#4 Jake Piccolo. | Bigwave photo

Jake Piccolo and GDR Part Ways

By Billy Rainford

After a couple weeks of swirling rumours, we can confirm that 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 MX National Champion Jake Piccolo has parted way with the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team.

Team Owner Derek Schuster from Gopher Dunes confirmed that they have “agreed to part ways to get other areas in [Jake’s] life sorted out.”

After also speaking with the family, we’ve learned that Jake has not been implicated or charged in any of the illegal activities that took place out in British Columbia earlier in the month. [Details on that part of the story will be forthcoming.]

But what does this all mean for Jake’s racing future?

What does this mean for Jake’s racing future? | Bigwave photo

As of now, they will focus on getting Jake’s injured shoulder fixed. He’s on a couple waiting lists for surgery, one in Ottawa and the other locally in BC.

As for the future of his racing career, nothing is etched in stone, but they are unsure if we’ll see Jake racing at the professional level anytime soon. Jake will focus on what comes next in his life which could mean stepping away from the sport entirely to get the next chapter in his life started.

If we don’t see him on the line again at the Nationals, let me just say that he was arguably the most entertaining and exciting rider to ever throw a leg over a bike in Canada and we wish him well in the future.