2024 MC-E 2



There’s a brand-new GASGAS in town and we’re stoked on it! The battery-powered MC-E 2 is designed for young kids to safely and easily discover the thrills of offroad riding. Make no mistake, this little red ripper raises the bar sky high! So high in fact that we’re sure it’ll leave all similarly sized and spec’d dirt bikes, e-powered or otherwise, in its dust. And the best part is, it’s available right now at GASGAS dealers worldwide!

  • New MC-E 2 changes the game for kids learning to ride offroad
  • Adjustable in size, three ride modes, and disk brakes ensure safe progression
  • Find the awesome MC-E 2 today at your local GASGAS dealership

Modern in design, built with the latest technology, and so much fun to ride thanks to its low weight and WP suspension, every kid will absolutely love the MC-E 2. One of the bike’s coolest features, hands down, is that it can be easily adjusted in size with basic tools. So as children grow, they can keep on riding the bike for a little while longer before jumping up to a bigger bike.

Parents will love the MC-E 2 too as it’s assembled with quality components and needs little to no maintenance to keep it running sweet. Plus, three ride modes allow for safe and progressive learning and with the motor neatly housed inside the rear wheel’s hub, there’s no better or safer dirt bike out there. Trust us!

Technical Highlights – MC-E 2

Removeable Li-ion power tool battery – Easy to remove and recharge, the universal, power tool style fitment means fully charged spare batteries can be fitted quickly and easily.

Fast recharging – It only takes one hour for a full recharge with an 80% charge taking just 35 minutes!

Adjustable ergonomics – The MC-E 2 can be adjusted in size (between 90-130cm), so as children grow, they can continue developing their skills on the same bike. The standard seat height is 470mm but can be changed to 500mm relatively quickly with basic tools.

Low maintenance – Battery-powered. No chain, and no sprockets. Just simple, hassle-free riding!

Safety features – The motor only provides power after the throttle has been twisted forward slightly, from fully closed. Also, a rollover sensor cuts power when the MC-E 2 is laid down and there’s a traditional kill switch for all other eventualities.

Disk brakes – No old-school drum brakes here! Front and rear disk brakes create some serious stopping power, which gives children complete control and a ton of confidence.

10” wheels – Strong, maintenance-free wheels with knobby tires from KENDA are designed for riding offroad.

Low center of gravity – Gives the bike a very lightweight feel, which makes it so easy to ride.

Lightweight – The MC-E 2’s lightweight construction – it tips the scales at just 27 kilograms – means that youngsters can pick it up easily if they fall. Plus, being light makes the MC-E 2 far less tiring to ride than other bikes that are similar in size.

Modern design – The MC-E 2 is a brand new, modern dirt bike with graphics inspired by our big bikes.

Top speed of 33 km/h – Yeah, the MC-E 2 can be fast with mode three engaged! Mode two allows for speeds of up to 20 km/h while the lowest setting, mode one, lets kids get to grips with riding offroad safely with a modest top speed of 7 km/h.

Check out the full spec of the all-new MC-E 2 right here.

You can find the all-new GASGAS MC-E 2 in dealerships worldwide from October 2023. Availability may differ from country to country.