Meet The New & Improved Split OTG Goggle

The fully updated Split OTG Goggle represents the pinnacle of off-road goggle engineering and a new era of fog-free OTG goggles.
For riders that wear glasses, having the right goggles is a must! The new and improved SCOTT Split OTG goggle offers the ultimate solution for riders that experience fogging in their goggles whilst wearing glasses.
The new integrated RAM Air System dictates the flow of air coming into the goggle through the top spoiler to ensure the lenses don’t steam up and stay crystal clear all day long. Combined with 3-layer face foam, SCOTT’s NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment and a fit that has been specifically designed to be worn with glasses, the new Split OTG makes riding in glasses a breeze.
Watch the Split OTG Goggle video below:
“From the engineering side OTG goggles have always been considered as a special breed. With the new Split OTG, capitalizing on our knowledge we mainly focused on updating the OTG feature to guarantee a perfect seal, even without glasses temples! At the same time, the well-known RAM air function that allows us to control the airflow inside the goggle is specifically designed to consider defogging of glasses.”
+ Integrated RAM Air System
+ 3-layer face foam
+ No-slip silicone strap
+ SCOTT TruView single WORKS lens
+ NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment
As well as featuring all this updated technology, the new SCOTT Split OTG Goggle is also available in five great new colorways.
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