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By Billy Rainford

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This week belongs to Mitchell Harrison. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #8 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update brought to you by RP Race Performance. We’ve just had a week off in the 2024 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, but we’re back and racing Round 2 of the 250 East series in Arlington, Texas, this week.

That means we’ll get our first look at Canadian CREO KTM rider #221 Tyler Gibbs from Mission, BC on the line. It’s not his first try at AMA Supercross. He raced in San Diego a few years ago. He only got one decent lap in to qualify for the night show and then missed the Main, but he has tried once before.

I won’t be in attendance again this week. My plan is to head south to Florida on Monday to be there for what is going to be a very busy time in the Sunshine State. I’ll stay with my good buddy Brendan Goldstein and his wife, Alex, in Palm Coast. It’s always one of the best times of the year and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them again this year. We usually squeeze in one evening on the strip for Bike Week.

The schedule there is looking like this:

Wednesday: Money Race at Pax Trax – Bunnell

Thursday: AMA Amateur Arenacross – Daytona Beach

Friday: Meet ‘N Greet at Daytona Speedway then AMA Pro Arenacross – Daytona Beach

(It’s also Week #9 for the Frid’Eh Update so that mean our champ Dylan Wright!)

Saturday: AMA Supercross – Daytona Beach

Sunday: GNCC – Hog Waller – Palatka

Monday: Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross – Daytona Beach

That’s a busy schedule!

I’m looking forward to capturing all the action, it’s just figuring out how to get the information up on the site and social media in a timely manner that always presents the biggest challenge.

I’m watching some gravel and mountain bike racing videos on YouTube in the background as I type and it amazes me how into “the data” people get. I’ve never been that guy. I’d just go swim, bike, and run. Sure, I knew what my split times should be during training, but never did I wake up and look at my watch to see what my percentage was. Why would you even want to wake up on race morning and see that your “data” is telling you your day is already ruined? I know I wouldn’t. You just go race and do what you can do. It baffles me.

Choosing #8 as their career number is Mitchell Harrison. We’ve gotten to know Mitchell pretty well these last few years as he’s basically allowed himself to become half Canadian as he lived out in the Maritimes and hung out with Tyler Medaglia and the whole east coast gang.

Mitchell Harrison circa 2017. | Bigwave photo

I first met him in Los Angeles when Rockstar Husqvarna did their high end meet and greet in downtown LA as wildfires were closing in on the city. I stayed in the Ace Hotel and Chris Pomeroy from MXP and I hung out. We had a blast.

Mitchell clawed his way up to 4th by the end of the Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 MX season after his zero points mechanical issues at Round 1 in Edmonton.

He then went on to win the 250 and 450 titles during the indoor portion of the series. All those points meant he came up 2nd overall in the 250 Triple Crown points to winner Ryder McNabb who didn’t even race any of the indoor events.

Here’s a look at Mitchell’s season in Canada:

250 MX:

250 AX:

450 AX:

250 Triple Crown:

That’s a lot of green-highlighted #1 up there!

The big news was that his team up here in Canada was closing its doors, so he was left looking for a ride. Well, it doesn’t take long for a rider of his caliber to have teams interested and now you’ll find him racing for the Canadian-owned Partzilla PRMX team in AMA Supercross.

He had a scary crash and then had to sit out a round while he was sick, but he’s back in action. We grabbed him to talk about all of it this week.

Here’s what Mitchell had to say this week when we contacted him. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Mitchell. We haven’t done an interview with you since you clinched the indoor title up here in Canada. I know your former team was closing up as that portion of the series finished up out west. Can you tell us how you managed to keep going and win that title? You must have had to overcome a few hurdles, no?

Mitchell Harrison: Hi, Billy. Yeah, it’s been a minute since our last interview. There were a few hurdles. I mean, the main one was just not knowing if I was going to do the last 2 SX/AX rounds, and having last-minute Flights. That was really the only hurdle as I had so many friends helping me out, so it really wasn’t that bad, and made it a fun experience from what could have been really stressful. 

