Making sure GASGAS has something for kids of all sizes and abilities, we’re super stoked to introduce another exciting mini-motocrosser to our ever-expanding line-up of awesome dirt bikes – the MC-E 3! Battery-powered and sized to sit between our electric balance bikes and the MC-E 5, the GASGAS MC-E 3 features multiple ride modes and an adjustable seat height for a personalized riding experience. In short, it’s a real motorcycle for the next wave of mini shredders to learn the basics on and get their lifetime on two wheels off to a super-fun start.

  • GASGAS introduces new battery-powered dirt bike – the MC-E 3!
  • Exciting new model makes riding offroad more accessible for youngsters
  • MC-E 3 available now at dealers worldwide

Assembled with the same passion as all GASGAS dirt bikes, the MC-E 3 is built to last and a blast to ride. Fitted with a state-of-the-art battery, specifically designed for mini-motocross bikes, the new MC-E 3 produces next to no noise, certainly no carbon emissions, and boasts a running time of up to two hours! Fun times without disturbing the neighbors are guaranteed with the new MC-E 3.

The smooth and powerful 3.8kW motor is super compact and fitted low in the frame to create a lightweight feel, which means riders can keep spinning laps without getting too tired. There are some seriously cool and hassle-free things to know about this motor, too. It’s maintenance free, resistant to dust and water, and features six different ride modes to easily alter the power delivery to suit the ability of any young rider. With no clutch or gearbox needed thanks to the electric motor, the MC-E 3 is the perfect machine for kids to learn the basics of riding dirt bikes in the simplest way possible.

All red, of course, the MC-E 3 is fitted with unique graphics highlighted by a splash of blue to signify its electric drive. Applied beneath the surface of the plastics to prevent peeling or scratches, the graphics will stand the test of time and always look cool. Complete with a red powder-coated frame, WP suspension, Neken bars, strong wheels, and Maxxis tires, the MC-E 3 is a mini-motocrosser designed to deliver day-long fun. Check it out today at your local GASGAS dealer or head to our website for all there is to know about this awesome new dirt bike.

Availability of the new MC-E 3 may differ from country to country. Please contact your local GASGAS dealership for more information.

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