McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Final Round

By Jeff McConkey

The 3rd and final round of our Women’s East National series went off this past Saturday in Ulverton, Quebec. The series was treated to having American Jessica Patterson join the action. Although Jessica checked out, the racing behind her was great. There were some serious battles all over the track, and a record 43 girls signed up. The future for Women’s moto in Canada looks very bright. Sylvain Brodeur, Leah Clarke and all of the countless sponsors and supporters did a great job. I can’t wait for next season already.


Before we get to my thoughts, I’d like to wish Robin Hutchinson and Brittany Gagne a big ‘get well soon.’ Robin broke both bones in her left arm early in practice and had surgery Sunday morning in Quebec. Brittany was forced to ride her brother’s 450 after some serious bad luck leading up to the race. She was actually looking very good on it until she had a very hard fall late in moto 2. Heal up quick, ladies, and we hope to see you both back soon. Here are my thoughts.


Robin Hutchinson crashed hard in practice and broke her left arm. She had successful surgery Sunday morning in Quebec. – Bigwave photo


#265 Brittany Gagne fell hard and apparently did some damage to her shoulder. Get well soon, Brittany. – Bigwave photo

Round 3 Ulverton

1st Jessica Patterson (1-1): Jessica came to Ulverton and showed us all why she is the female G.O.A.T. Patterson was attacking the rough stuff and making it look easy. She rode great and it really looked like she was having fun out there. It was really nice to see a true Women’s Pro show us just how fast a girl can ride a dirt bike.


2nd Eve Brodeur (2-2): Eve rode really good and tried to battle with Patterson. This was the first time where Eve hasn’t completely dominated the competition, but the young champion was all smiles afterwards. I think Patterson coming up is a good thing and may fire up Eve to push even harder. Look out ladies!


3rd Megan Brodeur (5-3): I was scratching my head wondering who was on the 311 and just pulled a massive holeshot over the field! It was young snocross star, Brodeur. She went a little backwards in moto 1, but was up front battling both motos. She rode really great, and let’s hope she joins us for all 3 rounds next season and shakes things up a little.


4th Kassie Boone (6-4): It was nice to see Kassie make the journey to Ulverton. She rode hard in both motos, and with a little more fitness, she could be closer to the champ. Boone finished the season 3rd overall and be #3 next year.


5th Kim Normandin (4-8): Kim had a rough 2nd moto, but that didn’t stop her from tearing through the pack. She really impressed me all season long and will be sporting #2 for 2016.


6th Abrielle Tardelli (7-5): Abrielle finally made it easier on herself and stayed on 2 wheels. She really rode better than her season overall 5th place finish.


7th Alexandra Raymond (10-6): Alexandra came on strong in the 2nd moto and fought hard for a 6th. Her super-clean KTM, and Answer/Shoei/Oakley kit looked great as always and won her the Oakley Speed and Style award. The always smiling Raymond will be #7 for 2016.


8th Madison Seguin (9-7): Madi was on the gas all day and looked good. I spoke with her dad, and he says she is quite a bit faster on a four-stroke. Sounds like she should be challenging for podiums in 2016. She will be #4.


9th Cassandra Belanger (8-11): We all know Cassandra has fantastic conditioning, but she just couldn’t figure out her starts all day and all season long. If she can get out with that lead pack she should be well in the top 5. Belanger will be our #6 next season.


10th Alyson Bilodeau (11-10): Alyson had 2 solid motos. She was coming off of a wrist injury, and with more seat time should be in the 6th-9th place group.


Biggest Stud: Jessica Patterson is my stud. She completely dominated on the track and was pure class to deal with off. #respect

Biggest Dud: My dud is all the young girls that like to call the series, and themselves “Pro”. It’s a national series, and if you were to look in the dictionary for the definition of “Women’s Pro”, you’d probably see a picture of Patterson, Cooke and Brodeur.

Biggest Surprise: My surprise was Megan Brodeur. She flies, and she is very young. The ladies talent in Quebec is very deep!