Frid’Eh Update #7 Presented by Pelican

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #7 belongs to New York State's Bobby Kiniry. - Goheen photo

Week #7 belongs to New York State’s Bobby Kiniry. – Goheen photo

Week #7 belongs to an American rider we’ve become close enough with to call one of our own. I’m, of course, talking about New York State’s favourite motocross ex-pat, Bobby Kiniry. In 2014 we got used to seeing Bobby sway from his usual #3 and look like #7 James Stewart. Tyler Medaglia has since taken over the #3 ‘career’ number and Bobby will, once again, be running the big 7.

As most of you will already be aware of, Bobby has been racing the Amsoil Arenacross Series and even took his first-ever overall win in the AX class back in Wilkes-Barre, PA Friday, February 6th.

Here’s how the current AX class point standings look as we head into Tampa, Florida Saturday night:

Arenacross Class 
    Name       Total Points   
197 (-14)
  3rd – KYLE REGAL
189 (-22)
166 (-45)
163 (-48)
159 (-52)
153 (-58)
132 (-79)
126 (-85)
115 (-96)

As you can see, Bobby is sitting in 6th place in the very competitive 450 class. The Thermo Tec, Yamaha, FMC Racing, Cycle North, OTSFF rider is currently in Florida getting ready to race in Tampa Saturday night. We we unable to get in touch with him before the deadline arrived on this Update, but be sure to check in soon as we will definitely  get caught up with Bobby in the coming days here on the site. We did, however, get in touch with his long-time team owner OTSFF’s Andre Laurin today so look a little farther down the page for that.

Bobby is always the first to give n interview and smile for the camera. It's not known by everyone, but this is actually the animal that sits behind the bars and under that helmet on race day. - Bigwave photo

Bobby is always the first to give n interview and smile for the camera. It’s not known by everyone, but this is actually the animal that sits behind the bars and under that helmet on race day. – Bigwave photo

This Update is presented by Pelican Cases. I’ve always been a camera backpack kind of guy but was always secretly jealous of the photographers who showed up at the races pulling along those fancy hard cases that held everything and rolled along effortlessly behind them. Well, the time has come for this photog to join those ranks. I will be at the Toronto Motorcycle Show this weekend with one of these beauties in tow. I will be doing a full review on the 1560 Pelican Case but I can already tell you I love it just by rolling around my house with it all week!

This week's Frid'Eh Update is brought to you by Pelican Cases. - Pelican image

This week’s Frid’Eh Update is brought to you by Pelican Cases. – Pelican image

Jeff McConkey

Hey, guys It’s a freezing cold Friday here in Southern Ontario. The weather has been unbearable, but the days are getting longer and spring will be here in no time. Everyone is slowly getting their butts into the gym and their bikes of choice ready for the upcoming season. Most of the competitors for the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals are down in the Southern States getting ready. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will be seeing any of our regulars lining up for any SX’s this winter. Tyler Medaglia was hoping to race the Daytona round. I, myself, think Tyler would fit in just great and make the main with ease, but his job is to race the Canadian National series and it is very dangerous to race SX [Edit: Tyler’s deal is done. He is just waiting to physically sign the contract with Husqvarna Canada]. This crazy bastard will race anything anywhere. He is one of the most loved riders everywhere he goes, and he gets the results.Tyler said today that he does plan on racing the Enduro race down in Florida on the Sunday following the Daytona SX.

Atlanta SX

The Monster Energy AMA SX Series is in Atlanta this Saturday for the first of 2 races. Having back to back Atlantas makes sense to me. I’m willing to bet they pack 77000-plus fans for both events. It will be nice to see the red Georgia clay, and hopefully it will offer up some much needed traction. Ryan Dungey is in control of the 450 class and teammate Marvin Musquin looks to take control of the 250 East. A lot of eyes will again be on Vicki Golden. I believe she will be better than she was last week, but unfortunately I just don’t think she is good enough to make the night show. Either way, I wish her and all other fellow competitors the best of luck. Here are my predictions for ATL 1:

250 East

1st: Marvin Musquin
2nd: Arnaud Tonus
3rd :Martin Davalos
4th: R.J. Hampshire
5th: Matt Lemoine

450 Class

1st: Ken Roczen
2nd: Ryan Dungey
3rd: Jason Anderson
4th: Chad Reed
5th: Eli Tomac

That is it for me this week. In case you missed it, be sure to check out my ‘Out of the Blue‘ with Aimee Carter and my ‘On the Radar‘ with Tee Perrott. Both racers are young and have a ton of upside. Have a great week and remember to always #smileforBC!


Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. A lot went on this past week in the world of Canadian Motocross. For starters, we had the letter that 2014 Team Canada MX Manager, Ryan Gauld, sent out. It’s safe to say that fans across the country were happy to have a team over in Latvia to cheer for last September. No, the riders didn’t perform to their capabilities but that’s racing and not the part of this story that is getting the most press. What we’re all talking about now is whether or not there will be an effort made to get to Ernee, France, this coming fall for the MXON.

By now most have read the letter and understand that Gauld is disappointed with his ‘mistreatment,’ as he sees it. I gave CMA Chief Executive Officer, Marilynn Bastedo, a call today to find out more on the 2015 situation. Although she was quick to point out the neither she nor the CMA were in a position to make an official statement on the current state of affairs as far as the upcoming MXON are concerned, she was able to clear up a few things.

The CMA has NOT stated that there will not be a team in France this year. Yes, they made a statement about the cancellation of Team Canada at the ISDE this year, but not the MXON. What I took from our conversation on this is that they are still in talks with a person or people about the position of Team Manager.

She agreed with me that there really needs to be an assistant manager (or management team) to take care of some of the tasks, such as fundraising. The soft deadline for application was February 1st, but she said that sometimes you have to be a little flexible. What this means is that the clock has not struck midnight yet and I’m guessing we will see an 11th-hour team come forward to take the reins.

The position of Team Manager is up for renewal every year. It is not a permanent position, by any means. Of course, it would be nice to get someone in who will reapply every year after doing a great job and we’ll see if that happens this year. It should also be noted that, in the past, some managers we against having a management team and preferred to do everything on their own.

It was my first lengthy talk with her and she has agreed to do an interview with Direct Motocross this coming week, so be sure to watch for that on the site.

I understand this is a position for someone who is much more organized than me, so I am by no means criticizing anyone’s effort in the past. I could never do it. I have, however, been to a few of these things over the years (I was actually at Unadilla in 1987!) and have a passion for it. Once you’ve been to one and see how passionately everyone takes it, you are hooked. If you don’t believe me, check out this video I put together from the event in Italy back in 2009 (The video quality isn’t very plush, but you’ll get the idea):

Troy Ritchie Fundraiser

The motorcycle world lost another great person this past weekend. Troy Ritchie succumbed to his injuries sustained in the 24-Hour Numb Bum race. Our deepest condolences go out to Troy’s family and everyone he touched in his short 51-year life. A fund has been started in his name and, if you are so inclined, you can make a donation to it HERE.

You can donate to the Troy Ritchie Fund HERE.

You can donate to the Troy Ritchie Fund HERE.

The Motorcycle Show Toronto

The Motorcycle Show Toronto takes place this weekend at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

Show Dates & Hours:

Date Start Times
Friday February 20 12 Noon – 9:00 PM
Saturday February 21 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday February 22 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Direct Motocross will be there taking photos so, if you’re going, remember to keep your shoulders back and your finger out of your nose.

One of the featured events will be Team Honda Canada TLD GDR rider and Canadian MX1 champion, Colton Facciotti, as a Race Cafe guest speaker. Make sure you’re there for that one!

Daytona Bike Week Schedule

Hey, when was the first time you were at Bike Week in Dayton, Florida? Ya, well I was there in 1985! Ouch. One of the only positive things that comes with increased age is the ability to spin a good yarn. After a while, its validity starts to take a back seat. As the old saying goes, never let facts get in the way of a good story.

One of the things I remember vividly was driving down the strip by myself in our 1984 Dodge Minivan with Canada flags on either side. I was stopped at a light when I heard, “Hey, a Canadian!” Next thing I knew, 4 people had made themselves comfortable in all the remaining seats. They looked harmless enough and told me they were on their way to a party in Ormond Beach, just up the road. I agreed to take them and we were on our way.

