McThoughts: Rockstar MX Nationals West Rounds

By Jeff McConkey

In case you missed Jeff’s ‘McThoughts’ that we included in the Frid’Eh Update, here they are on their own:

Jeff gives us his McThoughts on the first 4 rounds of Rockstar MX Nationals.

Jeff gives us his McThoughts on the first 4 rounds of Rockstar MX Nationals.

McTHOUGHTS on the West

1st Kaven Benoit 217 points: Some people doubted Kaven’s decision to ride the 2-stroke. Well, Mr. Benoit has looked great at all 4 rounds out West. He has no real weaknesses and will be the guy to beat right up until Walton.
Kaven Regina

Royal Distributing Fox Racing KTM Canada rider Kaven Benoit leads MX2 points as we head into the break. – Bigwave photo

2nd Jeremy Medaglia 204 points: In my eyes, Jeremy has played it safe so far this season. He has gotten an overall podium at each of the four first rounds, and been super-consistent. He has the speed, aggression and fitness, but now needs to win some more motos and push his weight around more.
3rd Jimmy Decotis 194 points: Jimmy opened a lot of eyes at the first four rounds. His fitness has always been doubted, but he hasn’t let up yet. He has some serious speed, so I’m really excited to see this guy rip up the sand on the East. If his fitness is for real, he will be a beast for the last 6 rounds .
4th Shawn Maffenbeier 162 points: Shawn rode well in the West, but in my opinion he is a 450 guy. Either way, he will land on the podium a few times in the East and probably finish the series here in 4th place.
5th Morgan Burger 156 points: Morgan surprised everyone when he showed up at round 1 on a 250f. The long-time 450 pilot has ridden very well, but I’m afraid the sandy east tracks may slow him up a bit. I think he could battle for podiums at maybe Moncton and Walton. Only time will tell…
6th Brad Nauditt 148 points: To be honest, I really expected more holeshots from Brad. He is a great starter and on a rocket of a bike. Look for ‘B-Naughty’ to holeshot a lot more on the East and lead some laps and battle for top 5’s.
7th Blake Savage 144 points: Blake has had some great rides and some bad luck with a DNF. I feel he will be super-consistent and be right there with Nauditt fighting for top 5’s or better.
8th Dylan Wright 137 points: Dylan had a decent West and will obviously be looking forward to the soft East tracks. I think he needs to keep doing what he’s doing and not get caught up with who he’s battling on the track. He should be looking for podiums every weekend.
9th Jess Pettis 111 points: Some people were ready to write this kid off. Well, he’s proving them wrong now. Solid West for Pettis. I’m curious to see how he will make out in the sand.
10th Seth Rarick 111 points: Seth wasn’t too happy with my comments last season…anyways, he had a pretty rough West. This guy is a monster in the sand and his fitness won’t be an issue. He will no doubt be looking for podiums in the sand to redeem himself.  (Do we still have the warm beer bet for top 5 overall season finish?)
Biggest Stud: I’ll give the top 3 in points Stud status. Anyone of them can win this championship.
Biggest Dud: It’s hard to pick a dud, so I will have to go with the guys missing. Just imagine how great the class would have been with Jesse Wentland, Topher Ingalls, Vince Friese, and the Allison Brothers.
Biggest Surprise: I really though Cole Martinez would have won a moto by now. Let’s hope he comes back healthy in the East and battles for wins.
1st Matt Goerke 207 points: I didn’t expect Matt to be leading after 4 rounds. He had been injured in AX and I really thought he’d be a bit off the pace until round 5. He has been very good, so far, and will get a lot better in the sand.
Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider Matt Goerke leads MX1 points. - Bigwave photo

Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider Matt Goerke leads MX1 points. – Bigwave photo

2nd Colton Facciotti 200 points: Colton was a little behind in his pre-season prep due to an injury. He hasn’t been dominant yet, but he’s doing what champions do, and that’s getting the job done until he is 100%. He will find his mojo and show us all why he is the multi-time champion.
3rd Brett Metcalfe 195 points: Brett has been very good, but some bad luck has hurt him. He will be very dangerous as always and looking for wins at every round.
4th Cole Thompson 193 points: Cole was on and off during the West rounds. It had been something like 14 months since his last national appearance. He picked up 1 overall and will be looking for a lot of wins on the East where the tracks are now familiar to him.
5th Tyler Medaglia 169 points: Tyler busted his ass out West and got great results, as always. He, too, will be looking forward to the East and some more podiums.
6th Cade Clason 155 points: Cade was a great addition to the Redemption Racing team and our series. He has been the ‘next guy’ after the top 5. Let’s see if he likes the sand.
7th Bobby Kiniry 149 points: Bobby seemed a little off in the West. I’m sure he will be back battling for podiums on the East.
8th Kyle Keast 132 points: Kyle has been our 9th place guy in the West. He’s a sand guy and will improve a few positions in the East, but I don’t see him breaking the top 5.
9th Teddy Maier 130 points: Teddy had terrible luck in the West. If this guy can get a start, he can run with anyone. I’m hoping he rebounds on the East and gets well inside the top 5 where he belongs.
10th Dylan Schmoke 115 points: Dylan had a pretty solid West. We are used to seeing him on a 250f, but the 450 seems to suit him well.
Biggest Stud: Cade Clason is my stud. Your fill-in riders usually aren’t this good.
Biggest Dud: My dud is that the Smartops MotoConcepts team isn’t competing in every round. They would have made the series really interesting!
Biggest surprise: Vince Friese winning Calgary was a shock. He really is that talented.