At what point did you know you’d be racing for Partzilla PRMX for Supercross and beyond?

Julian (Perrier) messaged me In between the the first SX/AX round and the second. It was a long break so I went to SOB MX to test the bike and ride a little bit and we got a deal done. It was weird going back and forth from a Kawi to a GasGas.

How has that transition been? How are the green bikes for you?

The Kawasaki’s have been great! They feel very stable. I think that the Kawasaki is a really good Supercross bike. I’m sure it’s a great outdoor bike as well, but I’ve lived it in SX.

Mitchell was set to race 250 East but moved to the 450 when Aaron Tanti got hurt. | Bigwave photo

And I assume you didn’t plan on being a 450 guy, did you? How did that come up and how do you like riding the big bike in Supercross? 

No, the plan was to be 250 East but with Aaron Tanti getting hurt they needed someone and I just wanted to ride the 450 in the back of Hunter Yoder‘s yard because I like them and I guess the team liked what they saw. It’s been so much fun. I love 450s, I think they suite my style better. It’s so much gnarlier of a class. I really like the challenge and want to get better and better each weekend. 

Ya, for sure. The entry lists are full of factory riders and previous champions! How has the series been going?

Lots of fast guys in the class, yes. Haha. So far up and down. The first round was basically learn the bike, then a mudder, then I KO’d myself. I did end up making the main in Detroit. I feel I should be making every main, hopefully more from the heat race. I’d love to get a few top 15 and maybe inch up on a top 10. 

You had that scary get-off a couple rounds ago. Is that something that wouldn’t have happened on a 250? Were you OK?

I don’t think that would have happened on a 250. It was a really dumb mistake. I just sat into it and it went way farther than I thought. I’ve tamed the beast a little more now. Haha. But yeah, I was alright, just a concussion, broken teeth and a busted chin. 

You missed the next round though because you were sick, right? What was up?

I missed the next round because of the concussion protocol. Didn’t pass the impact test so I couldn’t race, and yeah, I was very sick as well. 

He missed Arizona after getting a concussion in Detroit. | Bigwave photo

Your best result was an 18th in Detroit. Is this due to progression on the 450? What are you hoping for as far as results go?

Like I said, I’d love to get top 15 and close to a top ten. To me that would be amazing and I’d feel more like I belong in the class if I could consistently do that.

Will you move down to the 250 class if/when Aaron Tanti returns? Do you want to?

As of right now, when Aaron returns I will still be 450. And no, I’d like to be done with 250s.

And then the big question is what are you doing in the summer? I heard a rumour the team is now not coming north for the Canadian MX series?

That’s more of a rumor. I’d love to race the Canadian series again. I’m definitely going to do as many MX rounds as I can, either way for me I’d be happy. But Canada is now a 2nd home so I’d be bummed to miss out on it. Plus I want a championship there.

Mitchell hopes to be back in Canada because he wants to win a MX title up here. | Bigwave photo

How do you like training at SOBMX? 

I like SOB a lot. It reminds me of where I trained as an amateur at GPF – in the middle of nowhere and just doing my job. I like the simplicity of it. 

How’s the rivalry with the other 450 rider, Cade Clason? Do you guys go at it at the practice tracks?

Oh yeah, Cade and I are always close at the practice track, he’s a really good training partner. Just the other day we did all of our motos and then just went and did 1 laps sprints trying to best each other. I won… by 7 thousands of a second. Hahah

OK, good luck this week in Texas, and I’ll see you in Daytona. Who do you want to thank?

Thank you! 

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#4 Jake Piccolo. | Bigwave photo

Jake Piccolo and GDR Part Ways

After a couple weeks of swirling rumours, we can confirm that 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 MX National Champion Jake Piccolo has parted way with the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team.

Team Owner Derek Schuster from Gopher Dunes confirmed that they have “agreed to part ways to get other areas in [Jake’s] life sorted out.”

After also speaking with the family, we’ve learned that Jake has not been implicated or charged in any of the illegal activities that took place out in British Columbia earlier in the month. [Details on that part of the story will be forthcoming.]