I had no intention of going in (or staying all night) but things have a way of changing on the fly in these situations. I wandered in with my new group of ‘friends’ and the first thing that happened was some guy walks up and says, “Hey, I’m Brad” and proceeds to swallow a live goldfish he just happened to be holding.

Suffice it to say, I stayed longer than I had intended. My Can Am wasn’t running properly anyway so I didn’t have anything pressing to do in the morning. YOU try to get a part for a 1984 Can Am 125 in Daytona back in 1985! I decided to concern myself with more important things, like getting a souvenir ‘Rat’s Hole’ T-shirt. Check. But I digress…

Here's a photo of me in Florida circa 1985. That's Bob Hannah's Factory Honda and that's me before the invention of push ups... - Bigwave Sr. photo

Here’s a photo of me in Florida circa 1985. That’s Bob Hannah’s Factory Honda and that’s me before the invention of push ups… – Bigwave Sr. photo

Here is the schedule for the upcoming events at the 2015 Daytona Bike Week:

OK, never mind. There are WAY too many events for me to do that. If you want to see what’s going on, click HERE. Be sure to warm up your scroll finger first!

The dates you want to keep in mind are Saturday, March 7 and Sunday/Monday March 8/9. Saturday is the Daytona SX and Sunday/Monday is the Ricky Carmichael Amateur SX.

Andre Laurin

While I was trying to get in touch with Bobby Kiniry, I spoke with Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha honcho Andre Laurin. Andre was in Valcourt, Quebec for the 3-day Grand Prix de Valcourt with his Polaris team.

We talked about the upcoming moto season and he informed me that they had just sent a prepped Yamaha out to Shawn Maffenbeier in California. He also mentioned that summer 2015 team MX1 rider, Matt Goerke, has been testing outdoor settings every other day while he competes in the AX series.

He confirmed that there will be no Kyle Chisholm for the 2015 season. He also said that Bobby Kiniry is still a bit of a question mark for the team. He called Bobby a ‘wildcard’ and said that he is not signed to a deal yet. He also mentioned that if a strong rider presented themselves to the team there just may be room for a 4th rider.

He also said that he has seen Blair Morgan there at the event and that Blair and Iain Hayden have been getting reacquainted. They were teammates for a while before. It just feels right to type the name ‘Blair Morgan.’ I really hope he enjoys himself there and we get to see him at a few more events in the coming months.

Blair Morgan with Joe Skidd. - Bigwave photo

Blair Morgan with Joe Skidd. – Bigwave photo

Help Get Michael Dasilva to the West Rounds Fundraiser

From Michael’s Facebook page (auto translated):

To be present at the party supercross of the year!! This is multiple price of presence that we have amasséde our generous sponsor!!!

Thank you very much to all my sponsor for your support: Duroy Ktm, KTM Canada, Motovan Corporation ,Oakley Canada
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A big thank you: @Skullcandy, Gino Reda (Passe pour XTOWN Va etre vendu a l’encan!), Vr Médic Billy Girard ( Certificats Cadeaux ), Sebastien Riel Monsieur Muffler Repentigny (Certificats Cadeaux ), SMX Sanair Motocross ( deux passes pour la saison vont etre vendu a l’encan ), et Pete Nicolas !!

Thank you very much, everyone! We will see saturday night at 6:30!
Evolution Ice
2068 transcanadienne,

dorval, qc
h9p 2 n4

2015 Ducati Hyperstrada Review

If you’ve been wondering what Kyle Carruthers has been up to lately, here’s an article he sent over today testing the 2015 Ducati Hyperstrada. Give it a read HERE.
Read Kyle Carruthers' review of the 2015 Ducati Hyperstrada. - Carruthers photo

Read Kyle Carruthers’ review of the 2015 Ducati Hyperstrada. – Carruthers photo

OK, time really flew by today and it looks like we’ve run out of it. Thanks for reading. Jeff mentioned it was cold here in Ontario, but he didn’t mention that we actually just set a cold temperature record here in my hometown of London. Yep, good-bye -24.1 and hello -27! When I type this Update next week for #8 I will be doing so from the warmer climes of Georgia. Until then, have a great week, and…
Todd Kuli says, "See you at the races..." - Bigwave photo

Todd Kuli says, “See you at the races…” – Bigwave photo