Noah went 1-1 in Pala, California. | MX Sports photo

Great Day for Noah Viney Winning Moto Combine at Fox Raceway

By Billy Rainford

MX Sports photo

Awesome race day for Noah Viney at Fox Raceway last weekend.

Slam Life Racing Honda’s Noah Viney seized the moment with one of the most dominant performances to date since the inception of the combine. A member of the rider group coached by Chad Reed, Viney, who is from nearby Murrieta, took advantage of his local expertise and enjoyed a perfect day in which he posted the fastest lap of practice, grabbed both moto holeshots, and went wire-to-wire en route to a dominant 1-1 performance.” ~ MX Sports Pro Racing.

MX Sports photo

What’s next for them?

We are racing 2 off-road National Grand Prix races for SLR Honda this fall and then preparing for doing all rounds of Supercross Futures in the new year – we will be training at the Honda SX track and Viney Ranch SX.” ~ Ulf Viney