But what does this all mean for Jake’s racing future?

What does this mean for Jake’s racing future? | Bigwave photo

As of now, they will focus on getting Jake’s injured shoulder fixed. He’s on a couple waiting lists for surgery, one in Ottawa and the other locally in BC.

As for the future of his racing career, nothing is etched in stone, but they are unsure if we’ll see Jake racing at the professional level anytime soon. Jake will focus on what comes next in his life which could mean stepping away from the sport entirely to get the next chapter in his life started.

If we don’t see him on the line again at the Nationals, let me just say that he was arguably the most entertaining and exciting rider to ever throw a leg over a bike in Canada and we wish him well in the future.

My phone was buzzing away all day after we posted this on the site and on our social media pages. It really sounds to me like their happy to be moving on in life and looking forward to Jake’s future away from the sport. The sad part in this story is the other party.

I won’t say much now except that I really would like to help Charles Charlton. He’s been dealt a pretty tough hand and just did something really stupid. I like this kid. He’s been nothing but respectful and friendly every time I’ve chatted with him.

Charles, use this experience to get yourself on the right path. You’re a smart kid with a ton of potential.

Once the case becomes public knowledge, we’ll talk about it in more detail.

Daniel Elmore Races a GNCC

Podcast Interview | Daniel Elmore | Round 1 – 2024 GNCC Racing Series in South Carolina

Daniel Elmore GNCC Yamaha
Daniel Elmore.

Daniel Elmore from Telkwa, BC raced Round 1 of the 2024 GNCC Racing series at the Big Buck race in Union, South Carolina.

He rode his 2021 Yamaha 250F motocross bike in the XC2 Pro class and finished 70th overall and 13th in the class.

We called him where he’s staying at SOBMX in South Carolina the following day to get his thoughts on the gruelling 3:22:57 off-road race.


Find it wherever you get your podcasts.

Big Buck GNCC Round 1 – Union South Carolina

A couple interesting things happened at round 1 of the 2024 GNCC Racing at the Big Buck race in Union, SC. Shelby Turner from Brooks, AB was back in action after having double ACL reconstruction and sitting out the 2023 season. She has new knees and a new ride, having made the switch over to the GasGas team from KTM for the 2024 campaign.

She finished an impressive 4th in the WXC class, just a few minutes off the lead group of 3.

Shelby was expected to be on the line, but Daniel Elmore racing the XC2 class came as a big surprise! Daniel is down at SOBMX getting ready for the 2024 Canadian Triple Crown Series on his Yamaha 450. I guess he’s been following Tyler Medaglia because he lined up to race in SC.

 WXC – Bike – Class Results
4550SHELBY A TURNERCANADA, //GAS401:52:30.390
XC1 Open Pro – Bike – Class Results
9007JOSH V STRANGAUSTRALIA, //SHR602:57:00.018
XC2 250 Pro – Bike – Class Results
2198LIAM DRAPERNEW ZEALAND, //YAM602:55:16.359
10014RUY BARBOSACHILE, //HON603:05:51.218
13555DANIEL ELMORECANADA, //YAM603:22:57.539

Full results HERE.

I’ll be at Round 2 at Hog Waller in Palatka, Florida.

We missed our chance to chat with Shelby on Thursday and will get her for a podcast interview as soon as she’s available.

If you missed our podcast interview with Bobby Kiniry for last week’s Frid’Eh Update, it’s worth a listen.

Enjoy the racing from Texas this weekend. I just got the windshield replaced on the DMX Van. Next up will be yet another oil change before shoving off down the I-75 one. more. time.

I’ll have both my Scott bikes with me and will likely cut across to the I-95 in Tennessee again. Taking I-40 is actually really nice in that area and the mountain biking is great! If I have time, I’ll definitely hit Trail Forks and find somewhere new to ride as I pass through.

Have a great weekend.

Next week, we talk with The Champ! | Bigwave 2013 photo
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