Photos from Wednesday at Lake Elsinore SX – January 25, 2023

By Billy Rainford

Wednesday would end up being my last day wandering around a practice track for this portion of the 2023 Supercross season. After A2 on Saturday, I have to point the #DMXVan north to Ontario before regrouping to be at a bunch of rounds in the East.

Wednesday at Lake Elsinore SX track was about as busy as I’ve ever seen it. Privateer and some team riders came out of the woodwork to get some more laps in before heading to Anaheim this weekend.

Here are a bunch of photos from a perfect day at the practice track.

There may have been more but I only saw #995 Christopher Prebula and then #29 Julien Beaumer doing the triple into the corner after the big booter double. I spoke with his mechanic and he said, “Ya, he’ll do that sort of thing sometimes.” Love it.
#503 McClellan Hile from either Pinky or Leather Atascadero, California. (Google it, Bowker!)
#364 Chad Saultz lives in both Illinois and Florida. I love that his dad still checks DMX daily. This should help.
After riding, Julien Benek and I headed out for a cycle. I don’t know how he hasn’t folded a wheel. He rides a road bike like it’s a BMX!
@260 Dylan Woodcock is from Rayleigh, England. That’s a place directly east of London that I’ve never been at the mouth of the River Thames.
As you read this, #29 Julien Beaumer is doing his best to fall asleep on the night before his first SX Futures race. You might as well get up and scroll a while longer, Julien. He was 3rd fastest in qualifying today behind #238 Haiden Deegan and #66 Casey Cochran.
Kyle Springman says I need to go talk to #848 Joan Cros. I’ll do that, Kyle.
Tony Wass and #74 Logan Karnow. It sounds like we missed a pretty good after party last week in San Diego.
Chad checking in between sessions.
It must be pretty cool for the Hill Brothers to be racing, training, and traveling together this season.
There’s DEFinitely a finny caption rattling around in my head for this one, but I just can’t quite grab it, can you?
That’s young #66 Casey Cochran there. He took a pretty good fall in the whoops on this day but should be one to challenge for the win in the Futures class at A2.
#84 Mitchell Harrison sees us seeing him. Sylvain Brodeur says we should do an AJE rig tour this weekend because it’s the rig the Canadian GasGas Cobequid team will be using this year.
#158 Tre Fierro runs the red #1 side plates as Mexican Champion.
Getting artsy with #68 Cade Clason.
Everyone said the track was tricky, but man, it’s been a tough season out here so far with the weird weather.
#865 is Hugo Manzato. He’s from Bressols, France. That’s in the south central region just north of Toulousse.
#509 is Alex Nagy from Illinois. He’s a lot younger than I thought he was.
#113 Braden Spangle will race the SX Futures Saturday at A2. He qualified 9th.
#518 Parker Eales will get another shot at making a night show this week, but it’s a Triple Crown format, so that definitely makes it a lot more difficult.
I still can’t get used to #66 being our old friend Henry Miller.
Nothing crazy, just running it a little high, that’s all.
#339/71 is Talon Hawkins. He qualified 5th for the Futures at A2.
Parker is from Maple Ridge, BC, he gets in here as many times as he wants!
That’s for questioning me!
Parker’s crew: Kyle Springman (He has a tattoo of a man made out of a spring) and Kevin Urqhart.
#93 Jerry Robin is on the list with 1 point in 250 West so far this season.
#47 Freddie Noren putting in a session and checking the stats.
#80 Kevin Morantz is one of the riders who was cool enough to say thanks for the photos from Fox Raceway. The rider from Kansas is sitting 24th in the 450 class.
Last week in San Diego was a tough one for Mitchell. He sits 18th in West points.
After taking top spot in the 250 C qualifying and making the night show, Julien will be in the B Group at A2.
He’s looking forward to racing some 450 rounds in the East.
#79 is Dylan Walsh who, as I keep saying, is a fun rider to watch out there.
#162 Maxwell Sanford is the 250 West rider out of Maryland.
I enjoyed Taco Tuesday with Cade and the rest of the Partzilla PRMX team except for #219 Chase Marquier, who was doing yoga?
Soaking it all in at the track.
#15 Dean Wilson made an appearance and hung with the Hill Brothers. Deano sits 14th in points, actually tied with Justin Hill.
Freddie with little Freddie-rica. Just kidding, I don’t her name.
Encouragement for Julien Beaumer.
We’ll end it with Julien hitting the big booter that got the attention of more than a few riders on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone racing A2. See you at the races…