the Dubya World Vets at Glen Helen

Check out this list of riders representing Canada at the 2022 Dubya World Vet Championships at Glen Helen – November 5-6.

Ontario MX royalty, Jeff Sutherland, is already out there spinning laps! Back in my day, you couldn’t go to a race without hearing his name over the speakers a hundred times a day as he led or fought for the lead in the Expert (Pro) classes.

He’s been posting lots of stuff up on his personal Facebook page, like this one of him showing Cameron McAdoo the best lines…

OK, it’s time to head west on Highway 7 out of Ottawa and hit some Friday afternoon rush hour traffic in Toronto. How does that sound? What a great service for Reece that was. He was a classic and I’m happy to have known him. Have a great weekend, everyone. It looks like my weekend is going to consist of MTB riding and some MX with my old buddy Cary Hitchen somewhere reasonably close to London.

Our old friend Reece Rendall gets the honour of the final word this week. RIP, Reece.